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  1. Thank you very much for this great detail, my dream was so intricate and a lot of the happened within the dream it was hard to get the right interpretation.

    I just need to understand the fear an anxiousness I felt to the meaning or was it irrelevant to the dream as in my waking life I would have the same reaction as I’m terrified of spiders.

    • Hello I dreamt my son was two years old agai with a grey aron jumper on
      He was facing away from the spider with his arm out stretched
      The large spider just sat still
      As I found away to move it away from his arm

    • My dreams are intertwined. It airways happens just as I fall asleep, as I’ve been having trouble sleeping it’s frustrating because I wake up panicked. First dream, I was laying in bed, looked up and a white, slightly hairy spider with brown spots, was sitting on wall, I woke immediately. The next night, after telling my boyfriend and daughter about it, i dreamed,me, my boyfriend, my daughter and grandson were in a living room I didn’t recognise. My daughter warned us to keep the baby away from the shoes, as a spider was on then, I looked and not only was a large daddy long legs on the web, the same spider from my other dream was there well. As I ran out of the room, I told my boyfriend, “that’s the spider I told you, about. That was in my dream.” He then went towards the spider, did something to it, I don’t know what, but then he snuck up behind me, touching me lightly, to feel like a spider. I told him, knock it off, then I woke up.

    • My dreem was a blue spider crawled on me bit me twice and I wanted to get it off so I tried and a bit of its head came off and I flung it on the floor along with the spider then I killed it

    • I had a dream last night of seeing a lot of big spiders in their web on the ceiling and I tried to vacuum it but I couldn’t because I got the wrong attachment for the vacuum then I woke up. Can you please tell me the meaning of my dream. I saw white and black spiders. Thanks

    • In my dreams at first i was escaping from a girl who was hitting me and suddenly i saw a big black spider on my right hand climbing up towards me, my face…. I was frightened i even tried to kill it but i walked up…. Please i want to know wat it means…

  2. Hi, I dreamed about spider colour grey legs and white body,it looked fat it was crawling around my toes and I got scared and I woke up while trying to kill it.in another dream I saw a brown dog it was not scary at all, but a day after I dreamed about a black and white dog trying to bite me on my stomach.

  3. I dreamt of a spider trying to crawl into my arm and i was trying to pull it out . I think i did but when i looked at my arm there were huge lumps that were red and inflamed then i noticed more spiders on me trying to get under my skin
    They were extremely hard to pull out.

    • I had a dream about a spider who appeared on my leg. And I killed it. This happens like 3 times. Then I noticed were they were coming from. My knee. Lol they were coming out of a cut on my knee. Each time one came out it got bigger and bigger. Eventually they was so big it was like only a leg could pop out of the cut so they was tearing my knee open. Finally I woke up to the felling of a spider on my chest and I could see it for a split second. I jumped up and felt it on my back then it went away.

  4. Hi, can you help with an interpretation of this dream?
    I dreamt that I started having an allergic reaction. Limps started appearing on my right foot and other parts of the body (not everywhere). The lumps were moving. I called pit for help to go to the hospital but no ambulance came. I started to hope and when I did I noticed a huge spider under skin on the bottom of my foot. I screamed and hopped all the way to hospital.
    I wanted the hospital to do surgery to remove the spider but they wouldn’t. They said I needed to squeeze the spider until it came out and they sent my home.

    Thank you

  5. I’m trying to understand a reoccurring spider I’ve seen in my dreams since I can remember. The first time I was VERY young, and I dreamed I was walking around a huge garden filled with those glass cases you see with dead insects with pins through them. The cases were everywhere but I was drawn to two particular cases which held two very large spiders. One was a black widow and the other was a blue widow. As I was observing them, they awoke and broke out of the case and latched to each of my wrists and started biting/poisoning me. (Yes, it’s weird I know.) I was trying to yell for help but no longer had a voice. Over the years I’ve had the same dream as well as others very similar but I’m always seeing a black and blue widow spider scaring the hell out of me and I can’t kill it. The most recent was a black widow that was trying to get me and when I’d outsmart it and think it was gone, it would change it’s color to blue as if it was trying to fool me to get to me. What is this all about??

