Attic Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Attic

Did you dream about the attic? Attic in the dream reflects stored hidden memories similar to a shed. However, it usually portends to how you are ready to let those memories be revealed and seeing the light of the day. An attic as a dream symbol relates to the state of your spirituality, mind, and connection to the higher yet hidden self. Seek and interpret additional dream meanings about the attic here now.

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Dream About Attic on Fire

Dreaming about a fire originating from your attic foretells that your confidante may reveal certain secrets that you have been trying to put away. This spilled secret will burn to be dangerous and cause plenty of negativity and damage shortly.

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Dream About An Empty Attic

To see an empty and unused attic in the dream means that tough challenges are ahead of you. You are ill-equipped and ill experienced. It is hard for you to take on new tasks.

Dream About Hiding in Attic

Hiding in the attic in the dream reflects your inner desires to hide from certain chaos in waking life. It may refer to difficulty dealing with family members or events. You want to step away to have time to think.

Dream About Haunted Attic

The haunted attic in the dreams relates to the doubts that your subconscious mind is having. Certain aspects of your life make you feel suspicious. Perhaps someone in your life is not true to you. Consider the theme in your dream. Did you see the witch? Vampire? or Zombies?

Dream About Hidden Attic

A hidden attic revealed to you in the dream signifies a higher spiritual person who might be protecting you without you knowing.

Dream About Attic Clutter

Seeing a cluttered attic with much trash in the dream relates to unorganized thoughts regarding your past. Consider declutter some of your minds and let go of the past negative emotions. The dream denotes that these “clutters” are holding you back from achieving your potential.

Dream About Furniture Stored in Attic Room

Furniture in the attic represents a summation of your life’s relationships. The condition of the furniture hidden in the attic represent some of your hidden thoughts and feeling towards your family life.

Dream About Scary Dark Attic

To dream that you are frightened at the attic in the dream indicates chaotic times will soon make your spirit suffer. This suggests that your desires and mind have become muddled, and you need to work out what they are. Your inner desires scare you. And you are afraid of what you really want out of life spiritually.

Dream About Attic Office

To dream of an office in the office’s attic represents a long period of struggle that lies ahead of you. You will have to preserver to overcome difficulties that your work project may throw at you.

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