Wrench Dream Interpretation

A wrench in the dream, reflects the appropriate ways or approach for you to fix or repair a relationship or business setup. Perhaps you are trying to tighten or loosen your rules and expectation towards others. Consider how you are using your wrench, and the type of projects that you are using the wrench on to get better dream meanings.

Tossing a Wrench
To dream that you are simply tossing a wrench at something like the kitchen sink, computer machines, or a car, reflects the lack of patience and strategy. You are trying to brute force certain issues to go the way you want. However, the dream portends that you will likely make things much worse because you are not approaching issues correctly.

Losing Grip on Slippery Wrench
To dream that you are losing grip from your hand and fingers on wrench, suggests that you are losing control of the situation. Things are getting slippery and out of hand, you will not be able to motivate or pressure events or people back on your predetermined path.

Wrench Cannot Grab On Nuts
Dreaming that wrench cannot grab on to nuts or screws, suggests that you are failing to inspire or motivate others. Perhaps you are putting out irrelevant demands or rewards, and others simply do not respond to your requests. The dream foretells that you will have issues getting deals, clients, or please boss with your work.

Wrench Too Big to Fit
To dream that wrench is too big to fit inside your working space like the closet, in the wall, or under the sink, reflects that your ego is too big for the job. You believe that you are better than what your work or study asks of you. You are wasting your talent handling small tasks that are below you.

Wrong Wrench Size
To dream about wrong wrench size for your projects, suggests that you are perhaps paying inappropriate salary or levying bad punishments for your expectation. The dream indicates that you are being ineffective in your interaction with others.

Having Wrong Wrench for the Job
To see yourself trying to use wrong wrench for the wrong job, foretells that you will have to be creative and resourceful with your work. You will not be given sufficient resources or time to work on something, but you will need to do your best.

Pipe Wrench
Dreaming about pipe wrench, foretells that you will fix some type of plumbing or the flow of energy. You need to hold on to certain advice or principal that will power you through difficult turn of events.

Monkey Wrench or Adjustable Socket Wrench
To dream about adjustable wrench, or monkey wrench, suggests that you will have no trouble fitting in. Perhaps you are taking on new responsibilities or new jobs. However, you will be able to flex your muscles and adapt to simulate in any type of circumstances.

Worn or Rusted Wrench
Worn or rusted wrench, reflects tiredness and fatigue from your work. The dream suggests that you are good at what you do, but perhaps it is time to put down the tools and consider retirement. However, consider still taking consulting work because your experiences may still be valuable and timeless.

Torque Wrench
Seeing torque wrench in the dream, indicates that you need to be exact in a delicate situation. You do not want to push too hard about something, but you cannot simply ease up the pressure. You need to consistently and firmly express your requests opinions, while trying not to break or annoy others.

Impact Wrench
Dreaming about impact wrench, foretells that you need to be very strict and severe about your administrative roles in your family or company. Continue pound and drill your believes so that others may follow certain guidelines and orders.

Allen Wrench
Allen wrench in the dream, suggests that you need to get into the head and deepest desires of others. You will not be able to get others to act, unless you find what motivates them.

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