Stalker Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Stalker

Did you dream about being stalked or stalking someone? It could relate to your real life worries and fears that someone is indeed stalking you. He or she might be following your every moves offline and online. However, it could have other deeper dream meanings depending on the context. We will help you explore some of the potential scenarios stalkers appear in your dream.

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Dream About Someone Stalking You

Someone You Know Stalking You
To see someone whom you know stalking you in the dream; reflects that you are being carefully watched. Others might be watching your every move because they want to see you fail.

A Stranger Stalker Stalking You
To dream about a shadow figure stalker in the dream; foretell persisting troubles and misfortunes. Certain troubles are haunting you somehow. Be wary of mistakes or accidents that might arrive in the future when you least expect it.

An Ex Stalking You
To see an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend stalking in you dream; represent your history of physically dominated or even sexually assaulted. It may represent awareness or feelings that you refuse to acknowledge. Perhaps it is time to face down your fears.

Dream About Stalking Someone

You Stalking Someone You Know
To dream that you are stalking an acquaintance; points to curiosity, obsession, and fascination about your target. You desire to make certain connection with the person. However, you do not know the best way to approach him or her.

You Stalking a Stranger
To dream that you are stalking someone randomly like a celebrity; represents your shadow and negative part of yourself. You wish to be someone else. Chasing a goal in life that is allusive and hard. You are experiencing certain stress. But instead of tackling the problems, you sidetracked yourself with other fantasies or distractions.

The dream foretells that you have a strong want or desire from someone. However, he or she may not reciprocate or grant your wish.

Dream About Stalkers

You Stalking as an Assassin or Spy
To see yourself stalking on a mission as a spy or assassin; points to your desire for power and control. You want to feel powerful against others. Perhaps you are controlling people’s moves and emotions without them knowing. You are approaching the situation without emotions.

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