Camp Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Camps

Did you dream about camps? To dream that you are going camping indicates a need for a long-deserved break. You want to be away from the hustle and bustle of life. You are going one step beyond simply setting up a tent. The dream foretells that you will set up a perfect environment to conduct some retreat and profound soul searching.

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Dream About Camping

Dream About Setting Up Camp
To set up camp and prepare the camping ground refers to your social circle and support group. You are looking to be self-sufficient while looking for a sense of belonging. You are now preparing resources and support that will aid you in your near-term adventures.

Dream About Base Camp
Dreams of a base camp suggest that people try to connect with you and keep in touch. You will gain prominence and become a virtual node in your social circle. People will seek you out for support and further connection to others.

Dream About Summer Camp
Summer camp in the dream represents tolerance and maturity. Others will put you into situations where you have to think on your own and your community.

Dream About Camper or Camper Van
Dreaming that you live inside a camper or mobile caravan indicates that you need to move on. Move forward with some situations or aspects and do not look back. You do not want to dwell on any issues anymore. You deeply desire to pack up and run away.

Dream About Campfire
To start or see a campfire in your dream represents sharing and companionship. You need to open yourself to others and allow others to get to know you.

Dream About Other Types of Camp

Dream About Military Camp
Dreaming that you are in a war or military camp foretells that you are gearing up. Prepare for competition against your peers or business competitors. You are practicing business strategies or tactics in isolation so that you can catch people by surprise.

Dream About Boot Camp
Attending a boot camp in the dream is a sign that you need to develop habits. Get ready for hardcore routines over a short period. People will soon put you to the test of both physical and mental strength. If you can carry yourself through the different trials, you will come out stronger and more fit.

Dream About Gypsy Camp
To dream about a gypsy camp indicates that you feel more comfortable in your environment. You do not want to mix yourself with others much. Privacy and keeping your business to yourself are crucial to you. You wish to live your life out in isolation without the distraction of worldly desires. Instead, you seek out adventures and the ability to roam the world without any strings attached.

Dream About Negative Camps

Dream About Prison Camp
To dream of a prison camp represents feelings of confinement and restriction. Similar to the concentration camp dream. However, prison camp dreams typically relate to feelings of making mistakes. Perhaps you have made inevitable mistakes at work or school. And now the organization has marginalized you to handle non-essential tasks only.

Dream About Empty or Abandoned Camp Site
Being on an empty or abandoned campsite indicates abandonment. Many of your coworkers or past companions of past adventures have now moved on to other endeavors. The dream suggests that you feel alone and abandoned. You are trying to come up with ways to restart your former glory. Perhaps you are thinking of ways to gather together previous gangs to relive the good old times.

Dream About Concentration Camp
Concentration camps in the dream could be a reflection of fear or experience of historical events. Dreams that you live inside a concentration camp foretell that others will severely punish you. Look out for taking the blame for other people’s actions and their bias towards you. Other people will blame you and your close friends for an issue of different opinions. A significant and adverse event like mass layoff may be on the horizon.

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