Swimming Pool Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About the Pool

Did you dream about the swimming pool? Swimming Pool in a dream symbolizes your inner feelings and thoughts because it is often related to water. However, the swimming pool refers to lesser intensity of the emotions than bigger bodies of water like the river or the sea. Below we will divide the swimming pool and how it can relate and reflect your waking life. Consider the condition, location, and circumstances surrounding a swimming pool-related dream.

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Dream About Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Pool

An outdoor swimming pool in a dream suggests that you will be lucky in love.

An indoor swimming pool suggests that you may be introverted at the time and felt pressured by others to change. You want to keep your emotions safe and sound indoors without the influence of the outside weather.

When the dream pool is next to your house, you do not have one in your waking life. The dream signifies that you may behave wrongly.

Dreaming about an inflatable pool in your dream represents your doubts about people or conditions in your life. However, doubts are relatively small and insignificant.

Dream About Swimming Pool Water Level

A swimming pool filled with clean water portends good business ahead. Expect good fortunes and profits with your endeavors. Keep up with your good perspectives and insights for the future to reach your goals.

Empty swimming with no water at all can reflect some bitterness within your dream. However, the lack or absence of water in the pool also indicates maturity and wisdom. Perhaps you have recently completed a big project with no materialistic gain, but rather the knowledge and insight. The empty swimming pool is an indication of your mind that you will not repeat the same mistakes.

A semi-empty swimming pool with little or half water; represents hazardous or unsafe phases of your life typically relate to your emotions. For example, you may be at a vulnerable relationship stage with your loved one. The reason is that a half-empty swimming pool’s depth can be deceiving. You do not know if the water is enough for you to swim inside still. You may accidentally jump in and discover that you are in great danger.

Dream About Conditions of Water in Swimming Pool

Suppose the water in the swimming pool appears blue, where you can even see the bottom of the pool. It suggests that you are beginning to evaluate your life. Work towards a better resolution to sort out your existing problems.

If the water in the swimming pool is crystal clear, this means good physical and mental health. You can see everything that exists inside the pool.

But if the dirty swimming pool has unclean black water, this omens worries and questions about the future. You may have something hidden and bothering your mind.

The temperature of the water in the swimming pool reflects your state of mind. Is it chilled and relaxed on a cool winter day? Or is it warm and hot on a sunny day? You may feel a little indifferent or excited about different situations.

Lastly, if the water appears to be anything outside the usual color, the unique or different colors may represent your emotions based on the color interpretation.

Dreaming about a shark in your swimming pool notes the unseen danger in expected places. You may be keeping well-hidden anger underneath the calm surface.

Dream About Area and People Surrounding the Swimming Pool

If you see yourself naked in a swimming pool, this is a sign of dissatisfaction and resentment. Seeing other naked men means you will be ashamed of something. Dreaming about naked women in a swimming pool portends a scandal.

Pool Party
To see that you have a poolside party in your dream denotes beauties which you will soon hear good news.

Trees and Other Plants
Dreams with the swimming pool surrounded by trees, plants, or a mini forest suggest that your mind is a safety or refuge. Perhaps you need to find some quiet time for yourself and relax.

Dreams with torch fire next to the swimming pool; suggest that you need to keep an open mind to find freedom and redemption inside your inner thoughts.

Hotel Swimming Pool
Seeing a swimming pool as a part of a hotel dream suggests that the feeling is only as temporary as your brief hotel stay.

Dream About Swimming Pool Actions or Events

Dreaming about standing still and being in a swimming pool

If you are on the top of the water just drifting with a floating device like a floating chair or board, then it shows you need to be in a fluid situation. You do not want to do too much work and relax for the time being.

Swimming in a swimming pool in a dream means this is the time to finish whatever you have started and never brought to an end. Learn to overcome any problems effectively. You have the potential to perform and get that other end of the pool.

To dream that you plunge into the swimming pool full of people; suggests that you will start a job or project with another team.

If you are afraid of the water inside the pool and standing on the edge, it reflects that you are afraid to face your own fears, and you may have an internal illness.

Dipping your feet inside a swimming pool signifies that excitement and surprises will emerge in your relationship.

To dream that you get drowned in a swimming pool signifies dangerous situations in your calm life. However, if someone or a lifeguard saves you, it means that you will make good money.

If your dream is to swim inside a swimming pool, you will soon travel to attend a wedding. If you teach others how to swim inside a pool, you may travel to deal with a divorce in your family.

Playing or having fun with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend in a swimming pool, suggests that you may make up and mend the relationship.

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