Calculator Dream Interpretation

Using or seeing a calculator in the dream suggests that you need to think careful about some problems or situations. You have to weigh and balance the pros and cons of your plans or outlines. Depending on how and why you are using the calculator in the dream, consider how your waking life might play a role in the interpretation.

Buying Calculator
Dreaming that you are buying a calculator, indicates that you need a good advisers like accountant to help you with some of your financial or life’s plans. Be more calculating for your moves and decisions so that you could make the best choices possible. The dream is a little different than an abacus where you do the calculations yourself.

Using Calculator
Consider where you are using the calculator in the dream for clues on how it could relate to your waking life. The dream could suggests that you need to think twice about moving forward with the corresponding choice. It could also reflect your subconscious practice about upcoming events. For example, you could dream about using graphical calculator on tests for academic purpose, or inside banks for major financial decision.

Specialty Purpose Calculator
Consider the purpose of the calculator in the dream for subtle hints. Is the calculator in the dream a tip calculator for your waiter or waitress? It reflects being more calculated about giving and receiving favors in waking life. If the calculator is more finance related like cryptocurrency or mortgage, it relates to your mind telling you to think twice before committing to contracts.

Calculator Out of Battery
To see that your calculator is out of electrical battery power, suggests that you are not analyzing the risks carefully. You might be making decisions without logic and instead depending on emotions. It relate to information overload that you no longer have the patience or energy to think about issues at hand.

Malfunctioning Calculator
To see malfunction calculator that gives you wrong answer, points to someone who is cunning and scheming in waking life. Be aware of someone who will be unethical and cheat you out of business dealings.

Solar-Powered Calculator
Seeing solar-powered calculator in the dream, points to profit and joy in the family. You will be able to think through options, beliefs, and opinions clearly.

Broken Calculator Screen
To dream about broken calculator screen, is a sign that you are confused about your performance and feedback that you have gotten. You will soon be confronted with difficulties to judge your own work. Be careful about making drastic moves as you will not be able to tell if they will be worthwhile.

Cell Phone as Calculator
To use cell phone as a calculator in the dream, suggests that you are being calculative with whom you choose to communicate. You are trying to figure out a dilemma in terms of interpersonal relationship. You are forming complex connections with your social circle where you have to be careful about what you say or do.

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