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Finger Dream Interpretation — 21 Comments

  1. I has a dream I was biting my sisters two middle fingers and all of a sudden there were a bunch of finger tips all over the floor…weird to I just wanna understand the dream

  2. This doesn’t really help, I wanna chop my fingers off irl not in my dreams. I guess I was my fault to look up dream shit. If you can help me with my finger-cutting-off issue then please help.

    • Sara whats up? It may be that you are suffering from a PTSD. maybe smth happened to you that stressed you out. I suggest you see a doctor about this. take care

  3. I had a dream that a dog bone ago when I got up I still felt about the bike when she gave me and also I saw his teeth please reply to this if anybody knows

  4. I had a dream that I was drinking milk out of a gallon jug and there was a severed finger (not mine) inside of it and I was at the singer of Green Day’s house. I was so grossed out in my dream that I had drunk the milk with that finger inside of it. What the hell does that mean?

  5. I had a dream that my mother in law had very bad arthritis in her hands that her fingers were all crooked.
    She passed away a while back . Just wondering what that was about. Thanks

  6. I dreamed that I was talk to someone ,and they told me that I had a cut on my ring finger on my right hand which I was hiding,an I said to them it was nothing…??.

  7. I had a dream that my pinky finger dislocated and then I just stared at it before popping it back into place. I could feel that it hurt but it wasn’t that bad.

  8. I had a dream that my pinky finger was dislocated and then I stared at it before popping it back into place. It was super weird, and I could tell it hurt, but it wasn’t super bad. Then my friends mum asked if I needed an ice pack, but I said “She’ll be Right.”…..???

  9. i had a dream that i was cutting some meat to make food and the next second i was cutting fingers… but they weren’t mine…i think they were for food

  10. I had a dream that I was counting my fingers and I kept counting my fingers over and over again because I only seen 5 but when I counted them I counted 7 on my left hand with an extra little thumb making 8. I also had 6 on my right hand, but when I looked and my hands all I seen was 5. I kept freaking out. I felt like something bad was happening to my mind. I kept waking up from the dream and when I fell back to sleep it would continue. The dream started off with me going to the store to buy a birthday present for 2 of my friends children. I know I have been stressing over finances, so I am sure it has something to do with that. Almost all my dreams that I have been having lately have something to do with being stressed.

    • Had a somewhat similar dream. I dreamt that my wife and I had another son born with 8 fingers (including thumb) on the right hand and six on the left. Found it curious. Wish I new what it meant.

  11. I had a dream where my crush had very long fingers but his middle finger or his ring finger was about an inch long and he held my hand and his fingers went up to my wrist. Can you please tell me what this means?

  12. As a small child, I frequently dreamt of a steady stream of tap water flowing on my right index finger, leaving me paralyzed and unable to take my hand away. I couldn’t look away, but wasn’t f dry ightened, as the sensation was calming in a repetitive way.

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