  6. I dreamt that I was running away from an infestation of various sizes of black killing spiders. They didn’t catch me or my group. Specifically my baby brother and I were running but none of us were caught. A month ago I had a similar dream but of mostly spider webs and it wasn’t so threatening. Why is this happening I’m deathly afraid of spiders especially since I was bitten a few years ago and had to suffer through four rounds of antibiotics and contracted mrsr because of it. So it’s the last thing I need happening again! Help!

  7. Hello

    Can you help me figured out this spider dream because it’s driving me insane. Well first of all I tend to have a lot of spider dreams. In my dream there was about six small little spiders crawling from the edge of my bed to under the bed. They were small roundish looking with stripes they kind of look like a bumblebee with the same colors as a bumblebee. I remember trying to burn them but that didn’t work so I try to use the vacuum but don’t remember killing or catching one.

    • I dream of a black n yellow spider climb on top of my bed n I get up and run.then keep chasing me whatever I do he still find me.I run from it.

  8. I’ve had a recurring dream about a blue (Navy blue) and brown tarantula. It hides somewhere in the corner of my room and only comes out so far and sits on the wall always in the same direction. My husband is also in the dream and he’s sitting at the end if the bed. He has really bad arachnophobia but he either doesn’t see it because the spider goes back in it’s hole. It never turns around it just walks backwards into the corner or he isn’t bothered by it. In the most recent dream another creature (idk if it was a spider or not) brought a silver circular object to it and the spider sitting on the wall took it with its mouth and went back in the same way. I said out loud that I need to kill that thing. I don’t. However, these two white blond females that I don’t know try to kill it and it wound up killing them. There was blood on their faces and were lying there in the WWE ring…I asked my husband what happened and he said that they tried to kill the tarantula. Then I woke up. The only recurring part is the tarantula. It’s like the prior dreams were setting the scene and each time it progressed. I’m not truly scared of spiders I freak out when my husband does or when I try to kill them and they jump. OH! I remember the creature that brought the object to the spider. It was a single black ant that was also pretty big that was able to “fly” using a piece of web from the spider….Can you tell me what this means, please?

  9. Hi,thank you for the detailed interpretations above. I had a dream last night and it got me worried,it has a lot of events, yet it was a very short dream and I still cannot figure out its meaning.

    The dream:

    So in the dream, I was with two other people. It felt as if we were close, like they were close female friends of mine, but I could not see their faces. We were chilling and talking until we saw a big white spider with a red stripe across its body, crawling on the wall. We started panicking as I called for my brother who was in the other room, to help kill the spider.

    He was very reluctant to help, he took his time walking across the room to fetch a broom, which I assume he was to use to kill the spider. Meanwhile, the spider continued crawling up the wall as if it was trying to hide away. I scolded at my brother to hurry as I was anxious about the spider hiding away. The next thing I know the spider jumped at me, to attack me. I have never screamed so hard in my life, jumping up and down, trying to get the spider off me.

    I woke up from the dream…screaming my lungs out and grasping for breath. I was so terrified I struggled going back to sleep afterwards.

    Please help put the puzzle together to the meaning of this dream.


  10. I just had a dream about these brown spiders who were making webs on my arms and legs. I was trying to brush them off and the spiders kept coming after me. It was happening to my sister also we were trying to wake our mother for help and she wouldn’t wake up. Then when she did wake up she didn’t believe us. We had spider webs all over our arms and legs we started showing her, then a brown spider tried to come after me and I tried to smoosh it with the blanket. Then I woke up.

  11. I dreamt that I was in a room in my house, the room was filled with all sizes of spiders on the wall ceiling and ground. I call my children to help me kill them but they were so many I also brought chickens to eat them.

      • My Gm had a dream about me and she told me the dream in the office this morning and prayed for me with my colleagues. The dream goes like this: she said that she came to the office and met me while she was trying to open the door I screamed to her that sometimes is bitting me at the back, so I pulled my cloth up showing her my back and what she saw was a spider she hit my back and the spider fall on the floor trying to escape and enter the office but she went after it and killed the spider. Please what’s the meaning of the dream.

  12. Hi,

    Please could you assist in deciphering my dream. It starts where I am at my friends house sleeping and both her and her boyfriend wake me up screaming telling me there is this big black spider with almost like an armour on it on the wall where the bed was that I was sleeping on. I jumped up immediately as I am afraid of spiders. The next moment I’m trying to catch the spider and it bites me but it’s like a funny bite not 2 proper holes but almost tear drop like.

