Lighter Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Lighter

Did you dream about lighters? To see or use a lighter in the dream represents a spark of an idea. You will use this idea to start some type of amazing work. Something good and bright is in the near future. But you will have to apply and use that fire energy properly. If you are holding and using the lighter, it points to potency and power, you are in a position to inspire and motivate others. Consider what and how you light up things in the dream to get better interpretations.

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Dream About Getting Lighters

Buying and Finding Lighter
To dream about buying or finding a lighter, symbolizes good luck and success. You will make good investments that allow you to grow your fortune.

Borrowing or Getting a Lighter
To dream that you get or borrow a lighter from someone, signifies that you will receive advice full of wisdom from an old person or a neighbor. Be open to ask for advice before you partake in any projects in the near future.

Stealing and Taking Lighter
To steal or taking another person’s lighter by force, predicts possible conflicts and quarrels with neighbors. You will trespass or invade your neighbor’s land or privacy.

Dream About Problems with Lighter

Broken Lighter
Broken lighter in the dream foretells upcoming health problems. You will not be able to follow through with your goals and plans. Be aware of depression or other diseases that stop your momentum cold.

Empty Lighter Out of Gas
To see an empty lighter out of fluid or gas fuel, signifies an urgent need to rest. You have worked yourself and you have no more flame and power left.

Lost Lighter
Losing a lighter in the dream, reflects that someone wants to fool you. You will be fed with false ideas or strategies that will waste your time and effort.

Throwing Lighter
Throwing your own lighter away or at someone, foretells mistrust and overreaction. You will burst in anger at small negative events in the coming days at the people around you.

Lighter in Water
To dream that you drop lighter in water or toilet, suggests that obstacles in your life will destroy your motivation. You will be down and unable to motivate yourself after a certain accident or disaster.

Dream About Other Types of Lighter

Lighter Fluid
Lighter fluids in the dream point to support persons that you have in your waking life. It could relate to a spouse who helps and supports in the background. It suggests that you cannot get far without the help of others. Women and men will assist you in your endeavors. Consider if you are using lighter fluid to start a fire for events like barbecue.

Cigarette Lighter
To dream about cigarette lighter, suggests that you will prolong the time of your journey because you are taking things slow. You will take more breaks in your school or job. And might cause problems if you take it too easy.

Dream About Color of the Lighter

White Lighter
A white lighter in the dream implies that you will receive unexpected help and inspiration.

Silver Lighter
Dream of silver lighter foretells that you will buy property as an investment.

Gold Lighter
A lighter made of gold in the dream, indicates that you will receive a very good bonus and commission earning from your ideas.

Red Lighter
Red lighter in the dreams points to an unexpected intimate or sexual encounter. You might either witness and participate in such an encounter.

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