Knight Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Knight

Did you dream about knights? Knights in dreams signify honor, loyalty, and security. You are looking for someone who can protect you with power and authority. Loyal friends and colleagues will help you in difficult situations. Look for bravery and courage in your everyday dealings. Do not be afraid to take on challenges and do the right thing. Below we will note more knight related dream meanings.

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Dream About Knight Contexts

Knight in Shining Armor
To see a knight in shining armor in the dream; foretells that there will be an adventure ahead. You will encounter certain troubles or obstacles. A person will be a superhero to help save the day. You will have excellent family and friends whom you can count on.

Becoming a Knight
To dream about yourself being knighted by a king or queen; suggests that you need to be more careful in waking life. You will have to be loyal and defend good virtues. Perhaps you will be awarded and recognized for your hard work by our organization or boss.

Watching a Knight Show
To watch a knight tournament concert show or movie in the dream, symbolizes your unrealizable romantic expectations. You are overthinking certain competitions in waking life.

Knight Saving You
The dream about a knight saving you from enemies, kidnappers, or assassin; foretells that someone honorable will guide you the way. You might be lost and make the wrong choices in life. A role model will come to steer you back in the right direction.

Dream About Special Knights Situations

Knights of the Round Table
To see knights of the round table in the dream; foretells that you will rely on a good team or crew to accomplish great feats. Trust your teammates or colleagues to do their part. You are close to success.

Medieval Knights
To see medieval knights fighting in the dream; represents the ruthless culture in your working or school environment. The competition is ruthless and you might be knocked off your horse at any moment. Certain people are domineering and controlling. They want to see you fall so that they can get ahead themselves.

Knights in Chess
To use the knight to checkmate someone in a chess game in the dream, signifies that you have to make sneaky maneuvers to achieve your goals.

Jedi Knights
To dream about Jedi knights from Star Wars; suggests that you need to find the balance of the force. Understand your personal spirituality and alignment. Follow your intuitions and honor to make the best decisions for your family and organization.

Dream About Knight Colors

White Knight
Whtie knights in the dream represent loyal friends who will support you. You can count on others during your time of need.

Black Knight
Black knights in the dream indicate that someone close to you is not what they seem. Be careful about betrayals because they hold different beliefs or idealogy.

Golden Knight
Golden knight in the dream indicates that you will be honored in some way. You will soon receive rewards or pay raises as recognition of your hard work.

Dream About Knight’s Equipment and Mounts

Ill-Equipped Knight
To dream about an ill-equipped knight with rusted armors, shields, or swords; means that you must be careful with money matters. You may have to live on a budget for a period of time while working in mediocre jobs.

Unconventional Knight Mounts
To see yourself riding other mounts such as dragons, unicorns, or even pigs; consider the type of animals that you are riding. It suggests that you are trying to keep up appearances while hiding the truth. You might either be downplaying or overplaying your capabilities.

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