    • However the spider the bites me again on my hand and now I am screaming at my friends telling them to take me to the hospital as I think it is poisonous. They learn it a a bit as they want to take a photo of the spider. In the end they take a photo of a cat/dog like figure and realise that that is not the spider and somehow the spider found me again and was on my arm biting me. I hit the spider of my arm and the next moment I’m in their car and I wake up. The dream was fearful I remember being panicked as I thought I was going to die.

      Your assistance will be much appreciated.

    • Hi I’m not experience in telling people there dreams but I know what yo dream mean it mean that it was sent to protect you or to show you have protection so that’s why the armor and when U tried to kill it it bite you but it didn’t hurt because it didn’t want it to it only bite you cause U tried to kill it

  13. I had a dream that I was preparing my home for sale and as I walked into the kitchen there was giant brown spider about 10 feet up a wall. I knew I had to get it out of my house because I have small children. In my dream there was no other option but to pick up the spider with my bare hands and get it out of the house. When I grabbed the spider I distinctly remember it turning around and looking at me. As I ran outside I threw the spider and it turned and ran back at me. This is when I woke. I was sweating from head to toe. I can’t recall ever dreaming of spider before and am baffled as to what this may mean. Any thought?

  14. I had dreamt I was walking and all I see is spiders falling down from trees big spiders little spiders and they started crawling on me I wasn’t scared I was just standing there in my dream looking at them crawl all over me I never got bitten what does this mean.

  15. Hi!
    I came across your article because I dreamt about wasps and spiders.
    I was in a house that looked similar to an apartment we used to stay in. I was in the living room, and it felt like it was very windy outside, lthen suddenly there were a lot of bright yellow wasps flying in, I was thinking in the dream that i do not remember leaving the door open and I wanted to run and close it to stop more wasps coming in but I was afraid (I am afraid of flying insects in waking life), so I run down the basement where my husband is and told him to help me close the door upstairs because of wasps coming in.
    When I was left in the basement little black spiders were crawling in through the gap below the door and I started to run upstairs again. As I rushed upstairs, I remember repeatedly removing the little spiders crawling on my arms. And then I woke up. I hope you can help me understand my dream. Thanks in advance!

  16. In my dream early on I see a large white spider, it’s body has light brown tiger type stripes. Later I feel it crawling on my head with its sharp heavy legs, I’m too scared to move incase it bites me, then I wake up. I have had this dream twice now.

  17. My dream felt more like a movie. There was two girls around age of 14-15. One was dirty blonde and the other dark brown hair. Both look alike almost twins. They live alone with their single mother. I saw them ran in their small apartment like house. I saw them ran pass their mother who already had her stuff in the car ready to leave. I guess they were moving. The two girls ran in a big room that look like a stage for actors. All the set ups was there like you see on the show whose line is it anyway. Their stuff was there. They begin grabing the stuff and rushed it to the car. Then they went back and found a huge nest egg of spider eggs. They took litters out and burn the spider eggs. Some of the eggs begin hatching but they burn them. Some baby spiders were already coming out and running at them but the girls burn them. The next “scene” was the big spider, the mother. She was angry. The girls made quick work of her and burn her to. The place slowly lit up in flames. They ran to the car and the mother didn’t know what was going on, but they left, moving somewhere. I kind of know what the meaning is to me. I’m currently pregnant. The OB dr said it wasn’t growing and soon I might miscarry. My husband was very happy when I told him I was pregnant then a month later to hear I may lose our very first child. It’s all my fault with all the stress of not eating (afraid of eating). Before knowing I was pregnant, I went to the ER (they told me I was pregnant) I went there because I didn’t eat well in a month. Two weeks all I had was water. It felt like no one was helping me that I was slowly dying. Then a week later I gotten better with food and thought the baby was ok. I really felt such a failure. The thing is I don’t know what started with all the trouble eating around thanksgiving. I hope a therpist will help me soon. What hurts the most the two girls look similar to me. My husband and I really wanted a girl.

  18. Ii don’t think it’s a dream or maybe I was dreaming but eyes open, all I know is I was sleeping wife. I openly eyes I saw a spider at the corner of my bedroom ceiling than it started crawling/walking towards Infront of me but as its crawling it becomes smaller smaller until it’s gone. I wasn’t afraid I was just staring or watching what’s going to happen until It’s gone and I’ was fully awake than I started goggling what it means.

