Wings Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Wings

Did you dream about wings? Wings typically relate to freedom and the freeing state of mind. They relate to affection, love, spiritual revelation, and success. You are gaining the ability to soar without limitations. You will utilize various means to escape from difficult situations. Consider how you are interacting or observing the appearances of the wings. Below we will help you analyze deeper dream interpretations for wings.

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Dream About Having Wings

Flying With Wings
Flying with dreams in the dream; foretells that you will bring the perfect solution to solve problems. You will soon be able to carry both your own and other people’s weight. Come up with divine revelations or wisdom to help you save the day. You will no longer be limited to short term thoughts or mindsets.

Growing Wings
To dream that you are growing wings on your back like a mutant; points to your desire for a freer way of life. You are gaining the ability or knowledge towards that goal. However, you are not sure if you are ready to take the leap and fly yet.

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Having Wings Without Flying
Dreaming that you have wings but still cannot fly; points to your lack of confidence. You are ready to flap your wings and attempt great things. Your lack of imagination and courage is limiting how far you could go in life. Take more risks and soar through the sky. Time to jump off that cliff and embrace your true self.

Losing Wings
To see yourself losing wings that you have in the dream; reflects problems that are beyond your control. You are losing grip on reality or failure. The dream is similar to a car accident or an airplane crash landing. Watch out for damaging events that hurt your ability going forward.

Dream About Hurting Wings

Wounded or Injured Wings
To see wounded or injured wings in the dream; relates to a loss of motivation and inspiration. You or someone no longer believes in their own ability to succeed.

Removing or Tearing Off Wings
To dream that you forcibly remove with scissors or tear off something’s wing. It forewarns that you will be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. You will likely to be the abuser who will take away your significant other’s hopes and dreams. You will trap others for your own selfishness.

Dream About Wearing Wings

Clipped Wings Or Hole in the Wing
To see your wing gets clipped or missing feathers with hole; it portends troubles and failures during your journey of life. Watch out for significant setbacks in your planning process.

Wearing a wing suit in your dream represents your carefree attitude. You are letting the wind carry you wherever it may blow. However, make sure that you carry a parachute in case things do not go your way.

Wing Costume
To dream that you are wearing a wing costume for a party; indicates that you want to show your inspiration to the outside world. Even though you are not fully confident in yourself.

Dream About Common Wings

Animal Wings

Chicken Wings
Chicken wings in the dream relate to easy challenges. You want to keep things simple and enjoy your rewards. Have a good time without too much trouble.

Bird Wings
Seeing generic bird wings in the dream such as pigeon or crow, forewarns that you should not trust people too much. You might be used solely for their own interests.

Bat Wings
Bat wings in the dream reflect that you need to be nimble and fast in your decisions. It foretells that you may need to act on your instinct to deal with upcoming obstacles.

Insect Wings

Insect Wings
Generally, dreaming about insect wings like bees or wasps, indicate that you are unable to stay in one place for too long. You need to keep on moving and expanding your sphere of influence.

Ants with Wings
To see ants or termites with wing; it indicates that you have the urge to break free from the routine and predictability of your life. You want to explore and venture out and experiment with new ideas or tasks.

Butterfly Wings
Butterfly wings in the dream suggest that your ideas or train of thoughts are all over the place. Consider getting focus instead of being always distracted.

Dream About Unlikely Wings

Fish with Wings
Fish with wings in the dream is a sign that your efforts will not be in vain. You will overcome your emotions and get to a whole different level.

Pig Wings
Seeing a pig with wings in the dream suggests that someone you know is chasing dreams that are deemed impossible by you. You secretly believe that the person will fail. Or you could be working on some seemingly impossible projects yourselves and your subconscious knows so as well.

Spider with Wings
To see spiders with wing; it warns that an overpowering feminine figure will travel far to control you. You will be tangled with many different rules.

Fairytale Wings

Dragon Wings
To see dragon wing by itself specifically; it foretells that you will gain new authorities from promotions. With this rise in the career ladder, you will find more freedom within your line of work. It points to power and richness.

Fairy Wings
Fairy wings in the dream suggests that you have the power and ability to propel others. Make others believe in themselves. And they will achieve great feats.

Angel Wings
Angel wings in the dream point to your sweet and angelic quality. Others will protect you from life’s stresses and problems. Mystical forces will keep you from harm’s way.

White Horse Wings
A white horse or pegasus wing is symbolized for creativity and inspiration. Your emotions and feelings easily go out of bounds and at times you have trouble controlling your thoughts. Direct your energy towards things that you want.

Dream About Wing Colors

White Wings
White wings color foretells that you will achieve business or life success. This success will grant you newfound freedom. Stay pure and true to your actions.

Black Wings
Black wings in the dream indicates that you will use unethical means to achieve freedom. You will soon bend rules so that you are not confined to general rules.

Blue Wings
Blue wings point to some difficult situation in the near future. Focus on your mental well being to get you through the hard times.

Gold Wings
Gold wings in the dream point to prosperity and abundance. Expect great earnings from investments or business opportunities.

Red Wings
To see bloody red wings in the dream; foretells that you will let go of someone or something very important to you. You will feel deeply hurt. However, when all said and done you will be able to free your mind from the sadness and pain.

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