Spy Espionage Dream Interpretation

A spy in dreams, reflects insufficient trust and love. Intentions and true emotions are typically hidden. You are afraid of being hurt when people truly understand who you are, so you typically pretend or act in certain ways to hide your own feelings. Depending on how the spy is seen in the dream, consider the details to incorporate that into your waking life for more clear interpretation.

Dream About Training to be a Spy
To dream that you are training to become a spy, foretells that you are hiding your true intentions while starting a new project or journey. You have ulterior motives and desires when you are following through with certain decisions.

Dream About Carrying Out an Espionage Spy Mission
To see that you are carrying out a spy mission doing espionage, indicates that you are in a situation where you do not exactly belong. You are faking it until you make it. The dream is a reflection that you are pretending to be someone that you are not, but you will do your best to complete your goals and accomplish the mission objective.

Dream About Killing Spy
Killing a spy or operative in the dream with a gun, foretells that you work hard to kill gossip or rumors surrounding your life and business. The dream indicates that you might take drastic measures such as legal action, firing some off of your team, or cut off your relationship with the perpetrator.

Dream About Spy Gears or Equipment
To see or find spy equipment or surveillance gears in your dream, suggest that you feel other people are hiding facts from you. And perhaps they are secretly judging you for your actions, however they do not offer you any feedback about their opinions.

Dream About Exposing Spy
To expose a spy or double agent in the dream, foretells that you will be able to seek and pinpoint people in your life that is sabotaging your success. Perhaps there are some individuals in waking life that is trying to influence and direct you into certain unwanted path. The dream indicates that you will realize that and put a stop to their unwelcomed plans and advances.

Dream About Being a Spy
Being a spy in the dream, indicates your mistrust of others. You have a hard time showing your true emotions and thoughts. You care too much about how others perceive you, because if you think that if people know the real you, you will not be able to accomplish your missions and goals.

Dream About Spying on Someone
If you are spying on someone in the dream, it indicates that you wish to stumble upon information that was not meant for your eyes. And you will use that information for your own benefit and ulterior goals. However, it foretells that you will have high chance of success by situating yourself at the right place and the right time.

Dream About Someone Spying on You
To see someone spying on you, is a warning that you are being watched, investigated, evaluated, and judged in secrecy. Someone is grading you and looking over you based on your actions. Be mindful of what you say and how you act on social media and waking life, as these impressions could have a massive effect on your career and family life.

Dream About Business Spy or Corporate Espionage
Seeing or witnessing a business spy or corporate espionage, indicates that you might be worried about your privacy. Someone is going to gain personal information about you, and manipulate you with those information. Be careful as all of these information gathering and manipulation will be done without your knowledge.

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