Electric Wire Dream Meaning – Top 21 Dreams About Wires & Cables

Did you dream about wires and cables? When you dream about wires or cables, consider their functions within the dream to get better interpretations. Are the wires for electrical power line purposes? Or are they data cables for your other electronic devices such as cell phone, television, video game console, or computer? Wires in a dream typically represent your energy flow and motivation. Data cables in dreams reflect information flow and exchange of ideas. However, both of these suggest some type of connection between you and others. Below we will go over some of the most common reads on cable and wire dream meanings.

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Dream About Working with Wires

Breaking and Cutting Wire or Cable
To dream that you are cutting and breaking off cable sections; represents that you are cutting off your connection to others. You no longer want to be attached to other people’s issues and needs.

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Extending Long Wire or Cable
To dream that you are extending cables or wires longer; suggests that you need to reach out farther out of your comfort zone. Try reconnect and talk to people that have fallen out of your life, you might find interesting and surprising results.

Holding Wire
To dream that you are holding wires or cables up; indicates that you need to work on your relationship and connections. You are acting as the cable or glue between different parts of your life. Perhaps you need to balance between the different aspects and group of people.

Electrical Wires

Burning Electrical Wire Fire
To see that electrical wire overloaded and started burning with fire, symbolizes bad temper getting to the best of you. Perhaps you are getting wired and overly anxious about some upcoming events. Perhaps you are doing too much and the tasks are overwhelming you.

Current Going Through Live Wire
To dream that you are testing or observing live electrical wires and electrical current going through it; represents power and work getting done properly. You are putting effort and energy into the task that you are aiming to complete.

Other Actions with Wires

Swallowing Wire
Swallowing wires in the dream foretells that you will soon have to make a difficult choice.

Tripping Over Cables or Wires
To dream that you trip over cables and wires; is a sign that you will step over your boundary and get between people’s relationship. You might soon get in an argument with people about how to get certain jobs done. Be aware that it might not be your business to meddle in people’s affairs unless it directly impacts you.

Pulling Wire from Teeth or Mouth
To dream that you are pulling wire from yourself, indicates that you need to explore your subconscious and inner desires.

Birds on Wire
To see birds standing on wires, foretells that you will partake on easy tasks that others deem as hard feat.

Dream About Different Types of Wires

Charging Cable
To see charging cable or wire in the dream, represents that you need to recharge your battery, purpose, and motivation. Consider spending the time and effort to take a break, and conduct self-reflection.

Barbed Wire or Wire Fence
To dream about barbed wire fence, foretells trouble, and dispute. You are building up your wall of defense against outside opinions.

Copper Wire
Copper wires in dreams, suggests that you will be good at executing and letting natural energy flow while keeping your cool.

Telephone Wire
Telephone lines or wires, points that you need to keep your close friends and confidants near.

Zip Wire
Zip wire in the dream, indicates that you will make a single choice about holding something close.

Wire Mouth or Mouth Wired Shut
To see wire mouth in the dream; foretells that you will be restricted in order to put up your best behavior or impression. In extreme cases, you will be asked to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself.

Dream About Conditions of Wires

Broken Wire
Broken wire or cable symbolizes lost connections.

Silver Wire
Silver wires in the dream indicate that you will get rid of your financial problems in a short time. You will rise in business and success in your job.

Tangled Wires
Tangled wires in the dream relate to a confused and complicated situation. Perhaps your organization or family life is in chaos. People do not know exactly how and why everyone does a certain thing. But somehow everything is still functional.

Dream About Wire Tools

Wire Hanger
See a wire hanger in the dream, which represents that you should keep things simple and to the point.

Cable Car
To dream about cable car, foretells that you will be prepared to set out on frequent but short journeys.

High Tension Wire
If you dug the ground in a dream and suddenly knock on a cable; in reality, be very careful. There is a high probability of an accident, not necessarily associated with the excavation.

People Who Work with Wires

High Wire Artist
Dreaming about a high wire artist or acrobat, reflects that you need to better balance various aspects of your life.

TV Cable Guy
To dream about cable guy, points to someone who will offer you entertainment at a cost. Perhaps you are planning to see a show or concert in the near future. You will be connected with the ticket and venue that you need.

Other People's Dreams
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