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Did you dream about anchors? An anchor signifies stability and security. You are looking for a purpose and foundation so that you could land on firmer ground. You no longer want to be lost and adrift at sea. Consider how you associate and use the anchor in the dream. They could either be beneficial to your well being. Or they could be weighing you down and restraining you. Below we will note the different anchor dream meanings.

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Dream About Ship Anchors

Dropping Anchor Down
Dreaming about lowering anchor tool down to the sea floor; indicates that you are looking for temporary stops. Consider where your boat or ship is anchoring. Is it in a safe harbor? Island? Or close to the beach? These locations can offer you important clues to understand how you feel about the situation. You are settling down at a location so that you could focus on other tasks.

Weighed Down by Anchor
To see your ankle or hands tied to an anchor or its chains in the dream; points to bothersome responsibilities and burdens. You are tied down to certain events or people that you have to take care of. It could relate to children or businesses that you cannot simply drop and go.

If you are drowning because of the anchor; it reflects the emotional turmoil that you are experiencing because of these responsibilities.

Permanent Anchor
To see a permanent steel or metal anchor that is attached to your speedboat or yacht; means that times are moving too fast for you. You constantly decide where to stay for a little bit before moving on. As a result, you find yourself wriggling in and out of relationships and commitment. You wish to slow down and settle, but in reality, you never do.

Anchor Not Working
To have a faulty or rusty anchor that cannot work or be lowered; signifies that times are going to be difficult in the future. You will hit many speed bumps where you have to slow down and focus. However, other events and distractions will constantly derail your plans.

Dream About Anchor Looks

Blue Anchor
Blue anchor color in the dream is hinting to your subconscious that you should stay put. Be patient and wait to take next actions.

Silver Anchor
Silver anchors in the dream indicate that you are too ideological in your beliefs. You stick to your moral principles even when it is impractical to do so. However, these principles keep you steady during turbulent times.

Golden Anchor
To see golden anchors in the dream; foretells that you will receive great and profitable bounty or rewards from your journey. Do not be afraid to travel far and abroad in order to make better returns for yourself.

Large Anchor
A large anchor for a big transport or war vessel is the symbol of security. You will stand for what you believe in. You want to fight for your commitments and responsibilities. Soon you will make serious decisions that will be hard to undo. However, you are mentally ready to take the plunge. Other people will place their livelihood and life in your hands.

Dream About Other Anchor Terms

News Anchor
To see a news anchor in the dream; points to a celebrity or someone important like the president. You are putting a face on certain issues that you care deeply about. Perhaps you have strong opinions about something important happening in waking life. And you are mentally preparing to share your thoughts with people.

The dream is reflecting back on your understanding of the world. Think about the messages and presents the news anchor is talking about.

Anchor Leg
To be the anchor leg in a relay race in the dream; foretells that you will soon hold important positions in your school or work. Other people will depend on you to carry them to finish line victory. You can see and feel the final trophy.

Anchor Tattoo
Anchor tattoos in the dream signify conviction and firmness in your faith. You are showing immutability about your decisions. The dream suggests that you will never change your mind about something.

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