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Dancing Dream Interpretation — 14 Comments

  1. What about dancing with someone who is famous?
    Iā€™m a man who is attracted to men, in my dream I was dancing with a male celebrity

  2. What about dancing and then watching myself afterwards and seeing how bad i am at dancing?
    although, i’m pretty sure i’m not half as bad in real life. it was devastating seeing how bad i was in my dream, i was dancing as though i was constrained.

  3. I dreamt I was at a dance, a school dance. I was wearing a black gown in a style I would never consider. I saw my boyfriend from across the schoolyard near one of the other buildings. When he knew where I was, he went inside with a couple friends. Later, his friends called for me, and had nervous looks on their face. I didn’t think to ask if he still was inside, though I should have. I found myself looking around frantically for him, and crying when I couldn’t. I remember saying,”Where did I go wrong?” A question I had been thinking just the night before.

  4. What if I was dancing with a spirit or ghost, it was frightening and I felt forced to do so. The figure was a tall woman with long hair and black dress, she did not resemble anyone I know, I did not see a face.

    • I dream I was dancing with God and someone was filming and God saying to me , when you Need anything look the video and ask šŸ™…. what this dream mean ???

  5. i had a dream where i woke up from hospital and had no recollection of what had happened. Apparently me and my family were in a holiday trip and went to see some ”Amazing” tree and they told me we were dancing near that tree, where i replied that’s not possible because i don’t dance, i don’t even remember us going anywhere. Then they showed me a video of our dance and it was weird dance but it was synchronized and i started to question what had happened to me because i did not remember any of the happenings.

  6. What does it meam if i had a dream about me slow dancing with my friend at his house
    Im a boy and i have no idea what this means

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