Jury Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Jury

Did you dream about the jury? The jury in dreams reflects group or public opinion that is based on crowd consensus. If a group of jurors is judging you, it suggests that you are under scrutiny by others. You feel that someone is judging you in some way. Consider your relationship with the jury in the dream to get the best dream meanings.

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Dream About Being a Juror

Participating in a Jury Trial
Seeing yourself listening in on a trial as a juror, indicates your tendency to express and pass judgment on others. You are easily jumping into conclusions and swayed by evidence said by people.

Deliberating with Jurors
To dream that you are deliberating and discussing with a jury group, reflects your attempt to come to a consensus. Perhaps you are talking to others before making a life-changing decision like getting a mortgage or lending out credit to people. You will not be able to make the final verdict on your own.

Dream About Jury Duty Selection

Reporting for Jury Duty
To dream that you are reporting to the court for jury duty, signifies the importance of your belief and opinions. Something that you will say or think, will affect the property, liberty, and well being of others. Be careful about how you decide certain issues in the near future, as they could have lasting consequences.

Trying to Get Out of Jury Duty
Dreaming that you are trying to get out of jury duty without being selected, relates to your unwillingness to decide on an issue. Perhaps you think that the problems do not concern you directly. So you do not want to be a part of any discussion. The dream could reflect peer performance reviews at work, or if you have to grade your classmates or colleague’s work. You feel reluctant and pointless to put yourself in that position.

Being Late for Jury Duty
Dreaming that you are late and having to reschedule jury duty, could reflect waking life fears about being late for something. Perhaps someone is asking for your opinion, but you are taking too long to give proper advice and judgment. You will undergo stressful and negative situations.

Being Selected as Jury
Dreaming that a lawyer or attorney picking you as a jury member, foretells that someone will ask you for approving his or her views. Be careful before jumping to conclusions. As you might be selected simply because he or she thinks you are easily influenced and persuaded.

Dream About Someone Judging You

Being Judged by Jury
To see yourself being judged by a jury, indicates that you are too overly concerned about what others think about you.

Other Jury Related Terms

Jury Duty Assembly Room
To see a jury duty assembly room full of people, foretells that you will soon assemble a random group of people to help you with certain tasks. Perhaps you are creating a survey to get unbiased feedback about your work habit and personal life. You will soon gain insights about yourself through others.

Jury Verdict
Jury verdict in the dream, points to public opinion or judgment in the near future. Work might fire or promote you because of the consensus of your coworkers or peers. Their opinion of you will most likely decide your fate.

Jury Mistrial
To see a jury mistrial, denotes dissatisfaction with authority. You or someone will defy management or superiors. As a result, you will sabotage and nullify their orders as a protest.

Juror Dismissed
To dream about judge dismissing the jury, points to successful business and endeavors. You will accomplish your goals and provide proper feedback to move the process along. You will do your part and help the community towards smooth transitions.

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