Computer Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about computers? To see a computer in your dream depicts access technology, information retrieval, and modern living life. Consider the type of computer you are using such as PC, Mac, or Chromebook; how you are using and interacting the computer in the dream, and your emotions within the computer-related dream to get a deeper understanding and interpretation. It represents an efficient gateway for you to access the outside world from a personal point of view. Below we will go over the most common meanings.

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Dream About Using Computer

Playing Computer Game
Playing computer video games typically suggests some sort of escape from reality. This is especially true if you typically only use computers for work or test study purposes.

Working on Computer
To dream that you are working on a computer, consider the type of work that you are doing and where you are. If your typical day involves a computer, the dream may simply be a reflection of your daily job. Of perhaps you are using a computer at a library, at school, or in your bedroom?

Using the Computer for Other Purpose
Focus on the purpose that you are using a computer for. For example, are you using a search engine to look up information? Looking over your past photo albums? Or use a social network to look up and connect with friends. A computer in this dream is only a bridge for your mind to show your true desires in waking life.

Dream About Computer Issues

Software Problems

Broken Computer Not Working Physically
If a broken computer cannot turn on at all and not working, it indicates and pinpoints issues and problems that you must explore to resolve. Perhaps you lack motivation in the case of missing electricity power or battery. Or maybe you cannot function optimally due to other issues. Consider getting your body checked up for any potential problems that you might overlook.

Computer Software Crashing or Glitching
To dream that your software or computer operating system like Windows or Apple crashes; it indicates that you have encounter conflicting or outdated views or opinions internally. You are suffering from faulty logic that will stop you cold from your goals.

Getting Computer Hacked
To see your computer being hacked, or that you are being blackmailed that you need to send money or bitcoin to unlock your computer, indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed. You are at the mercy of another person or computer hacker in waking life. You have no control over the situation.

Getting Locked Out of Computer
To be locked out of your computer because you have the wrong password, suggests that you can no longer go with the flow. Someone will try to shut down your opinions and views, and you will be forced to disconnect yourself.

Computer Virus
To dream about computer virus destroying your laptop or desktop, suggest that something in your life is spiraling out of control and in turmoil. The negativity is multiplying and you have been ignoring the certain serious situation in your life.

Hardware Problems

Broken Computer Screen
Broken or cracked computer screen, foretells failure, and difficulties in your work. You will not be able to communicate between your input and others.

Burning Hot Computer on Fire
To see a computer overheating and even burning with fire, is a bad omen that you are working yourself too hard. Perhaps you are putting in too much overtime or losing work-life balance. The dream foretells that you will soon encounter fatal errors. Consider taking a break and cool down your overworking brain.

Dream About Building or Getting Computers Working

Buying a New Computer
To see yourself shopping and buying a new computer, indicates that new areas and opportunities are being opened to you. Perhaps you are picking up new skills and knowledge, so that you could do things more efficiently and faster.

Building a Computer from Scratch
Dreaming that you are building a computer, means that you will soon have access to all the information and equipment that you need. You will embark on a journey to achieve a higher understanding of yourself and the world. You will utilize and combine past lessons to help you in your current waking life.

Fixing Computer
To dream that you are fixing the computer, suggests that you will be stressed because of your distraction and lack of commitment. You will need to spend extra effort or seek help to deal with the situation. Learn to ask the right questions if your knowledge is not sufficient. And you will be able to tackle the issues.

Dream About Carrying Laptop Computer

Carrying Laptop Computer
To see yourself carrying a laptop computer in a bag in the dream, represents your desire to remain flexible with your routine and schedule. You want to get to a situation in life where you could work and play anywhere.

Dream About Missing Computer

Computer was Stolen
If your computer was stolen in the dream, suggests that there will be emotional stress in your personal and working life. Perhaps people will take advantage of your trust and try to gain access to private information.

Missing Computer or No Computer
To have a computer go missing or having no computer, foretells that you will experience regress and turmoil at work or school. Consider looking for the cause of such situations and try to fix the problems before they arise. Perhaps you will find certain equipment not working the moment that you need them.

Dream About Computer Related Hardware or Peripheral Devices

Computer Keyboard and Mouse
To dream about computer inputs like a keyboard or mouse, symbolizes control over your thoughts and expressions. You will have ways and means to connect your inner resources, thoughts, and the world around you.

Computer Disk, Memory, or Hard Drive
To dream about computer parts that relate to data storage, relate to your memories and past. The dream signals that you must look into your past to find the answer to your question.

Computer Processing Chip CPU
Dreaming about working with CPU or processing chip, indicates that you must spend time and effort to process your task at hand. Consider calculating every step of the way to make sure that you are tackling the process efficiently. Be logical throughout the way to accomplish your goals.

Computer Monitor Screen
If your dream is focused on the monitor screen, pay attention to what is being displayed on the screen. They will offer you mirror reflections and demonstrations on how you could maximize your potential in waking life.

Touchscreen Computer
To see yourself using hands and fingers to manipulate a touchscreen tablet or computer, suggests that you need to be more hands-on with your tasks. Be more direct about your process and you are more likely to succeed.

Dream About Many Computers

Computer Room or Computer Lab
To dream about a computer lab full of technology, foretells that you will learn about the latest tech in the near future.

Dream About Many Computers
To dream about two or more identical computers together in a stack or data center, represent a lack of individuality and lack of emotions and feelings.

Dream About Other Computer Concepts

Computer Science or Programming Language
To see yourself applying computer science or writing programming codes, suggests that you need to be very logical with how your present information. You need to gain insight into how the world work, in order to create solutions to problems. The dream suggests that you need to understand cause and effect. Learn about how objects and entities loop and provide feedback with each other.

Dream About Appearances of the Computer

Red Computer
A red computer in dreams represents a danger in your work.

Big Computer
Big computer in the dream points to someone with a big ego and passion.

Green Computer
A green computer in a dream relates to your connection and growth in the relationship of others.

Pink Computer
Pink computer in dreams relate to personal information and thought process of your significant other.

Dream About Computers

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