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Tornado Dream Interpretation — 3 Comments

  1. I want to know exactly what does it mean to dream about a tornado that started in the sky turning around try to form into one then stop and come into large fire tornado but I got away from it though what does this mean

  2. I had a dream about a large black tornado in a cloudless sky hovering above the ground right on top of me.. it rained for a few seconds then I felt suction. I looked up, it was right there, I hit the ground, and it hovered, I was too big for it to grab me, I got up and ran, the followed me. I ducked behind a business alley and looked as it continued away over a small lake, totally black in the night sky of a full moon.. then I woke up..

  3. I once dreamt that there was a large fire tornado and a lightning storm far away. It looked like it was in NYC (for which I haven’t been). I could see from 40 miles the destruction as I was in a home with some glas’s on it, I knew I would most likely be in it. It was a very realistic dream, although I dnot remember anymore than this.

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