Laboratory Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Lab

Did you dream about the lab? To dream that you are in a laboratory suggests that you are experimenting with your inner feelings, creativity, believes, and fears. You are testing yourself and others for a certain situation or relationship. You have a goal or project that you want to test with. And you are bringing the theory to reality through actually practicing it in a controlled environment. Depending on further details with the lab, the dream might have other interpretations as below.

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Dream About Inside a Laboratory

Dream About Working Inside a Laboratory
To dream that you are working in a laboratory indicates that managers or bosses will ask you to take up new projects. Get ready to handle new tasks with your school or work. Experiment and test with your roles to see if you will get better results over time. Use your creativity and diligence to really make a difference.

Dream About Locked Inside a Lab
To dream that ya laboratory locking you up inside indicates that you have stuck ideas that you have issues testing. You wish to do experiments, but you cannot seem to find the right solution. Different relationships and projects are entangling you and taking all of your time. You are unable to really make any progress.

Dream About Different Types of Labs

Technology and Research

Dream About Robotics Research Laboratory
To dream about a futuristic or robotic research laboratory indicates that renovation and innovation will be in your life. You will be testing and changing your attitudes or behaviors to improve the flow. Consider using technology or other mobile apps to better your waking life. Perhaps you are outsourcing some of your daily tasks to automate them.

Dream About Computer Science Lab
To dream about a computer lab full of technology foretells that you will learn about the latest tech shortly. Perhaps you will test out new gizmos and equipment. They will propel you further in waking life, either at school or professionally.

Dream About Animal Testing Biology Lab
To dream about a bio lab that does experiments and tests on animals; foretells entering or starting certain projects involving many individuals. You have the interest to know how they will respond to your new ideas or offerings.

Food and Medicine

Dream About Food Lab
To dream about a food lab or testing kitchen is a sign of your openness. You have the dedication to experiencing as many different things as you can. Perhaps many variable cultures and belief systems are immersing you. You want to taste different flavors of life, and you are taking the proper steps to achieve that.

Dream About Candy Lab or Chocolate Lab
Touring a chocolate lab or candy lab in the dream signals that you are ready to dig deeper. You are ready to venture into your inner feelings about your emotions about love. You feel curious about why you feel love for certain individuals in your life. In addition, it signals that you might be ready to love again after a previous failed relationship with an ex.

Dream About Drug or Chemical Lab
To dream about a chemistry lab or medicine drug lab suggests that you are curious. You have curiosity for the interaction of the things and people in your waking life. The dream foretells that you would be testing outputting different people to different tasks. Learn and see how they could respond to understand different circumstances.

Dream About Laboratory Equipment

Dream About Laboratory Safety Gears
To dream about laboratory safety gear foretells that you will need a good approach to your personal matters and plans. Be willing to try new things, but make sure that you cover all bases. Experiments will and do go wrong. Prepare when you fail, and disasters strike. Do not go head into new tests without proper preparation.

Dream About Lab Coat
Lab coats in dreams symbolize your protective nature. You have a desire to cover up something and sanitize the situation. You want to focus on your task at hand and avoid other disturbances and potential contamination from outside noise.

Dream About Laboratory Testing Equipment
To dream about testing equipment in a laboratory signifies that you will need outside help. Try to get other people’s insights and analyses to help you complete your goals. Consider setting up a clear benchmark and ask your social circle for feedback on your progress. You could only move forward when you can understand and quantify your results.

Dream About Lab Rats
Lab rats or lab mice in dreams means that you or others will undergo beta testing and transformation. There will be periods of volatile and highly rebellious times. You are likely to run into issues and they will hurt you along the way. However, certain sacrifices may be the best way for you to find the optimal path.

Dream About Appearances of the Labs

Dream About Lab Explosion or Lab Fire
To dream about a lab fire explosion forewarns that one of your pet projects or hobbies can go horribly wrong. Be aware if you are testing any new gears, methods, or equipment soon. Be extra careful about the safety of your endeavors.

Dream About New Empty Lab
To dream about scientists or workers equipping a new empty lab is a sign of a new beginning. The dream foretells that you will be successful if you are diligent and work hard towards your goals. You have the potential to follow through with your plans.

Dream About Abandoned Laboratory
To dream about an abandoned laboratory is a bad sign that you will give up on your ideas and projects. Perhaps you started a new weight loss diet plan or personal improvement project. You will likely abandon your plans and fail.

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