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President Dream Interpretation — 26 Comments

  1. I would like to know the meaning of my dream to day, i dream meeting the new président Of Zimbabwe. May you help me to understand the dream.

  2. please can you help me and interpret my dream? i dreamt
    connecting two presidents to a rebel leader. what is the meaning.

  3. I dream about meeting my current president but he was not feeling well. He gave me paper about how to rule a country in that dream.

  4. I have had dreams of President Trump, and President Obama . Back to back. First it was Trump. Then last night it was Obama
    .i had to pass through an ice storm, with men pursuing me. I managed to escape and took children to Obama. He was very pleasant and kind. He took pictures with the children. The Trump dream he was a a rally speaking, and I was standing very close to him. I was very surprised to find myself next to him, because I don’t like what President Trump says most of the time

  5. I had a dream dinning and wining with a current President,ordinary I wasn’t fit to be in the event but I was sited with high personalities and dignitaries and I felt respected that moment and people were serving and taking our orders.

  6. I would like to know about a dream i sow me dancing with a former president of Haiti ,like i try to teach him some move in my grandparents house

  7. I dreamed i married president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. i was super happy and my parents were there. He was older man but he was super nice.

  8. I had a dreamed that I was taking note during a meeting with President Donald Trump and a deceased family member.

  9. l dreamed we have gone to.the state house in a group less than ten people seeking help,but unfortunately he tied us in neck waists hands legs and started kainig whipping with heavy cains what’s the meaning!?

  10. I want to know about my dreams with the president of sierra Leone I have dreamt our president several times he was coming from the provinces n he was about to be attack n I save him n he ask me what I want in returned

  11. I had a dream making friends with my President with some important men… we laughing and winning… please tell me the meaning… I’m eager to know please!

  12. i dreamt about ex president of GHana visiting my house when he was president and it has happened to me when we have a new presisdent

  13. Had a dream about the late president George H W Bush and his wife Barbra They wanted me to cook for them some Mexican food. they said it had to be me because i was a good cook

  14. I had a dream before Donald T. was elected. It was him as Satan with others such as Mcconnell and others. On the bottom of the dream were dead people in caskets floating done rivers and hurricanes. And our animals dead and trees to the extent that people were starving . He was laughing on top of the dream at the destruction and the others that back him up getting money in there pockets of gold and laughing too. Now what do you think of that one?

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