Flashlight Dream Interpretation

To dream about flashlight suggests that you are paying attention or examining certain issues about yourself and the world. You are trying to shed light on things that you have taken for granted. Perhaps you have been in the dark about something, and now you are regaining sudden awareness and insight about the truth that you have been withhold from. The dream of flashlight is similar to magnifying glass. Consider the context of why and how you are using the flashlight in the dream to get better hints about its interpretation.

Using a Flashlight
When you are using the flashlight in the dream, consider the underlying purpose why you are using it. It suggests that you have struggled to make sense of issues that you are trying to find an answer. Perhaps you are looking under the sofa or mattress? Maybe there are simple answers that you have overlooked, and these important solutions are hidden in plain sight.

If the electrical power is out and you are using flashlight, indicates you have been too dependent on others for answers and opinions. You need to regain your insight and perspective in order to solve the problems at hand. If you are using cellphone as flashlight, it suggests that you need to turn to your close friends and family for insight. The solution may be close to home.

Seeing Someone Else Using Flashlight
To dream that someone else is using the flashlight, is a sign that they are looking for answers to their issues. Be aware if you are hiding certain secrets, as the dream foretells that you might not be able to keep your secrets hidden for long.

Signaling with Flashlight
To dream that you are signaling or waving the flashing, means that you wish to communicate with someone subtly. Perhaps you are dropping hints about your desires and wants like a raise or engagement proposal, and you hope that other can have an epiphany moment see through your indirect requests.

Flashlight Bulb Dimming
To dream about flashlight bulb dimming or burning out, implies that you will soon become indifferent towards your study or jobs. You longer feel the passion nor curiosity that you have had at the beginning of your career. You feel better about living in the dark and keeping one eye closed about what is happening at work or at home.

Flashlight Out of Battery
To dream that the flashlight out of battery, indicates that your plans will fail you during times of need. It foretells that you will be rejected when you are forced to ask for help about something.

Broken Flashlight
To dream about broken flashlight because of poor connection or wiring, is a sign of stagnation in business and personal life. You have lost your focus and drive to succeed, and your actions have lost touch and become directionless. It reflects that you have lost sight on what is important due you during a period of personal darkness and uncertainty. You cannot channel your inner energy effectively.

Being Gifted a Flashlight
To dream that you have been given a flashlight by someone, suggests that someone is worried about your situation in waking life. The dream is an offer of help or advice whenever you need, perhaps you need better perspective and vantage point to help you through darkness.

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