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  1. I want to know exactly what does it mean to dream about a tornado that started in the sky turning around try to form into one then stop and come into large fire tornado but I got away from it though what does this mean

  2. I had a dream about a large black tornado in a cloudless sky hovering above the ground right on top of me.. it rained for a few seconds then I felt suction. I looked up, it was right there, I hit the ground, and it hovered, I was too big for it to grab me, I got up and ran, the followed me. I ducked behind a business alley and looked as it continued away over a small lake, totally black in the night sky of a full moon.. then I woke up..

  3. I once dreamt that there was a large fire tornado and a lightning storm far away. It looked like it was in NYC (for which I haven’t been). I could see from 40 miles the destruction as I was in a home with some glas’s on it, I knew I would most likely be in it. It was a very realistic dream, although I dnot remember anymore than this.

  4. I had a dream i walk right into a tornado and it took me for a spend..as im in the tornado im praying to God asking him to get me out and to protext me also i felt like i was dieing inside the tornado. Meanwhile the tornado was over and done i was walking towards my mom and dad. The we went to a restaurant than i woke up from this dream..

  5. I had a dream i walk right into a tornado and it took me for a spend..as im in the tornado im praying to God asking him to get me out and to protext me also i felt like i was dieing inside the tornado. Meanwhile the tornado was over and done i was walking towards my mom and dad. Then we went to a restaurant than i woke up from this dream..

  6. I had a dream the weather was making the ground and myself tremble, and a thin , watery colored tornado formed which moved at angles toward my way, I stood still thinking it wouldn’t come my way, but eventually it did and came right at me , so I hid behind a small tree, but it came at me and right before it hit me I woke up. Scary

  7. I had 3 dreams that encluded tornadoes 2 the same. While 1 was the saddest dream ever. The 2 dreams were of a red tornado called hele hele I just got the note that it was important when I had the dream cause I only remember important dreams. I researched it but all it showed was a shuttle. The last one was of many tornadoes slipping and sucking my family one by one until it was only me. I woke up in tears.

  8. i dreamt of multiple tornadoes swarming into the ocean on a bright sunny day while i screeched “RISE MY CHILDREN” while my friends laughed with me next to me..is that bad?

  9. I have recurring tornado-themed nightmares. Usually, they happen when I’m very depressed/anxious/angry. However, it doesn’t help that I also find them to be a fascinating subject in meteorology and have watched several documentaries on them and read about them. I’ve never seen one in real life.
    The last tornado dream I had (last night, July 4th lol) I woke up from suddenly, very shaken. It wasn’t even that the tornado itself was the scariest thing. I have silly little nightmares either about random adult anxiety situations involving work or even losing my phone or something trying to attack me but it’s just kind of funny in the end. However, tornado dreams 100% of the time give me incredible fear, and I always wake up in a cold sweat.
    There were thunderstorms for awhile last night too. That didn’t help. Anyway, I was leaving my workplace when my phone did that obnoxious alert. It was a tornado warning for my area. I ran to my car. When I looked back, there was a funnel cloud rapidly developing only a few miles away. I sped off to warn my neighbors and family. However, I couldn’t reach them for some reason that I think was some dream weirdness similar to those dreams where you have a goal that you can’t reach and wake up right before you do.
    I sped down the highway in fear and saw behind me a massive dark gray tornado against the almost dusk sky. I was filled with dread and despair. I think I said to myself: “I’m screwed. Nobody could survive without a well-built shelter…” I woke up after that.
    I live in an area that hasn’t experienced a horrible tornado since 1922. About 40 miles to the north of us… 1997 and it was an F5. Yes, I live in Austin, TX. Anyway, I have these dreams semi-yearly or something. Always with bad emotions. I’ve never experienced a real tornadic storm, so the only thing my dream does is use exact images from documentaries and photos of tornadoes.

  10. I’ve recently turned 60 it’s been a long life divorces bunch of kids even more grandkids how was a pilot most of my life I have overwhelming clear visual dreams a multiple black tornadoes coming toward me over a desert scene clear skies and happened for years but recently just the other night it was a white tornado I normally wake up before the black tornadoes hit but the other night a white tornado hit there’s a surprise I woke up I am plug with these dreams don’t really believe in this dream therapy thing but it’s coming more and more often and yes my life is and somewhat turmoil at the moment nothing big just personal problems we all have and I sure wish they would stop