  19. Hi..can you please tell me what my dream means…
    I remember being in a big old dark wooden room, such as the attic…as I looked ahead..I couldn’t see the spider web or spider…then I fell somehow…and from the floor looking up…I could see the spider web from behind it…and spider..and I noticed that my left arm had broken the corner straps of the web and my left arm was covered in spider web. Then I saw the spider come from the middle down to my hand to investigate, it crawled onto my left hand..so I freaked out trying to scrape it off my fingers using the floor…first time didn’t come off..second time it did..but It didn’t die…it crawled away..and it didn’t bite me..but it had plenty of chance the first time I tried to scrape it off as I was also trying to squash it…what does this mean?? I have an Idea..but not sure!! Thanku.

  20. I dreamed about a giant black spider just sitting in front of me and when I woke up I was going to faint but I did not because that happened when I woke up.
    really creepy

    • I had the exact feeling Havingjust bought a house, this giant
      black spider appeeared when Iwas half asleep and beleive me it
      was so large, could have covered the entrances to my new home.
      Later I was nformed of badly operated corporate dues, and a lot
      of angst from the neighbours,and I felt itwas a premontion of
      something coming for me. I felt tht he spider was warning me.
      Glad to share

  21. I was dreaming about spiders in webs everywhere I went. In the shower, red spiders in webs right up to the roof. Then as I went outside everywhere I looked and went webs with black spiders of various sizes, some with prey others without. I just avoided the webs all the time. However, what puzzles me, is that I normally have a spider fobia, but never in the dream was I scared or fearful of the spiders or the webs? I woke up with the dream very clear in my mind, and a positive feeling about all the spiders and webs. Please tell me what this could possibly mean?

  22. I dreamed I was cleaning spider webs and saw big brown spiders. This coninsides with your interpretations above. Thanks.

  23. I dreamed that a little spider was by my left pocket on my pants and people were saying becareful cause we can not find the black widow and I said here is a little spider and I got it off then again the spider apeared on my left pocket and when I went to grab it, it became a black widow and I saw it but before it could bite me know I woke up…

  24. I dream of spider lying eggs and some other spider went to the spider lied eggs I wanna know what does mean?

  25. I dreamed I was in an unfamiliar home but all my female family members were there, and my children. Poisonous brown baby spiders suddenly started hatching all over and spinning webs down toward us as we smashed them and stomped on them to protect ourselves. Sort of like the movie Aracniphobia..they were every where and I could not get to my kids because huge spiders blocked all the doors and windows to my sons. One bit my arm while I wasn’t looking so I smashed it and I was really scared I would die then I realized it wasn’t poisons and all and i would be ok. the whole while we were fighting for our lives amd tp escape, someone was trying to take my car away from me, and a guy I did not know was trying to help me get a car I didn’t want and he was lying about it to the owner so I could have it, and I kept telling him no but he wouldn’t listen. I woke up after we had escaped the spiders and I made my son’s walk through them to me and they were not hurt at all. The spiders seemed only to be attacking the women, but I did not realize That until I already woke up and was reflecting on the dream.

  26. I recently dreamed that I was in a thick web with lots of black spiders around
    I was able to get out I was calm and took a lot of breathes to stay calm and I eventually got out I’m still unsure of its meaning at this point even after reading this lol

  27. I rarely dream, but when I do it is usually about a place or event with people that I am u familiar with. These will reoccur for several years, but in the dream I know exactly where I am and who these people are. After a minimum of 3 years, I will walk into the exact place that I had reoccurring dreams of in the past and sure enough the people are there.

    My question is this, I have recently had a reoccurring dream (in very vivid color) of a slender, almost spiked, maroon spider that injects a neurotoxin that causes me to suffocate. Before she gets to me there is a very large and very menacing black spider that spits a yellowish green, corrosive venom at me. I run to try and get away from him, but can’t seem to get away. Eventually (even trying to manipulate my path and plans within the dream) I am able to get inside an old home and find rest on a couch. That is when the red one bites me. I see her just before she gets me, but it’s always too late. When I wake, my chest hurts, my vision takes longer to recover, and I am having strange headaches throughout the day, on the days the dream occurs.

