Bitcoin Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Cryptocurrency

Did you dream about bitcoin or cryptocurrency? Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dash are the year’s hottest news topics. Here we will go through some of the most common dream scenarios about cryptos. We wish to help you explore this exciting new technology and what it might mean in your real life. Money-related dreams typically refer to your real-life hopes and fears and what your actions might bring.

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Dream About Trading with Bitcoin or Crypto

Dream About Buying and Selling Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Themselves
Dreaming about profiting from arbitrage and day trading bitcoin suggests that you will have an easy time putting together small deals. Look out for opportunities where you can hustle for a small number of profits in your daily life. Consider attending yard sales or figure out what people want to sell. The dream signals that you are likely to succeed and turn a profit doing mediation and business endeavors.

If the dream signals any difficulty in buying or selling, it suggests that you will hit obstacles and hardships during your business endeavor. To use a bitcoin calculator to figure out the price or value suggests that you are considering starting certain business endeavors. To buy bitcoins on any dips suggests that you are looking out for short-term opportunities that may bring you profit.

Dream About Buying or Selling Goods with Crypto Cash Like Bitcoins
Consider the type of goods or services that you are buying or selling with bitcoin in the dream. The dream may signify some form of a price discrepancy, cutting edge, or speculative. Instead of the US dollar or hard cash, you opt to use cryptocurrency in the dream during your daily purchases. It signals some form of price and value detachment from reality. Perhaps you are paying or investing in something overpriced or underpriced in your belief. The dream reflects your disbelief in some of the real-world price actions. For example, you may be witnessing a high medical bill or sky-high housing prices.

Dream About Investing In Crypto

Dream About Cryptocurrencies Reaching Another All-Time High
When you dream about cryptocurrencies reaching an all-time high and getting another jump in price, but you do not own it. The dream reflects missed opportunities and what-ifs. Perhaps the dream reflects your past and current regrets about not investing early or using your money wisely. The dream signals you to open your eyes. Be attentive to the investment opportunities around you. If you feel jealous or sad in the dream, it could suggest that you envy other people’s good fortunes and good business decisions.

Dream About Bitcoin Value Bubble Burst and Crash
To dream about the value and price of the Bitcoin crash reflects your fear of the value of cryptocurrencies. When the dream focuses on the futures and chart of the bitcoin exchange prices, suggest that you are anxious about your cryptocurrency index and funds. You are concerned about the future growth that they may entail. If you consistently have nightmares and dreams of bitcoin value crashing, consider taking profits and taking some of the money off the table. Perhaps deep down, you believe the new cryptocurrency technology is a gamble and speculative like the lottery dream. Your psyche is hinting that you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. Invest in crypto like you would gamble in a casino or most investments in life.

Dream About Making Money from Crypto

Dream About Becoming a Cryptocurrency Millionaire or Billionaire
Dreams of making it big by holding onto your cryptocurrency suggest that you will have to take on many obstacles and naysayers in your quest. Great rewards await you at the end of the tunnel. However, the dream also hints that you will have a long and hard road in front of you. You will have to be smart to make it through great decisions and your own inner doubts.

Dream About Someone Hacking Your Crypto

Dream About Someone Hacking or Stealing Cryptocurrency Wallet and Bank Address
To have a nightmare about an electronic heist that steals or hacks your bitcoin wallet password; suggests that your online security has weaknesses and holes. Consider finding out different ways to make your email and other password combinations more secure. The dream reflects your worst fear that someone may steal your online assets. And you will have little ways of fighting against it.

Dream About High Crypto Transaction Fees

Dream About Exchanges Charging You Expensive Exchange or ATM Banking Fees with Bitcoin
Generally, to dream about exchanges or banks charging fees; suggest that people might be taking advantage of you either willingly or unwillingly in waking life. Consider the number of fees being charged in the dream, and whether they are clear can reflect waking life. If the fee is much higher than the products or services you are buying, it suggests that you are entering bad deals where the transaction cost or taxes will eat up all of your profits. The dream suggests that you should look out for ways to decrease your cost so that you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Dream About Cryptocurrency Mining such as Bitcoin or Other Javascript Miner Rig Setup
Dreaming about setting up a bitcoin mining operation, computer machine, or rig, or even javascript, suggest that you will need to find clever ways to generate profit in waking life. Consider starting and setting up a side gig to generate continuous income. The dream foretells that you will have a hard time setting up your first business. There will be a steep learning curve. However, once you succeed, you will have an easy and predictable residual income.

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