  11. Here’s one I’ll bet you haven’t heard, back in 1979, while I was asleep, I had a dream that I was in the middle of 7 dark and gray tornadoes!! I counted them in my dream, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, and I was standing in the center of them all!! I was a roofer back then and would always wear a watch on my left wrist. I and my co-worker would always check the time to see how fast it would take us to finish a roof, new roofing, but, this particular morning, my watch kept stopping just before 7 am, like 3 times, and then it would remind me of that dream!!! 7 tornadoes!! So I got tired of resetting it, so I took it off and tossed it up on the truck dash until we got done the roof. I was walking across the roof carrying a bundle of shingles when the felt paper ripped out from underneath me and I hit the deck on my right side. I pushed the bundle of shingles away from me, to keep them from hitting me if I hit the ground first. The roof was a 7/12 pitch, you can walk it, but you can’t sit on it or you will slide down it. There was a cement truck pouring cement in between the sidewalk footings and they were waiting for us to get done the roof before they too were going to pour the cement for this house. As I was sliding down the roof, I had remembered what everyone would say, if fall off a roof bend a leg and you will probably only get a broken leg. Well as soon as I was off the roof, I felt something mold me as if I was standing at attention and when I hit the ground, I fell to my left and was laying on my back. The pain was so great like burning in my stomach, I thought that I had ran a sidewalk footing stake into my back, I was just wearing shorts, socks and shoes, the temperature was 96°, super humid, I ran my hands all over my body to see if I had ran a stick or something into me, nothing, so I went to get up, and the big truck driver was just putting his hands on top of me to keep me down!! And he was telling me that he called into his company and asked them to send an ambulance right away!! While I was at the hospital, I had told my story about what had happened to me and the doctor told me that I should find that man who held me down and Thank Him for Holding me Down!! Doctor said that if I had gotten up, I would have snapped the nerve running down my legs and I would have been unable to walk for the rest of my life!!!! I had crushed the L1 bone completely, no surgery would help, it had to grow back on its own. While I laid there in that bed I was thinking about that dream and how my watch kept stopping before 7 o’clock, and the exact time that the truck driver said that I hit the ground was 2 pm. Now back then I was into numerology, you know adding up the numbers of the day… well, 7 tornadoes, my watch kept stopping before 7 am, 7 hours later it was 2 pm, the time that I had fallen and the numerology for that day was 7, and my favorite number back then was 4. So 4 times the number 7 came up!! My lucky number 4….. I had to lay on my back for 14 days and I was fitted for a back brace and I got up and walked away from the hospital. Now I am 63 years old and now my back pain is catching up to me. One crazy True Story!!!! The next time I ever dream about tornadoes dancing around me, I am Staying in Bed!!!!

  12. Hallo!
    I don’t dream often I would even say 2-3 times a year but I remember everything. But this time was a very strange dream, I just opened my eyes to see that I’m at my old apartment with my mom sister and grandma’s boyfriend (XD she a player). I remember looking through the window and seeing the sky split in half with 1 half been a very beautiful sunset with clouds and the other half a dreamy night sky. Next I go to the shot which is at the fist floor of the apartment building and say my old very close friend which I didn’t remember at first then we got out from the shot and I saw a group of my old friends sitting on a gazebo which didn’t exist. Next I remember going back to the apartment and really liked the sunset and the night sky I wanted to take a pic and all of a sudden # tornadoes started forming and I’m not sure cuz I didn’t look that much but many there was further away a bigger one next I started to wake up and a lot of other thoughts blurred my dream :/ one of my crazyer dreams cuz I could feel a lot and it was so ream and fake at the same time

  13. I dreamed about a Black tornado that stood still. It produced pink and white flowers, and sweet pears. I, of course, was in a safe place, almost like a basement. But I was able to reach out and receive a branch of the flowers and fruit from the tornado, handed to me by an unknown person.

  14. It’s so weird I had a dream about a black/dark tornado that seemed like it was made of smoke or something. It was a bit windy and seemed like it rained since it was a bit muddy outside. It was blowing around stuff and like a playground or something smashed into one of the building windows breaking it and something else also blew against another part of the building as well.

    It had formed quite fast as I noticed a bit scared I didn’t know what to do but in all nothing actually happened or anyone got hurt to what I can remember seeing.

  15. I had almost lucid dreamed of trying to create a spherical ball of the clouds but it turned into a tornado. But someone stopped me from going any further, and that’s when I lost the lucid part of the dream.
    What does it mean?

  16. I had a dream last night involving tens of tornadoes, and I always seemed to be trying to outrun them. They were all set in the town I went to high school in, and old high school friends were with me. At one point, it was like we were at school, at practice, and a tornado came and began sucking us up one by one. It sucked us up all the way to the very top of it and I remember being able to look down through the center of the tornado and seeing the ground below. My old coach told us to spin ourselves down and out of the tornado (lol yes this clearly was one of my many super bizarre and highly vivid dreams). Everyone that went before me always made it down and out of the storm back to the ground, but always stumbled and fell upon landing. When it was my turn, I twisted down the tornado with ease and landed perfectly on my feet and everyone applauded. I know, weird. Anyways, later in the dream I was driving on the road in front of my old school and I looked to the right and saw multiple tornadoes converging…everywhere. I floored it and tried to outrun them all as they coming right after me…then I woke up. There is a LOT to consider based on what I have read here.

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