    • I hippie you go see a doctor. You seem to have the gift of prophacy, and it almost sounds like your body is trying to tell you to see the doctor. I would not tell them the dreams, they tend to not take those things into account, but seeing a doctor with symptoms of your awakening may lead you in the right direction try and stop it before it happens.
      Also, deliverance from an evil force may be sought after as well.

  28. I dream a lot of big black spider and they are eyes is red they attack me and my friends and we kill the spiders but its a lot coming

  29. That helped a lot, thank you for taking the effort to write it out. Just for future reference however, spiders are not insects.

  30. Hi I dreamed of a orange spider chasing me its a bt biger thn normall siz spider and it biten my girl friend next to the eye and nw born spider were coming out after a moment and started to grow fast

  31. I dreamed of two rose plants as gifts but full of poisonous spiders which one bite a person it appeared to be a n old time friend but turned into my dad he was getting the reaction of the bite caled 911 in my dream was very emotional crying in my dream so bad it woke me with tears what does it mean??

  32. My dream was about a bunch of geckos that lived in my hair or around the head of my bed, while I was laying in bed, and a turanchula.
    The little geckos were playing about, so I went to shoo them away, and a large black turanchula with muted gold stripes on its legs quickly attacked my left hand grabbing on and holding in a rather strong grip, with its legs around my hand.
    It stared me down, and when I went to try and dislodge it, it bit me and stung me at the same time.
    The right fang, in its mouth, was tilted slightly, upwards, and was ineffective, buy the left fang worked and is what left a hole in my hand. The back end of the spider left a hole on the other side of my hand too.
    I pried it off of my hand, then I sewed it back together and let it go.
    When my husband arrived I showed him the spider. The spider was then wearing a hat, like the ones my husband wears, only brown, and was trying to hide from us.
    I took pictures of the spider to show my grand kids and when I went to show them a bunch of other large spiders, that had been in trees while I was mowing, was what was on my phone.
    Those were large red spiders and large yellow spiders. I was afraid they would fall on me, they did not.
    I think I was finally able to find a photo of the black one to show the kids.
    The funny thing about the black one, is that it looked at me very intently, almost like it knew me, and the other spiders were from different dreams I have had.

  33. I never dream about spiders but in this dream a spider was in the room big n black n my brother tries to kill it but it crawled so fast n dropped in my mouth.

  34. I dreamt that there was something trapped in my sandal, I knew I was a spider and K was desperate to get my sandal off. When I did sa slider fell out and it grew it size to the biggest spider I’d ever seen. It did t come after me, I stepped back scared of it and then it shrunk back to normal size, after a few seconds it grew gigantic again… I just want to get a picture of it cus it was so big but I dropped my phone in a river next to where this was happening… I grabbed my phone out and when j got it back the slider was huge but this time it has 3 human heads, Childs heads, which I named two, four and six (??????) and then I woke up! Weird!!!!

  35. Sorry… Here it is again with corrections…
    I dreamt that there was something trapped in my sandal, I knew it was a spider tickling my foot and I was desperate to get my sandal off. When I did the spider fell out and it grew in size to the biggest spider I’d ever seen. It didn’t come after me, I stepped back scared of it and then it shrunk back to normal size, after a few seconds it grew gigantic again… I just wanted to get a picture of it cus it was so big but I dropped my phone in a river next to where this was happening… I grabbed my phone out and when I got it back the spider was huge but this time it has 3 human heads, Childs heads, which I named two, four and six (??????) and then I woke up! Weird!!!!

  36. I had a dream about a tarantula. No matter how many times I tried to kill it. It wouldn’t die. I’m deathly afraid of spiders and woke up violetly shaking. Help?

  37. I had this very bizarre and disturbing dream last night and I am hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.

    I went to Mexico with a friend. went for a hike and when we got back to the hotel we went straight to bed. when I woke up the next morning I had a searing pain in my right leg. There were several holes the size of quarters with black q-tip looking things sticking out of the holes. I tried pulling to the get them out but the pain just got worse. After that, I could see through the holes into my leg and there was no muscle or bone, was just hollow. My friend suggested we go to a hospital and when we got there everyone was freaking out. we managed to find an English speaking doctor and he said he knew exactly what this was. He numbed my whole leg and then he made an incision from the top of my knee half way up my thigh. He pealed back my skin and there was a spider the size of cereal bowl. He said the prongs sticking out of the holes was a defencse mechanism. He back to cute the q-things and pulled the spider out. The spider fought to say inside my leg. Once the doctor removed the spider, my leg went back to normal. All the muscle and bone was back where it belonged. He stiched up my leg and I went home.

