Broom Dream Meaning – Top 28 Dreams About Broom

Did you dream about the broom? It suggests that it is time to resolve your past issues. Clean up your act. Get rid of your problems from the past and settle down. Do not dwell on the issues of the past. Look forward and put the trash aside. Consider the condition and your actions with the broom to get the best dream interpretations.

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Dream About Getting and Holding Brooms

Holding Broom in My Hand
To hold the broom in your hand in the dream; indicates you have the power to get rid of negativity. Go through a phase of self-reflection. Remove and sweep away negative influences if you can make the choice.

Buying Broom
To dream that you are buying a broom; foretell that you will pay money for some valuable advice. It could relate to some type of mentor or person with more experience. Specifically, he or she will be able to get rid of your vices and bad habits.

Taking and Carrying Broom
To dream that you are moving around to carry around a broom; points to your determination and persistence in finding faults. It is great if you know exactly what to sweep in the dream;. However, if you are just carrying the broom for no reason, it suggests that you are wasting your time looking for troubles that may or may not exist.

Dream About Using Brooms

Fixing Broom
Dreaming that you are fixing a broom; points to respect in your family. You have snapped at your elder’s criticism about something. Perhaps he or she criticized your behaviors. You are turning around to heed their opinions and suggestions. It could also relate to the mending of a broken domestic relationship. Maybe you are getting back together with your ex-boyfriend or divorced spouse.

Washing Broom
To dream that you are washing a broom; foretells that you are looking for someone’s appearance. It might be related to washing yourself with soap or shampoo. You are making yourself presentable for the moment.

Sweeping the Floor with Broom
To dream that you are sweeping the floor clean with the broom; suggests that you are getting rid of worries. You are taking care of gossip and bad news. Take action to clarify your intentions and thoughts. Try to make sure that you reach common ground with others. Start afresh and get rid of bad feelings.

Consider where you are using the broom in the dream. Are you sweeping the backyard? Office? Or the kitchen? The location where you are using the broom can offer subtle clues. In addition, consider the type of waste you are sweeping. Are you taking care of leaves, dust, or even poop?

Dream About Problems with Brooms

Falling Broom
Dreaming about a broom falling or you dropping the floor; suggests that you are not concentrating on what is important to you. You might be making simple mistakes that will be harder to fix. Make sure that you have the right tools. And that you are using the tools correctly.

Being Chased by Someone with Broom
To dream about someone chasing you with a broom; suggests that someone is critical of you in waking life. Particularly, someone with high expectations of you such as your parents or significant other. They are expecting to excel. However, you secretly despise their expectation of you.

Breaking Broom
Seeing a broom snapping or break while using it in the dream; means that you have not treated people with respect. Particularly, you are looking down on people who take care of your trash or gardens. You are overworking your employees or people who listen to you.

Damaged Broken Broom
A damaged or broken broom in the dream points to a damaged professional relationship. Someone who cleans up your mistakes will disappoint you. Be careful of problems and issues arising.

Dream About Weird Actions with Brooms

Floating Broom Flying
To dream about a broom flying or floating with wings; points to how hard you try to please people. You might be taking up on impossible promises or tasks. Going to great lengths to impress others. You are overworking yourself to perform magical deeds.

Riding Broom
Riding broom like a horse or pony in the dream points to professional movement. You might have a career, title, or position changes. However, the dream foretells that you might not obtain additional influences or power. You will end up with more busywork.

Eating Broom
Eating broom in the dream; suggests that you will come across secrets. You will get in serious trouble after learning about this new information. You will have to make hard choices about what to do with this knowledge.

Dream About Broom Appearances

Long Broom
A long broom in the dream indicates that you will have an overreaching influence. You will have leverage and opportunities in the business world.

New Broom
A new broom in the dream foretells that a good phase is coming. You will have new job opportunities. You will have to remove certain old perceptions that you have about certain work.

Old Broom
Old broom in the dream points to discouragement. You are getting tired of the old same job. Try to find out ways to get out of the routine.

Two Brooms
To see two brooms together in the dream; suggests that you will soon encounter a choice. Either of the choices would work to serve its purpose.

Small Broom
To see a small broom in the dream; indicates that you are thinking too small to handle the problem. Consider getting more serious about how you view the issues.

Big Broom
To dream that you are using a big giant broom like a rake; suggests that you will soon remove a big part of your past. You want to take a big brush to erase the bad memories. However, you might still have many small pieces that you end up leaving behind.

Dirty Broom
To see a dirty broom in the dream; suggests that the solution might end up being worse than the problem. You will opt for certain obvious answers to fix your problems. However, you might end up making the problem worse.

Dream About Parts of Brooms

Broom Handle Stick
To dream about broom handle stick in focus; relates to your approach to the problem. You need to be calm and take a short break. Make sure that you grasp the problems firmly.

Broom Tip
To dream about the tip or brush part of the broom relates to your emotions and approaches. Are you being too harsh or too soft against the gossip or bad feelings? Or perhaps you are leaving gaps or too many unanswered questions. Watch out for miscommunications or missed spots.

Dream About Broom Colors

White Broom
To see white broom in the dream point to your ideology or aim for perfection.

Yellow Broom
Yellow broom in the dream points to fears and insecurities.

Green Broom
Green broom in the dream indicates growth, self-improvement, understanding, and reflection.

Red Broom
Red broom in the dream indicates that you might be jumping to conclusion.

Dream About Types of Brooms

Traditional Plastic Broom
To see a traditional plastic broom in the dream; indicates that you have to be careful about how you are using money to solve the problems.

Coconut Broom or Bamboo Broom
To dream about coconut broom or bamboo broom foretells that you need to be creative and flexible.

Wooden Broom
Wooden broom in the dream hints that you need to be practical and to the point.

Straw Broom
A straw or hay broom in the dream indicates that you need to use whatever resource is available to you. Try to do the job with the minimum amount of support or investment. You will see great results.

Witch Broom
The flying witch broom suggests that you want to get away from your current situation. Perhaps you want to accomplish something without doing the actual hard work.

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