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Furniture Dream Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. Dreaming of old shiny antique funiture still in very good condition and walking through the house like the bedroom and down stairs with old lady to dining room where there is a old antique dinning table nothing on it and im sitting with people and they drinking herbal tea and talking of buying material.

    • I had a dream, I dreamt I and a friend climbed a stairs with toothpaste in my mouth and a old woman was sitting at the entrance and my friend asked her to get up and she push the chair further, but house had red or moron rug with many c
      different kinds of chairs including a baby wheelchair which I touch. please intrepid this dream.

  2. What does it mean when someone else dreams about me buying a chair and they are concerned about where will it go or fit?

  3. What about furniture repo dreams? So I’m guessing in the dream my family had gotten all of our furniture from a rent to own type place. So these men pull up to our home with big trucks and tell us that the furniture belongs to them. They took everything even the refrigerator. We must have had a couple of refrigerators they had cleared out one and I was bagging the food up in plastic bags. They hadn’t taken the other but I assumed they would so I started packing up the food in there as well.

  4. Thanks – that makes sense. I dreamt I was at work (which I left about two weeks ago) and one of the bosses wanted me to find a chart that a child had done. I was not able to find the chart in the files (which was in a shed in the dream) and wasn’t sure if it was my issue or not to find it. I then started to take some of my things away from the work that were mine. As I started removing furniture, I found there were more and more items of antique furniture that was mine. I was wondering where to put it all in my house. I didn’t realise how much i had invested in the job.

  5. Thanks you answered the question that I already had in the back of my mind and it fit what two things is going on in my life thanks

  6. In my dream the furniture was floating on water. It was Bali-style living room furniture. Suddenly a shelf came zipping across the water and bumped into the furniture. I was worried as the shelf got damaged but had no idea where it came from – was worried about my furniture but it seemed mostly intact. Then someone asked me to give them one of my paintings. And another person asked for the same thing. What does that mean?

  7. whenever i sleep watching tv or anywhere apart from my house i always dream that a wooden cupboard falling on me, and i wake up! what does that mean? can anyone tell me?

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