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  1. i recently saw a dream, where a ghost was laughing very hard and asked me to look at the mirror little far stuck in the wall. when i looked at the mirror i saw someone hanged himself and committed suicide. After that dream am very restless. That image is stuck in my mind. suggest what it may have mean.

    • what i feel is you are under going some changes in your personality and you really need to look at yourself if you are going through some good changes in your life or bad changes

  2. I dreamt that I was watching a show from the top of the stairs with my hand against the wall. When I moved my hand I realised that I was rested on a wall mirror which came loose from its fixings and hurtled down the stairs towards people sat below. It missed everyone. A woman grabbed her child and ran up the stair and everyone started running. I stopped people and said please let me explain – it was an accident. How would you interpret that?

  3. I dreamt that I was looking for a mirror, and when i first found it, it disappeared right away. Then i was in the house of my significant other and i walked into her room to see her getting ready looking into the mirror. But when i asked her what she was doing she didn’t answer and I kept trying to talk to her but it was as if i wasn’t there. she seemed sad but i couldn’t touch her or reach her. How would you interpret that?

  4. I have always had a mirror appear in dreams but I can never see my face. It’s just a blur. But in one dream I was walking in a mansion and the hall was lined with mirrors instead of pictures. The walls were red. I stopped at a mirror and can’t see my reflection like always. As I start walking I “wake up” and tell myself I’m in a dream and that if I try I bet I can see myself. So I turn around and look in the mirror. It’s still a blur. So I try harder. It worked and I saw myself. But what I saw scared me and I have never forced myself to look in another dream mirror. What I saw was me but my eyes were blacked out and my mind’s eye was open and it was also blacked out. It was seriously scary.

  5. The other day i dreamed about me trying to fix a broken mirror… So i was in a little room we have at the back of our house. It was totally dark, only iluminated by the moonlight that came from a little window (this room is really old and deteriorated so it’s full of dust and smells like humidity and it’s completely empty). I was sitting on the floor, right in the middle of the room, with a broken mirror in my hands. The mirror was particularly the one i have in my bedroom but like only half its size and it was broken in two and the frame was also broken by one corner. Then the entire dream is me trying to make the frame fit so the two pieces of the mirror would be together again. But the harder i try, the worse the frame gets until it’s almost destroyed.
    Also by one point i go to the kitchen where my mom is cooking and i sit on the table like a little girl (i’m 21) and keep trying to fix the goddamn mirror. Then the dream ends with me going to my brother’s room to see if there’s a thread so i can put all the pieces together.
    Also i must say that the mirror had no reflection at all, just as if it was facing a grey wall this entire time… Weird

  6. In my dream I am walking down a public corridor and just happened to look into a slightly dirty public mirror, through the dirt I could see that the bridge of my nose was a little shiny pink and inflamed but the rest of my face seemed ok and tanned. I thought to myself that I should stop wearing my sun glasses so much but then I noticed that the reflection wasn’t me, so I looked closer, it’s someone else’s face, then I realised it wasn’t a mirror but a window with someone else staring back at me showing an expression of “what are you looking at.”
    I have had this dream twice within a short period now, although the second dream had a little more detail than the first.

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