Divorce Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about divorce denote separation, disagreement, conflicts, and irreconcilable differences. The dream could always reflect fear of real life divorce or desire to be separated from your spouse and significant others. However, if you are in a happy relationship or even single, dreams of divorces can serve deeper meanings and interpretation. Below we will note divorce dreams that may hint at other aspects of life.

Asking for a Divorce
To dream that you are asking for a divorce, suggests that you wish to undo some type of mistake in a situation or decision. You are undergoing transitional phase that you seek to separate yourself from old habits. You need to spend the time to seek personal growth and independence. Perhaps you wish to break away from environments that you are used to, so that you move to a new apartment, or even traveling abroad to try out different lifestyle.

Divorce and Remarrying
To see yourself divorcing and remarrying in the dream, suggests that you need to reorganize and reset the priorities in your life. You are in the process of learning and understanding the issues that trouble you. Perhaps you need to separate yourself from issues temporary, so that you are not so close to the problems.

Being Served Divorce Papers
Dreaming that you are being served divorce papers, indicates that you might experience major life changes such as being fired or laid off in the near future. The dream indicates that you might be anticipating it so it would not be a surprise for you.

Signing Divorce Papers
Signing your signature on a divorce paper in the dream, foretells that you will take the step toward freedom and independence. You will no longer associate yourself with certain people or organization in waking life.

Divorced Wife or Divorced Husband
To see an ex spouse as a divorced wife or divorced husband in the dream, is a reminder of your past mistakes. Pay attention to the message and actions that they are taking in the dream, as they could help you understand why you are feeling unsatisfied with present relationship or lifestyle. Perhaps you no longer wish to feel alone.

Divorced Parents
To see parents getting divorced in the dream, highlights authority or management conflicts in your waking life. Perhaps the people whom you look up to is acting or asking conflicting actions from, your parents bosses, teachers, or coaches in waking life are pulling you in different directions. You are struggling to please everyone without disappointing other people.

Friend Divorce
To see friends getting divorced in the dream, is your subconscious reminding you not to try to meddle with other people’s personal business. Perhaps you sense a change in action in your friends, and you deeply worry about your friend.

Divorce Court
To see or participate in divorce court, points to a stressful moment of your life. You will be asked to make your case and prepare to make some very hard decisions. The dream foretells that you will need to give up and sacrifice important parts of you, in order to achieve meaningful changes.

Divorce Lawyer
Dreaming about divorce lawyer, suggests new starts in your life is on the horizon. Your life will be turned upside down. Be aware of your investment assets as your bad decisions may destroy your life. Do not be afraid to ask for outside help in order to protect yourself.

Brother or Sister Divorce
To dream that your brother or sister getting divorced, is a reminder that you need to rethink of your priorities in family life. Consider dedicating more time to be with your family. Remember to stand on the side of your family no matter what happens at the end.

Someone and Others Divorce
To dream about other people getting divorced like celebrity or strangers, foretells that you will be involved with spreading gossip and rumors. Consider spending more time to understand the topics that you feel passionate about, as you may get unwanted attention and conflicts over such information.

Relative Divorce
To see relatives arguing and going for divorce, indicates that your family will soon enter into a period of conflicts and quarrels. Be aware of fights over money and estates.

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