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  1. I was with a lady friend at a outside pool who decided to go with my brother in stead of me. And I was given back a engagemnt ring and half the money she owed me 75 dollars then I stood at the edge of pool with unknown people who were cheering me on to jump in water from a swinging rope

  2. I was watching a competition where two guys where several people were competing but only two were interesting to watch.they swam, overtook the rest but one of them won and he even went past the finish line.I happen to remember people calling him ‘,nick’ …….what does this mean??

  3. I dreamt that I was inside some sort of building that had a swimming pool. The pool itself was pretty deep and seemed boxy. There was a woman that wanted me to start with learning to breathe under water. My first attempt was difficult. She left me to figure out how long I could hold my breath under water. I discovered as I held on to the ladder and plunged my head in that I could actually breathe under water if I were closer to the surface but not out of the water completely. I can’t swim but the dream shifted to me continuing to dive in deep water determined to teach myself to swim. I had times where I felt I was close to drowning but I kept diving and breast stroking through the pool. Some water was deep, some was more shallow, but I refused to quit. The water was dark not blue. Maybe navy blue almost black but I didn’t sense it was dirty. I never drowned I just let diving in and trying to teach myself to swim no matter the fear. Then the dream shifted. There were men in the pool and I was out of the pool. The ladder they needed to get out I pushed into the water so they couldn’t. I’m not that evil in real life so that was interesting. They did get out and no one came after me or anything, but that was an interesting ending.

    I got a little out of the interpretations. Marriage has been in my mind. I’m not dating. I’ve become a student and teacher of transformation the last 6 years having overcome years of childhood abuse and rape. But this didn’t feel related to that. The interpretation said I’d attend a wedding which I thought was interesting. Who knows. I’m inspired to keep transforming no matter what. I don’t know how to swim in real life. No water trauma that I haven’t already overcome from years and years ago. Hopefully the meaning will become clearer.

  4. I have had the exact same dream for the past 4 nights…

    The pool is indoor, large and round. The room is dark aside from the glow from the pool lights. The water is clear, but so deep that I can’t see the bottom. I can just about make out the legs of a tall diving platform and surrounding tiered benches, like the space is set up for spectators. I am alone in the space. I use the ladder and lower myself into the pool. The water is cool, but not unpleasant. The only sound is of me in the water. I paddle around a bit before I start to feel uncomfortable. There are no animals in the water with me. There is nothing sinister happening. I just feel uneasy. After just a few minutes, I paddle my way to the ladder and climb out. I gather my towel and find the door. I always awake as I step into the light of the room outside the pool area.

    I figure this all must mean something, right?

    • I’m a few years late, but here goes!
      I assume the darkness and silence of the room represents your environment. Perhaps, subconsciously, you are unsure of the world around you, or it could represent isolation. Your uneasiness being in the pool and your leaving of the room might mean you’re uncomfortable with this lifestyle, that you want to be free, to connect with others. I can’t think of a reason why there’s a pool, however. Someone take over for me, please

  5. i dream about im standing the swimming pool and sorround a lot of people because i found the flower beside the pool and the roots of flower has gold what is the meaning all about this? please reply me. thanks

  6. I dream I’m in a swimming pool. I’m building something in the water….it’s standing above the water from the ground up. I’m not really paying attention to 3 people playing behind me. A little Mexican guy Hasus runs up the W√§rter slide behind me and slides down in 2 minutes and wins a contest. I was hoping he would win.

  7. Dreamt swimming in a clear swimming pool, I could see everything, but whilst swimming a notice my fiance with 2 men, getting cosy, and she could not see me or know that am around, something in my dream told me to approach her, whilst I was going to her I just suddenly wake up.

  8. i dreamt about swimming in a sea..then i saw my ex sitting nearby..i know he saw me but hes not looking at me…then suddenly that sea turned into a swimming pool…then i keep on looking at him..he was alone sitting nearby..i just continue to swim and enjoy the pool…i keep on swim and dive…i know he knew that im there..

  9. I dreamed of a large indoor pool that was empty of water. Inside the pool, my neighbor, a woman I barely know, was standing inside the pool. There were various jewelry items scattered inside and around the pool. (Note:my daughter has stolen a lot of my jewelry. The day before yesterday I realized my gold today necklace is missing. The neighbor told me 2days that she and my daughter, who no longer lives with me are FB friends.) as I watched watched my neighbor standing in the pool, I noticed my daughter standing next to me. I have not seen my daughter since 2/2/2018. She moved from our home in Hawaii to live with her bf in New Jersey. I was telling them to get out and to leave as I wanted to be left alone. Can anyone tell me what this dream is trying to tell me? … Confused in Hawaii.

  10. Hello i just want to make sure wat is my dreamed about i was in the place which as i recowhichd like in my province den i saw the sea dat now nearly at our house n i surprisingly haswaving in a big size of wave theni got bit scared coz i cant swim in dat kind of sea condition den i just decided to take selfies with my collegues around like cousins etc…den sunddenly in a while on the other side der is a calm swimmibg pool i sea den dats it…i want to know wat is dat mean about me…Thank u hop u noticed my msgs;)…

  11. In my dream I saw a pool in front of a building.The water in the pool was clear like a drinking water that i could see the floor of the pool, and I divided in the pool but the pool was not that deep and I saw three other guys, two was holding one person that his two hands was tied and the throw him in the pool..in his landing he discover the water in pool was not deep enough and his hit his chest on the floor of the pool but I could swin because some part have enough to swin.In my real life I do not know how to swin

  12. I had a dream where I was standing in front of a large, indoor swimming pool with my parents, the water a deep, inviting cyan blue. None of my siblings were present. There was an area near the deep end that disappeared underground. I went into the pool, and, after a few minutes, emerged, but I was covered in blood. Just then, I slipped back into the pool, whose water was now black, but still a bit clear. I was then dragged into the depths, unable to breathe or call for help, sinking forever into the abyss. Anyone have any ideas what it might mean?

  13. I had this dream, where I was on this EXTREMELY high dive, but it was surrounded by people in like, an arena, it felt like the Harry Potter quittage arena, with the lake at the bottom of it. Someone pushed me and I fell in screaming, and I woke up when I saw a shark jump, but at this point it was like I was watching me fall while sitting in the crowd, like watching a movie almost.

    Please explain this to me?

  14. I was in a in door swimming pool with a baby of a friend…2 man came n push the wall of swimming pool that was full of silver and ran away…I tried to touch this wall in it was covered with disign of fish with full of silver crystal t…when u touch the wall its a soft patty with silver al over ob it

  15. I was in a blue swwimming pool where there was me and somebody else and I was actually kissing this somebody else , i could see through it , we were kissing i, our bodies were below the water and our heads were up

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