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Duck Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. Pls I need urgent interpretation. In my dream I saw my mum, she was looking for her lost duck, unfortunately for her she couldn’t found it. Immediately she faced us and cause. But after she realised her mistake she made a quake prayer.

  2. A duck is flying beside me but he has the head of a co-worker of mine. I look at him and say what a cute duck and touch his face.

    What does it mean?

  3. So I had a odd dream a little different there was a human head the was taljing for the duck inside it mouth I was I child in the dream and we had moved to a New house my mom was in the dream too witch shouldn’t be odd except that she died over a year ago and she was happy and independent and taking me and my syblinings to this new home but the duck when I was out side and I found it was talking to be about my recent life it the real world and the head in it’s mouth was undefined. The duck was like a female mallard body and the water was marsh is but green and alive the thing that was odd was right before I woke it said it will try and migrate to my old house in the winter but I used to live in the wet mountains and the duck leave in the winter also it wasn’t scary anymore after it was talking.

  4. i saw plenty ducks and the owner was washing them with water, all of a surden one came out and pured dust all over the place what does that means?

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