    • Wow that’s kinda similar to mine. I dream of them busting out of my leg. Each one gets bigger and bigger. But I kill each one that comes out untill they just rip my leg open and I wake up to them on my chest but when i slap it it disappears. Nice to know im not alone

  38. In my dream, my son, his father, and myself were in bed sleep. I look up to see hundreds of baby brown spiders with white spots on the bedroom ceiling. I told his father to grab the baby and take him out of the room. I then started spraying the ceiling and every spider was dead lay stuck to the ceiling and I woke up.. please someone help me with this one

  39. My first dream of a spider is when i was taking a nap with my kids and i woke up with it on my right hand i shut my eyes real quick then shaked it off it hit the floor. I went back in my dream then i realized it was a spider got up grabbed a shoe and tried to kill it and it went under the dresser. My second spider dream was about a gigantic spider over our house and i had a friend to google it and she said that it was good luck. My third spider dream was about one crawling in my hair and i gently shaked my head and it fell out and i fell back asleep. I wasn’t scared at all with none of them. All of them was in different houses.the last two dreams in the same year 2016. The first one in 2012. Reading about it from what others state i kind of feel like i am waiting on whoever troubling me talking about my past and threating to take my kids away from me and hearing voices of strait negativity causes me to feel very depressed so i do now take resperdal 2mg from a private doctor. Who i talk to about hearing real peoples making me think that everyone is against me. I feel like the spiders are a purpose of me catching the peoples who really have caused me trouble of calling the police and seeing a psychologist who diagnoses me schizophrenic i believe in god way too much to allow these humans to put me in harms way like this i got so many peoples praying for me over three detectives investigating this and lawyers to have my back i pay for out my pocket so whoever it is that doing this will have so many peoples to help them continue to fuel my mind with hopelessness that stress hinder me enough to kill me.i pray to god that he(god) has the last laugh on the karma on them before they enter his heaven.

  40. My dream started out almost like sleep paralysis. There was a naked green eyes girl laying next to me the entire time, I began to wish for companionship in my dream, soon a black spider had appeared on the ceiling above me, she began to talk,I felt terrified. I tried to listen but all I could pick up was “Percian Sisters”. My dream proceeded to develop a bit scarier, there soon was a green spider crawling down the wall, I had began to quake in fear as the spider calmly soon stopped near my head, it just sat there soon more whispering began to happen, the white spider soon appeared there after and began to weave a nest as to lay her egg. More whispering began, none of it made sense to me, it was almost as if they were crying out to me, the girl laying next to me then kissed my lips. Soon after the girl had moved the black spider jumped on me or into me because I didn’t see her again, the green spider slowly cralwed up my arm and vanished under my skin. I saw the white spider lay dying in her woven web, her egg began to hatch, thousands and thousands of little white spiders began to crawl towards the window, I opened the window and the sky had a full moon, the wind was light but the little spiders spout web like parachites out and took off, I watched them and had grown sad, but I had closed my eyes and awoke.

  41. I dreamed of a big black widow spider trying to jump on me, but I was saved by a tarantula jumping on it and eating it.
    In the dream I had a sense of calmness with the tarantula, but fear of the black widow.
    Can u tell me what this means? I’m so confused by it.

  42. I dreamed a spider was coming down it’s web on my friend or someone I was with I yelled to them move a spider is coming down it’s web on you.. they didn’t move so I took my hand and grabbed the web and moved it away from whom ever I can’t remember who then I crawled started crawling on me and I couldn’t find it. I was so scared as I really am in real life.it was black with red spots on iit..like quarter size.
    Please tell me what’s the meaning

  43. This is my first spider dream, there were two big black spiders at the bottom of a very big cobweb the area, size of a big dining table. I was clearing the thick heavy cobwebs and captured on big spider with a clear takeaway plastic tub, and the other escaped. Can you please tell me what this signifies? Thank you

  44. I had a dream a nest of huge black spiders were going to attack the man I’m casually seeing. I warned him and they attacked me with incredibly strong legs on my thighs until he, man I’m casually seeing, killed them. What does this mean? I’m having several dreams with him and I in dangerous situations where one of us saves the other

  45. Hello,

    I dream with a red with blue spider trying to get me..I think it was trying to bite me and I was running from it…and then a male throw the spider on my maliciously and the spider throw a web at my toes to hang on to me!! I freak out so bad that I woke up!! Did not bite me ..thanks God.

