Rainbow Dream Interpretation

Rainbow in dreams typically represent positive effects or perspectives since they usually occur after the rain. You need the right conditions and perspective to be able to see rainbows in real life, this translates to being at the right place and right time in your life when you encounter rainbows in dreams.

Dream Rainbows represents hope, success and good fortune in the form of money, prestige, or fame. Your dreams and wishes may come true. Below are some of the rainbow dream interpretations and how you can relate the rainbow symbol to your waking life.

Dream About A Rainbow Connecting Two Points
Rainbow Connecting Sky to Horizon:
The rainbow in this dream is as a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self.

Long Rainbow Forming an Arch Connecting Two Horizon:
It refers to joy and happiness in your relationship. The two earthly points are adjoined as one.

Double Rainbow:
Dreaming about double rainbow represents harmony and serendipity. Perhaps you have finally found peace and the deeper meaning of your own personal purpose and existence.

Triple Rainbow:
Triple rainbows are typically created through light reflected from the main major rainbow. To dream about a triple rainbow, it suggests that good fortunes occurring in your life is seeping through to affect of the lives of people close to you. For example, you may have gotten a good job at a company, where you end up getting your brother or sister into the company posts as well. Your good luck and fortune is also spreading to the people that you know because of you.

Finding a Pot of Gold Under the Rainbow:
This dream foretells good fortune with your endeavors. The good luck usually refers to financial gains that do not come often such as winning the lottery or hitting a jackpot at the casino. It could also foretell that a money losing investment may take a turn for a eventual profit.

Dream About Observing Rainbow in Different Situation
Rainbow with the Storm or Rain
The rainbow that occur after the storm implies that your troubles are almost over. Good will come out of your issues. Just hang in there. When you see the rainbow together with the rain, it is a signal that you should cheer up in the presently difficult situation.

Rainbow at Night
A rainbow typically cannot be seen at night because it is a reflection of the light. Thus seeing a rainbow at night can be interpreted as divine interventions that offer you a glimmer of hope at the time of trouble. When you are not experiencing waking life difficulties, a rainbow at night can represent a perfect ending that you have wished for your own life.

Dream About Rainbow Symbol as Gay Pride
The recent times have portrayed rainbow as a symbol of gay pride. Seeing rainbow colored animals or objects may refer to your gay or lesbian friends, or yourself if you are gay yourself.

If you see a person or animal such as dog or cat that is rainbow colored, they might represent the people that you know may be lesbian or gay.

Dream About Rainbow Colors
When you see a rainbow in the dream, pay attention to the colors within the rainbow. If the rainbow has distinctive color patterns in the focus, there might be hidden meanings with the rainbow dream.

For example, a dream rainbow with a heavier emphasis on blue may symbolize truth and wisdom that relate to your prosperity.

All white rainbow in your dream signifies heightened spirituality and purity.

Dream About Rainbow as a Color
To dream that something is rainbow colored implies that you need to see things in a more positive light. You need to be more optimistic and look at things differently.

For example, seeing or having Rainbow colored hair refers to your light-hearted and carefree nature. You are headed in a positive spiritual direction. If you are changing your hair to rainbow in the dream, it depicts a transition of your thought process to a brighter and cheerful one.

The rainbow color can also represent highlights to things that you might otherwise miss. For example if you dream about a rainbow spider or rainbow snake, the rainbow color makes them much more deadly and dangerous. It your mind’s way of foretelling you and asking you to seek out and identify dangerous situations that you may otherwise miss.

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