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Did you dream about crabs? Crab in the dream symbolizes perseverance and tenacity. It could indicate that you are living in a social bubble where you might be clingy and dependent on other people. You are hanging on to a hopeless endeavor or comfort zone. Consider how you are interacting with the crab and the appearances of them to interpret the dream with better accuracy.

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Dream About Crab Actions Towards You

Crab Pinching or Biting You
To dream about a crab claw pinching, attacking, or biting you; it indicates that someone’s stubbornness and tenacity will be troubling to you. You will request or ask someone to do something for you. He or she will act “crabby” and be irritable towards you.

Talking Crab
A talking crab in the dream relates to someone or messages that unmotivate you. Be aware of the negative things being said. The crab in the dream is going to talk you out of opportunities or chance to get yourself out of the rot.

Crab Chasing You
To see crabs chasing you down in the dream; forewarns a period of poor health. Be careful of crabby or weird skin growths like cancer. Watch out for your living or work environment.

Dream About General Crab Actions

Crab Fighting
To dream about crabs fighting; it points to the poor character of the people in your waking life. Perhaps you are spending time with people who constantly battle, gossip, and belittle each other. They do not see the greater picture nor purpose.

Flying Crabs
To dream about crabs flying; it indicates that you must not let negative emotions like jealousy or clinginess weighing you down. Look past the emotional hurts and repressed feelings moving forward.

Crab Running
Dreaming about crabs running across the bottom of the sea floor; it suggests that you know exactly where you need to go. You will soon experience a period of stability and calmness. You will avoid the most turbulent part of emotions by sticking true to your plan with perseverance and tenacity.

Crab Swimming
To see crab swimming in the dream; it forewarns that you will partake on unwanted actions to achieve your goals.

Dream About Action Towards Crab

Getting Crabs

Getting and Holding Crab with Bare Hands
To see yourself holding or getting live crabs with bare hands; it forewarns that you are entering a tough situation without much preparation. The dream suggests that you might be promoted, changing department, or moving to a new apartment or foreign country in the future. Be aware of coworkers and neighbors and how you approach them.

Catching a Crab Fishing
To dream that you are catching crabs with fishing tools or nets; it foretells that you will be able to handle other people’s emotional problems well. You can keep hard people close to you, without it impacting your safety both emotionally and physically. However, do not get too personal about other people’s problems.

Taking and Moving Crab
To dream that you are taking or moving crab; foretells that you will spend considerable amount of effort to convince a stubborn person. However, at the end you will need to take drastic actions to get things done.

Finding Crab
Finding crabs in the dream; indicates that you will begin to understand the people who are blocking your progress. It relates to some type of emotions that you need to deal with. Figure out the problems or issues that you need to stand strongly by.

Consuming Crabs

Eating Crab
Eating crab in the dream is a sign that you must seek more balance with others. Find the peace between your hard shells and get to the core of the problem. Be creative to get through to other people.

Killing Crab
To dream that you are killing a crab; it foretells that you will need to betray someone’s trust. The time is tough and you might make hard decisions to sacrifice someone such. You might be laying off employees or removing benefits.

Crab Under Skin
To dream about crab under the skin; it signifies moodiness and misdirection. You will let others’ bad moods and negativity get to you. Watch out for situations or discussions that lead nowhere.

Dream About Parts of Crabs

Crab Eggs
To dream about crab eggs represent some type of bias or prejudice that you are not aware of. Be aware of these so that they do not develop into stubborn ideas that you hold.

Crab Legs
Crab legs in the dream symbolize a period of stability and calmness. You have plenty of legs that you can stand on to help you maintain balance. However, you will need to coordinate between many of your movements to reap the rewards.

Crab Shell
A dream about crab shells indicates emotionally or energetically trapped for some reason. You are feeling depressed, grumpy, and moody. You want to hide in your safe space.

Crab Claw
Crab claws in the dream point to problems in your relationship. You are clinging to your partner, but your actions are hurting them at the same time. Learn to keep a distance so that you do not hurt others unintentionally.

Dream About Appearances of Crabs

Tiny Baby Crabs
 To dream about baby crabs point to your tendency to depend on others for opinion and thoughts. But your own ego and strong opinion will let you accept other people’s thoughts.

Large Huge Giant Crab
A large huge giant crab in the dream; suggests that you are trying to figure out ways to increase your wealth. You are breaking into businesses that denote good times ahead.

Dead Crabs
Dead crabs in the dream forewarn that times are going to be difficult in the future. Your egos will fail you.

Many Crabs
To see many crabs lumped together in the dream in a barrel or other container; it suggests that you are in an unhealthy environment for growth and self-improvement. You will work hard to climb the social ladder. However, the people in your life will bring you negativity to try to pull you down.

Dream About Other Locations of Crab

Crab in Bed
Dreaming about crabs in bed or mattress; it suggests that you will get hurt by someone whom you have been trusting for a long time. You do not know the person’s true colors. And he or she will strike you at your most private and personal secrets.

Crab in House
To see crabs inside your house; indicates that there are certain issues that you are feeling strong or stubborn about. Ask yourself if there is something in your life that is bothering you. Think about the location of the house where the crabs are. Are they inside your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen?

Crab Hole
Crab holes represent a reminder from your subconscious. Settle down and establish your home and family.

Dream About Crab Colors

Blue Crab
Blue crab in the dream foretells that you will be faced with problems that you need to resolve.

Red Crab
Red crab in the dream points to difficulties and challenges. You will soon adjust to a relationship where you will commit. Let down your guard and barriers. Open up yourself.

White Crab
White crab in the dream reveals your fears about someone or some situation. You consider their actions dangerous or overly risky.

Purple Crab
Purple crabs in the dream foretell encounter with some rivals. You need to focus on your image and impression. Hide your weakness when necessary.

Yellow Crab
Yellow crabs in the dream point to unhealthy emotions, opinions, and beliefs.

Pink Crab
Pink crabs in the dream point to feelings of being overwhelmed with duties. You want to hide away from all. Seek shelter while difficult situations pass or resolved by others.

Other Crab Related Dreams

Crab Tattoo
To see a crab tattoo on you in the dream; it is a bad sign that you will soon make mistakes because you are stubborn or irresponsible.

Pet Crab
To dream about a pet crab; it foretells that you will receive important news about someone who is stubborn. You will have someone coming to ask you for help and assistance.

Live Crab
To dream about live crab, is a sign that you need to be more protective and presertive of your ideas.

Crab Fish
Crab fish in the dream suggests that you are hiding some weak spots. Maybe you are afraid of some situation.

Crab Spiders
To dream about crab spiders, point to you being overly concerned about other people’s opinions. You will change often because of other people’s inputs.

Hermit Crab
Hermit crab in the dream foretells that tough situations will soon pass. You will change your situation or where you live.

King Crab
King crab in the dream suggests that you are satisfied with your life. You will soon get profitable earning from your business. Perhaps you will get paid with a big lottery or inheritance.

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