President Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About President

When you dream about the President, the dream will typically be about the specific beliefs and feelings you have towards the president or the head of state. The specific President that appears in your dream may resemble someone who may have the same qualities in real life. Many of the dreams associated with the president may not really have to do with the actual person. But rather your hidden emotions and opinions towards your environment and specifically those with power over you. Below we will go over various presidential-related dreams to help you interpret them.

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Dream About Being the President

Dream About Becoming a President
The dream of becoming a president and a person of high stature and power; suggests that you want to be highly professional about your field of work. You want others to look up to you both for respect and directions.

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Dream About Running a Presidential Election
To dream about the process of campaign and trying to become a president yourself; is reflective of the power struggle you are experiencing in waking life, either at home or work. You may be trying to express your leadership role and want others to follow your lead. This is especially true when there are opposing voices within your organization against you.

Dream About Actions Towards the President

Dream About Meeting the President
If you see or meet the president in the dream, it represents the desire to live a more honorable and highly respected life.

Dream About Killing the President
To kill or attack the president as an Assassin or spy in your dream suggest that the demands of others are tiring and constricting you. You subconsciously feel oppressed and unable to speak out of your own opinions.

Dream About Kissing the President
Dreams of kissing or being physically intimate with the President suggest that you are flirting with power and authority. However, you will tend not to be in power yourself. But rather be in close circles of those that are in power. Perhaps you feel stuck with your current situation. You need to do drastic tasks for people in power to propel yourself ahead.

Dream About Voting a President
Dreaming about voting in a presidential election; portents to a major decision you may have to make shortly. It is a premonition of a crossroad that can lead you to different paths. For example, you may need to either choose a new job or a new school. This will lead to completely different lifestyles or expectations. The “Presidents” are the little voices inside you that help you weigh the pros and cons of different decisions. Listen to those voices can help you figure out the best course of action.

Dream About Presidential Themes

Dream About President Debate or Speech
To dream about the president delivering a speech or participating in a debate; suggest that you need to be more diplomatic and expressive of your inner thoughts. Consider putting together your train of thoughts. It would help if you were assertive. To claim the best interest for yourself and the people that you represent and take care of.

Dream About a Dead President
If the president in the dream is dead or missing, it could suggest that you have lost your sense of direction or leadership. It could be a life-changing event that has happened in real life. Your subconscious is looking for a new role model to follow in his footsteps. It could also relate to your own loss of power within your organization. Perhaps your followers, either at work or home, have stopped listening to you and following you.

Dream About Specific Presidents

When you dream about any former presidents in the past, what you feel and know about each of them can play a big part in interpretation. How do you relate to these ex-presidents? And how well do you know the struggles or decisions that they have to go through? This may change the context and interpretation of your dream.

Below we will list some of the more recent and potential future president examples to help you understand how to relate to them. Again, these are simply examples and highly subjective. If you think highly of any specific president and appear in your dream, the appearance is typically a positive one.

Alternatively, if you think negatively of any past president and see them in your dream, they will act as negative dream symbols to reflect obstacles or warnings in your waking life.

Please note depending on how you feel about their character and ideals. Your personal political status and stance may change how you see the dream meanings very differently. Remember that your dream mind often makes off connections that will often reevaluate waking life experiences.

Previous Presidents

Dream About Ex-President Richard Nixon
Dreaming about any president with some form of power scandal; may relate to the abuse of power of people in your waking life. It could be your mind associating with a certain individual that asks special favors due to their social status.

Dream About Ex-President Bill Clinton
Dreams of a president with some form of sexual scandal; typically relate to someone in power who might be taking intimate advantage of you. It may not have to be sexual, but it could suggest asking for favors that make you personally uncomfortable.

Dream About Ex-President Obama
Dreams of President Obama can suggest a time of turbulence of change. The dream can suggest that some form of struggle in waking life. This requires you to leap of faith.

Current Presidents

Dream About Presidential Donald Trump
Dreams of Donald Trump and his presidential campaign; suggest that the old times were good such as “Make America Great Again.” Perhaps you miss some of the old times and how things were at a certain point. In waking life, you may be afraid of change. You want to take advantage of others by negotiating for your own benefit. It could relate to profit at the expense of taking advantage of others.

Previous Presidential Candidates

Dream About Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton
Dreams of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign; suggests believes that you can negotiate anything. However, many agendas are non-public and hidden. It could foreshadow some shadow dealings for people that you know in real life. Perhaps your bosses are secretly talking to each other about the fate of your company. The final result that may or may not affect you are worrying you.

Other People's Dreams
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