Tornado Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Tornadoes

Did you dream about tornadoes? Seeing a tornado in your dream suggests extreme emotional outbursts and temper breaks. You are overwhelmed and out of control. You are forging a destructive path. Tornadoes occur less often. And you have no way to determine the path that the destructive forces can take. In some ways, deciphering a tornado dream is much like an earthquake dream. The changes can be abrupt and sudden. However, tornado dreams typically relate more to emotions and other people’s specific behaviors. Below we will help you interpret the meaning of tornado dreams.

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Dream About Various Tornado Behaviors

What does it mean when you dream about tornadoes?

Multiple Tornadoes Dream Meaning:
To see several tornado storms merging or colliding together in your dream; represent people around you who are prone to violent outbursts. They will typically display shifting mood swings. The merging of the many tornadoes symbolizes a volatile situation or relationship. The colliding tornadoes can either react to create an even bigger storm. Or they can tear each other apart in their paths. Multiple tornadoes combine and become even more volatile than any of their singular self.

Tornado Water with Heavy Storm Rain
Dreaming about the heavy storms with tornadoes can suggest tears, crying, and sadness. Perhaps the tornado twisters’ destructive forces also bring sorrow along with the damage they are inflicting.

Tornado Dream Meaning of Chasing You
When a dream tornado approaching is chasing you in the dream, or you are running from it to get out of the way. The tornado twister chasing you suggests that someone in your life is exhibiting volatile or unpredictable aggression towards you. You do not know the reason why. Your best bet is to avoid the person as much as you can. If you really cannot avoid or hide from its path, perhaps it is time to tie yourself down to something stable. Weather the storm so that you can see the sunshine afterward. Keep your mind and emotions cool at all times. Or you could make the storm worse.

Dream About Tornado Colors

What does it mean when you dream about a tornado color?

Dream of Tornado Dark or Black
Suggests unavoidable situations that could cause a lot of distress and damage. Consider the black tornado dream as a strong negative omen. It can sometimes relate to death if your dream features a black tornado sweeping away someone you know.

Fire Tornado or Red Tornado
Dreams about tornadoes formed with fire suggest the passion and desires are forming destructive powers. Perhaps you are in a fast-moving, unpredictable, and destructive relationship. Be careful about how you deal with your passion, as the fire tornadoes can destroy.

Giant White Tornado Dream Meaning
The white tornadoes are typically represented as an attack on your morality and spiritual standing. You may suffer a major setback in life that makes you question. You doubt your own beliefs with religion, with yourself, and the world around you.

Dream About Surviving a Tornado

What does it mean when you dream about surviving a tornado?

Dreams about tornado warnings released by someone else; suggests that you will undergo a difficult period with little time to prepare. The warning may be a notice for getting fired from your job. Or a sudden breakup from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dreams that relate you to the center of a single tornado or multiple tornadoes. You are feeling overwhelmed by the chaotic people around you; the tornadoes here represent a difficult period. Complications will riddle your plans. Many setbacks will hinder your progress. You need to keep a clear head amidst all the obvious dangers and navigate your way out of dangerous situations.

Dreams about tornadoes and family; When the dream about a tornado is damaging or hurting you or your family in anyways, other people will cause damage to you instead of your own failures.

If you dream that you survive the tornadoes with no injuries and no materialistic damage, then it implies that the rough times are temporary, and you will come out of it stronger and happier.

Dreams with riding a tornado dream meaning and being carried far away without being hurt like in the Wizard of Oz; reflects your desire to break away from your waking life’s situations. Perhaps you are considering “storm off” or run away far from home because you are having trouble dealing with your current life.

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