Engine Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Engine

Did you dream about engines? The engine in dreams represents your heart and motivations to get the job done. You have the energy and power to move toward your goals. It could relate to your core value or group of people that push things and move projects forward. Depending on the type and condition of the engine, and your interaction with it, you could get a better idea of how it could be interpreted.

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Dream About Using the Engine

Dream About Starting Engine
Seeing yourself starting an engine in a vehicle, symbolizes that you are willing to push forward against any obstacles that are hindering your progress and goals. You are getting that initial push and spark to start your projects.

Dream About Fixing the Engine

Dream About Repairing Engine
Repairing an engine in the dream foretells that you will soon hit a major obstacle that will stall your progress. You will need to come to a complete stop. Figure out what went wrong with your initial motivation and purpose. Fix it so that you can move on again.

Dream About Rebuilding Engine
Rebuilding an engine in the dream, indicates your confidence in problem-solving abilities. You are self-directing and creating your destiny. You are putting together a core team with common beliefs to work towards. Perhaps you are considering and working on starting a start-up or business of your own.

Dream About Engine Not Working

Dream About Failing or Blown Engine
A smoking engine that failed and blown in the dream, indicates a loss of motivation and empowerment. You will soon fail yourself and betray your own goals. Your old habits are sabotaging your success. Perhaps you have worked yourself too hard, so that you ruin your willingness to keep going. You feel tapped out.

Dream About Engine Stolen
To have your engine stolen, robbed, or removed in the dream, foretells that someone is going to take away your motivations to work and improve yourself. He or she will pour water on your fire, and take away your drive to achieve anything in life.

Dream About Check Engine Light
To see check engine light being on in the dream, is a reminder for you to check on your health, environment, or relationship. Perhaps in the pursuit of your goals, you have overlooked important areas that really mattered. Consider doing some soul searching and maintenance work so that you do not burn yourself out.

Dream About Different Vehicle Engines

Dream About Train Engine
To see a train engine in the dream, foretells that you will achieve great things and pull great length. However, do not expect immediate results, your work will be slow and steady.

Dream About Airplane Engine
Airplane engine in dreams, foretells that you will work hard and efficiently, so that your career will take an elevating path to a much higher level.

Dream About Car Engine
The dream about a car engine or the transmission system represents your heart or your ability to motivate yourself. Because the engine is really the heart of all the car parts.

Dream About Fire Engine
Fire truck or a fire engine in dreams is a sign to tell you that you need to prep and get ready for the hard times. And you will have to ability and vehicle to protect what is yours.

Other Engine Related Dreams

Dream About Engine Oil
Engine oil in the dream, suggests that you need to find ways to continuously motivate yourself. Distress and continue to work in between your projects and goals. Understand what makes you tick and keep you going, and maintain that mindset.

Dream About Search Engine
Please See Search Engine

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