Chisel Dream Interpretation

Chisel in the dream indicates that you will need properly apply your energy and force. You wish to forcibly break through the surface, so that you could shape the final product in a certain way. You are looking for ways to quickly break through the barriers and get to the core of the issues.

Using a Chisel
To use a chisel tool in the dream, suggests that you need to apply laser sharp focus towards your tasks. Do not try to multitask with different angles, pick a side and stick to you. You may take several tries before you will be happy with the final product. Consider the type of materials that you are working the chisel with, wood, metal, or marble?

Buying a Chisel
To buy a chisel in the dream, is a sign that you need perseverance and stability to achieve your results. You will look out for solutions that will be able to shape how you think or behave. You will be able to get a windfall if you are able to cut through to the core of problems. Look deeper beyond the surface with proper research and analysis. Do not be afraid to pay for those insights and tool that might assist you.

Chisel Breaking
Dreaming about a chisel breaking, portends that you will lose your pride in your craftsmanship. Perhaps you will give up on certain projects that you have been cultivating for a long time. You will lose confidence in your ability to continue working. You are giving up because the subject is much harder and tougher than you had expected.

Hammering a Chisel
To dream that you are hammering at a chisel, suggests that you will use extreme force to put away features or people that you do not like. Perhaps you will fire or let go of people in your organization or private life, so that you could shape your life the way that you see fit.

Carving with Chisel
To dream that you are carving and hacking with chisel, is a sign that you are removing unwanted things and features of the object. You are slowly trying to change something or someone so that he fits in perfectly with your ideal views and visions.

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