Crowbar Dream Interpretation

Crowbar in the dream suggests that you are trying to find a leverage point or angle of attack to break into some tough situation. You are forcing yourself to confront issues through violent means. If you fail the first time, keep on trying until you succeed. Consider the objects that you are trying to break or pry open in the dream to get better dream meanings.

Prying Open with Crowbar
Dreaming that you are prying open something with a crowbar, suggests that you are trying to get someone to give up something. Perhaps you want someone to separate or part with their belongings. You are forcing someone to face down a serious problem.

Swinging a Crowbar
To dream that you are simply swinging a crowbar like a bat, indicates that you are giving up creative methods or trying to find leverage. You are going to brute force your way to the solution.

Getting Hit with a Crowbar
Being attacked with a crowbar in the dream, means that someone is trying to make you front issues that you do not feel comfortable. He or she is not gentle with how he breaks the news to you, it foretells that he or she will get you to a rude awakening.

Removing Nails with Crowbar
Seeing yourself removing nails with crowbar, indicates that you will use force and leverage to remove yourself from previous commitments. You will find leverage with your contracts or agreement, so that you will be able to exit your positions easily.

Bent Crowbar
A bent crowbar in the drema relates to hidden jealousy or hard feeling. You will be emotionally strained by a situation or relationship. This will make you less effectively in dealing with those individuals.

Separating Objects with Crowbar
To see yourself separating objects with crowbar, portends that you will use force to break up people in waking life. Perhaps you are having issues with certain people in waking life, and you are forcibly removing them from your social circle.

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