Ruler Dream Interpretation

Ruler tool in dreams reflects standards and expectations. You are inspecting and measuring up to something in a relationship or work progress. Depending on how and what you are using the ruler for, they could have different ruler dream meanings.

Buying a New Ruler
To dream that you are buying new ruler in the dream, suggests that you are considering different factors before making a decision. You are price and fact comparison of different thoughts and ideas. You are double-checking something. Perhaps you are actively searching for reviews before your big purchase.

Breaking a Ruler
Breaking a wooden ruler in the dream, indicate that you wish to break the expectation and status quo. You will no longer live within boundaries and limitations set by others. You are trying to break all rules and think outside the box, in order to impress and achieve your goals. You are breaking open the moral chains handcuffs that have shackled your actions.

Bending a Ruler
Bending a metal ruler in the dream, represents that you are bending some ethical standards about your actions. Specifically you are walking in the gray area in terms of work. Perhaps you are playing with numbers in finance contract, engineering, or school work to satisfy your own hidden agenda. You are trying to modify and present the numbers in ways that make you look better.

Drawing Line with Ruler
To draw a straight line on paper with ruler in the dream, foretells that you will draft and create a standard for you to follow. Perhaps you are creating some type of process, routine, or habit, to result a consistent path for you or others to follow.

Measuring with Ruler
To measure with a straight ruler in the dream, reflects your objectivity towards a problem. You will need to examine something in detail, in order to understand the best possibilities to solving the problem. You are gathering all known information before you make a decision or judgment.

Hitting or Attacking Someone with Ruler
Dreaming that you are hitting someone with ruler, suggests that you are forcing others to listen to your rules and expectations. You are enforcing your own thoughts and opinions onto others, about what is right and what is acceptable.

Broken Ruler
A broken ruler in the dream, portends deterioration in personal communication and connection. You will have trouble to relate to others due to broken standards. The dream foretells that the judgment system that you have created may be impractical and unrealistic.

Square Ruler
To dream about square rule, indicates you are making careful analysis and comparison of people. You are trying to figure out if things or people are dependent on each other, and how they might interact or interfere with one another. Perhaps you are trying to find the cause and effect between different events.

Triangular Ruler
To dream about triangular ruler, suggests that you need to pay extra attention on the working relationship of your organization and private life. It could relate to love triangle or power struggles that you are witnessing in waking life. The dream is calling you to stay unbiased in terms of your relationship.

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