Unicorn Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of unicorn typically relate to someone whom you know are very pure and honest. Below we will go over more unicorn related dreams to help you understand what they might entail to.

Dream About White Unicorn
White unicorns in dreams relate to symbols of purity and virginity. Perhaps you have found someone or something that have reminded you of your innocence. If you feel bliss and excited to see the unicorn in the dream, it could also suggest that there is new excitement about to enter your life.

Dream About Black Unicorn
Dreaming about black unicorns suggests that you have lost a portion of your innocence which you will never again be able to reclaim.

Dream About Blue Unicorn
Dreams of blue unicorns mean that your partner will be faithful, which will result in prosperity and enjoyment of your life.

Dream About Golden or Rainbow Unicorn
Encountering golden or rainbow unicorns in dreams is a sure sign of success. Expect great returns from your business endeavors as they would be unicorn-like surprises.

Dream About Baby Unicorn
Baby unicorns in dreams is a sign that you need to be alert to the opportunities that come across your path. Be mindful about the slight ideas and observations, or you might miss out on something important. This could also relate to taking good care of children who are dependent on you, the dream signals you to take good care to preserve their innocence.

Dream About Flying Unicorn
Flying unicorns as a dream symbol relate to new relationship and travel plans to far off places. Perhaps you will become engaged or invited to marriages or relatives in a foreign country. The dream foretells that you should take the opportunity and enjoy the fun times ahead.

Dream About Unicorn Horn
To dream of a unicorn horn being cut or by it self, suggests that someone you know may be in grave danger of dying.

Dream About Riding a Unicorn
Riding unicorns in dreams suggest that you will be good at whatever you choose to do. You will prosper and have a comfortable life at the hands of your hard work. However, the dream details that you are more focused on the journey instead of the final destination. You will enjoy the ride and the work itself even more than the final rewards that you are destined to harvest.

Dream About Attacking or Being Attacked by Unicorn
To have hostile actions against unicorns in dreams are warning signs that problems are coming your way. You will encounter issues from fake individuals who have appeared to be harmless and innocent. Be careful about being backstabbed by someone from your inner trust circle.

Dream About Capturing a Unicorn
Capturing and putting a unicorn in cage within the dream, reflects that you are driving people you love away with your selfishness. Perhaps give more freedom to the ones you love and trust them, by keeping them captive and taking away their freedom, you will end up losing the trust and love.

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