Hammer Dream Interpretation

Hammer in dreams signifies power, strength, and masculine attitudes and approach to solving problems. It suggests that there is no difficulty for you to overcome any situations. However, be careful if the dream features you using hammer improperly, it may suggests that your current attitude or approach may in fact making issues worse. Below are more hammer themed dreams and their interpretations.

Dream About Holding a Hammer
Dream about holding a hammer and ready to strike, reflects growth and construction. You are ready to take action to improve areas that you are working on. Perhaps you are preparing to launch into constructive action in waking life.

Dream About Hammer Striking the Anvil
Dreaming about striking on anvil with your hammer, represents your determination and drive to pursue your goals. You are working hard to sharpen your skill and craft, so that you can achieve much greater success in the near future. It reflects some form of self study or improvements so that you could move forward with your professional career.

Dream About Striking a Hammer
To dream of striking a hammer, reflects your actions in the waking life. Consider the contexts of what, where, and when you are using the hammer. Using the hammer correctly suggests that you are using the right tool at the right place. However, to strike the hammer mindless within the dream, suggests that your actions are being destructive or intentionally harmful.

Dream About Hitting Your Own Finger or Hand with Hammer
Dreaming about accidentally hit your own fingers or hand reflects serious troubles will arise from your lack of focus and carelessness. In addition, such a mistake will effectively remove you from continue your job.

Dream About Being Hammered or Hammer Attack
To be hammered or suffer hammer attacks in dream, suggests that you are being put down by strong destructive forces. It could be from being drugged like alcohol intoxication, or aggression by your colleagues, bosses, or teach in waking life. The dream reflects that you feel powerless to defend against such attacks.

Dream About Hammer and Nails
To see hammer and nails together in the dream, is reflective of your tenacity, persistence, and ability to drive a hard bargain. You will be able to put together with tough deals which will resolve the situation at hand.

Dream About Big Sledgehammer or Hammer Ball
To use big sledgehammer in the dream, may reflect the need to start over and breaking down your existing constructions. Perhaps you did not have a good foundation, that your goal is to start over from scratch.

Dream About Thor’s Hammer or Hammer of Gods
Dreaming about hammer of gods, or thor’s hammer that are divine in nature, is a sign that your efforts will be successful. However, your efforts have to answer to a higher and noble purpose, rather than purely self-serving.

Dream About Rusted Hammer
Dreams of a rusted hammer, is a symbol that you are dealing with old demons and inner struggles. They are pulling you down and stopping you from achieving your true potential. Consider letting go of the past failures, so that you could focus on the present and succeed.

Dream About Broken Hammer
Dreams of a broken hammer is a bad omen that you should expect strife and grief within your family.

Dream About Golden Hammer
Golden hammers in dreams is symbol for impractical advice that are better sounding on paper than in practice.

Dream About Stone Hammer
Dreaming about using stone hammers, suggests that your software or equipment are outdated. You are being asked to do your job with outdated equipment, because of such, you will have hard time being as productive as possible, you are prone to mistakes due to the lack of precision.

Dream About Hammer with Loose Handle
Seeing a hammer with handle in a dream signifies that you have hesitated and doubted too long before taking actions. You have missed your opportunity to take action and profit at the right time. Be aware of jumping in at this stage, the dream signals that you still have plenty of doubts, you are likely to fail without proper conviction towards your projects.

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