Volcano Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about volcano? It relates to channel, tension, source of power, and destruction. Volcano dreams are typically associated with fire simply because of the lava and eruption coming out of volcanoes. We will go over all of the dream meanings that you might encounter when you dream about volcanoes. Dig into all the analysis and interpretation of volcanoes in dreams now.

When you dream about the volcanoes, pay attention to its status and timing. Is the volcano at the verge of eruption? Is the volcano sitting perfectly still on an island? Is the volcano eruption and lava bursting out of the mountain? These minute details offer insights to decipher why you have dreamed about volcanoes and how it can relate to you.

While an erupting volcano will typically be viewed as anger and temper exploding like a bomb, it can have some other interpretations in other settings. Read into your feelings and thoughts when an volcano appears in your dream, the context of a volcano can be both positive or negative depending on how you approach it.

Volcano as a Channel or Bridge
The volcano connects the underground lava tunnel or cave with the outside world. It represents the connection of your innermost thoughts and how you present it to the outside world. Dreaming about a volcano can remind you the methods of how you want to portray your inner self. Do you wish to be viewed as a hot tempered person, or a person with cool temper yet still with great power to destroy at will. By seeing and observing a volcano in your dream, your subconscious is telling you that you have the great power, so use it wisely to communicate how you feel on the inside.

Volcano Serve as Symbol of Tension and a Point of Release
A volcano almost never erupt without other triggers or events of warnings signs leading to the eruptions. There might be more and more frequent earthquake before the eventual blowout. Seeing a volcano in your dream can mean that you are feeling anxious or stressed. Dreaming about a volcano at the verge of exploding and erupting, can mean that the tension building up can cause great damage if you do not do about it.

If you are feeling a sense of urgency, fear, and anxiety when you are dreaming of the volcano. It shows that you have great worries and stress in your waking life. The dream is telling you to find ways to release that stress fast, or the tension will end up hurting people around you. This is especially true if you have been hot tempered lately and every little things tend to set you off.

Volcano as a Destination and Source of Power
To view a volcano or an eruption ash cloud from afar in the dream, can signify a point of destination or where you would want to be. A volcano could be a destination, an end of path or adventure that you are partaking. Perhaps you are working on something important, and your mind is telling you that your eventual product will change life as we know it. The end of a road features change and transformation, brought upon by a majestic volcano. If your dream features a volcano where you must travel to, it may mean that your hardwork or quest will eventually come to full fruition.

Volcano’s Power to Create and Destroy
The erupting volcano’s lava have the power to first destroy life in its path, then new life can be created in the aftermath. Seeing a volcano in the dream can relate to your creativity and transformation. If you are starting out on a new path in life, or starting a new project, and you dream about a volcano. It signifies that you should not be afraid to make completely new changes, new decisions, learn to let your creativity go and explode. Try something new and good results may end up happening.

Dream About Volcano Meanings

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