Clamp Dream Meaning – Top 3 Dreams About Clamp

Did you dream about clamps? To dream about a clamp tool, indicates that you need to hold something together amidst chaos and work. You are dealing with a situation where you need total control. If you or your properties are clamped down, the dream suggests that others will try to hold you down and control you.

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Dream About Workstation Clamp

To dream about using clamp while wood working and metal working, indicates that you need to take extra effort to hold a situation stable. You are working to put together teams that typically do not work well together. Consider getting outside help so that you keep the situation under control. Take note of the different types of tools that you use in the dream. The tools such as screws or saws can offer you insights to how to deal with waking life situation.

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Dream About Car Clamped

To dream about getting your car clamped while parking in public; indicates that your mobility or movement will be restricted somehow. Your privilege at work or school taken away because of mistakes. Make sure that you are up to date with waking life payments or taxes. The dream portends that others will penalize you in some way.

Dream About Clamping Your Body

Dreaming that your hands or fingers get stuck by clamp, is similar to a handcuff or rope tying dream. Something or someone will stop you from doing the right thing. An authority figure will use his power to hold you down. Be aware of voicing your opinions in the near future. The dream forewarns that authority figures will use whatever means necessary to squash any form of opposition or protests.

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