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River Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. please help me know the interpretation of my dream as i saw a dry river suddenly started flowing and the water level started going up and i’m watching it standing over the bridge and i’m feeling glad seeing it flowing.

  2. What does it mean when you have a vision of the normal surrounding beautiful trees and the river flowing rapidly And you only see it for minute and it’s gone. What does that mean what is the interpretation of that ean

  3. I was dreaming very surreal that I was drafting on a rapid flowing river (a sea river) surrounded by staggered sea cliff tips all within a calm sea. I had a destination. I was told that the river leads a shortcut to an ancient city in my home country which the people of where I stayed in my dream had hoped to trade with.

    I rafted on that river and reached the city which was essentially a long street market. I stepped down the stairs to the end of the market where I asked the way back to the sea to return to my family. they showed me a road parallel to the market with nice townhouses and balconies. I enjoyed the stroll.

  4. Hi i dreamt of a river that was off food moving slow on the road there was people i know inc hubby sitting on school bench outside our old house looking at it.

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