Battery Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Battery

Did you dream about the battery? The battery in dreams relates to your energy level. They represent your motivation to get things done. Battery packs relate to stored energy, vitality, and goals that motivate you. Batteries as a dream symbol generally point to your high potential of achieving your goals when channeled correctly and efficiently. Below we will go over more battery-related dreams to help you understand what they might mean to your waking life.

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Dream About Actions with Battery

Dream About Buying Spare Battery
Buying spare batteries in the dream foretells that you are coming up with backup plans if your primary projects fail. The dream foretells that you need to plan for potential failures with your projects. Line up your resources accordingly to achieve your planned goals.

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Dream About Putting Battery Incorrectly
Dreaming about placing batteries’ direction incorrectly signifies your need to allow the positives to balance out the negatives. The key is to find a balance between positive and negative aspects of your life to achieve a positive overall energy flow.

Dream About Eating Battery
Dream about eating and swallowing a battery suggests that you are on the wrong path to spend your time and energy. You are overindulging in the sense of fake power and energy. These negative actions will ultimately destroy your own well-being. Negative results will occur as a product of your actions.

Dream About Bad Batteries

Dream About Dead Battery
Dreaming about having or using a dead battery in the dream completely out of juice suggests that you do not have adequate resources to complete your tasks. The dream indicates that you are likely to run out of money or time. You will have problems finishing your projects, or you have no resources to start with. Consider going back to the drawing board, and gather the necessary items to accomplish your goals.

Dream About Rusted Battery
Seeing a rusted battery in the dream reflects that you are not taking care of your body. Perhaps you are not getting a good amount of sleep and rest. The continued beat down of your health, body, and mind can become detrimental shortly.

Dream About Broken Battery Leaking Acid
Seeing a broken battery that is leaking fluid or acid indicates serious health problems may be developing. You are likely to suffer health conditions that result in fatigue and lack of energy. Consider seeing a doctor and get your regular health check-up.

Dream About Weak or Low Battery
Using a weak battery low on power suggests losing the will and motivation to pursue your goals. The dreams reflect that you are facing depression or exhaustion.

Dream About Overheating Battery Melting
Overheating the battery in the dream suggests that you will encounter some unpleasant events. Be aware of overworking exhaustion or poorly handled situations. The circumstances will get “hot,” and you will face difficult decisions to let go and stop your process at hand. Considering loosening up your push or find a softer way to conduct your business.

Dream About Types of Battery

Dream About Rechargeable Battery
Charging the battery in the dream indicates that you need to take some time out for yourself. Recharge your energy and motivation first. You will have a chance to get back to your tasks when you feel more emotionally and physically equipped. By taking care of yourself, you will fulfill your life’s purpose and achieve happiness.

Dream About Phone Battery
The cell phone battery relates to the wishes and desires out of your waking life connections. They are what drive you to upkeep your friendship and relationship with others. If the battery is low, it suggests that you need to rekindle some of your existing connections. They may be lost for a long time if you are not careful.

Dream About Car Battery
To see your car parts battery in your dream symbolizes your stamina and spark. To dream that your car battery is dead suggests that your work is overwhelming and overworking you. It would help if you had time to recharge and find the spark in life again.

Dream About Battery Sizes

Dream About Wrong Battery Size
Encountering the wrong battery size in the dream suggests that someone in your life is in a position that they are not good at. For example, you or your peers may be assigned roles against their strengths. You do not feel that your situation does not allow you to accomplish your potential truly. In fact, the environment or situation does not work for you at all.

Dream About Big Battery Size
A large battery in dreams connects to how people view you. The dream suggests that others are relying on you to start the projects. You will be the energy, power, and lead shortly.

Dream About Small Remote Battery
A small remote battery for car keys in the dream refers to sudden “light bulb” moments. You will obtain wonderful ideas that could lead you to new places. Please pay attention to the little details in your life as they could enable you to different paths.

Dream About Gadgets Missing Battery

If the dream features gadgets missing batteries completely, it suggests that you have lost the energy and motivation towards concepts that those gadgets represent. For example, a computer laptop without its batteries suggests that you may have lost motivation to deal with the work associated with the laptop, specifically due to the lack of rewards or resources associated with the electrical item. If an alarm clock or watch is missing its battery, the dream points that you will waste time on certain tasks.

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