    What would this mean?

  46. I had a dream about a big brownish black spider in the corner of the room I was in and whenever I would wake up in my dream I would see it and go back to sleep and it happens again till I woke up with a question in my face

  47. My dream is a about me sitting on the sofa and this biggish reddish brown spider with percular black eyes jumps up on me and sits in the middle of my left palm and stares at me for a few seconds , Then it jumps on the floor and runs away and I scream and wake up ..

  48. I have dreams were the spiders are coming out of my skin. Each time they a bigger and bigger. Start making the sound bigger and bigger. Each time it comes out I kill it. Each one is jet black. One actually are the other and turnd Orange before I killed it. I finally woke up to a spider on my chest I hit it and it disappeared then I felt it on my back and I jumped outta bed.

    If anyone has experienced this Email me. This has been going on for a long time

  49. I dreamt I was looking for a wallet then I found it then this baby tarantula bit me and was stuck on me I tried to shake it off but it just wasn’t going no where then I tried to pull it off then it still wasn’t going no where so I prayed and it just left its spider legs in me…by the way it was red and black there’s no color for that on this page

  50. hi
    my partner had a dream that he was outside and was quickly surrounded by spiders of large proportions they were all kinds of spiders including poisonous he said he was scared but only because they were spiders they didn’t seem to be attacking him.
    he does remember a really big red back spider.
    normally would just play it off as a nightmare but his mother had the same dream as he did please what does this mean.
    thanks clair

  51. Hi, I hope you can help me interpret a recent dream I had, in which I was standing in an room filled with random objects and the floor was covered in many different spider of various size and colour. I was not afraid of them initially, knowing that I would not be harmed by them. They seems to go about their crawling and I was watching them peacefully. Until I saw a beautiful and unusual spider I had not seen before. It had a fat round perfect body marked with an array of different colours all blended into one, with short stubbled hair and when I looked closer at it, to admire its colours, the golden speckles on its back between the mix of different shades of greens, blues, reds and yellows,I suddenly felt unease towards this specific spider, it’s response was to come closer to me. Suddenly I was “consciously” aware of all of the spiders in the room and they all started to come closer to me. I knew killing them would not matter because I was outnumbered. They were not threatening me, only coming closer. The gold speckled spider leading them..

  52. Last night I dreamt I was in a room filled with people I knew well. On the floor was a fluffy mat. Someone sat on the couch and down the wall crawled a large rain spider towards them. I jumped up, got a glass and managed to trap the spider on the mat. Suddenly looking around I saw more small poisonous spiders. One red one bright orange. No one would help me get rid of them. Everyone just carried on and I was left to deal with them. I managed to get the orange spider under the glass with the rain spider. The orange spider jumped onto the rain spiders back and attacked it profusely. I felt bad and annoyed that no one bothered so I opened the glass, let them go

  53. Hey please help I had dream there was a blue spider that looked like a tarantula but smaller it was hairy strange thing is there was a baby in a house that didn’t look like mine was on the floor trying to play with it and every time that baby reached for it the spider would jump and move around like it was playing with the baby that wasn’t mine I don’t have any kids but I took a box and put it over the spider and slid the box over the spider down every step until I got downstairs and placed it in a clear canister and the baby stood up by me clapping there hands. As we looked at the spider moving around on the canister.

  54. The spider in my dream looked like a bamboo – daddy long legs and it was,on the wall. I had passed that hall several times and in my dreams,and notice the spider on the wall, as I passed by again it knocked i looked up, the spider jumped,not sure if it was at me but if I could remember correctly there was a woman, then she kicked the spider it went to me ; I was so scared… as it charged right at me I woke up. What does it mean –

  55. Good morning, I dreamed of a huge white spider with long legs. It did not do anything to me, but I was very afraid of it. The spider just sat there and then all of a sudden the spider just exploded and I could feel the the moist of it spraying over my hands and skin. Could anybody clarify what this might mean, as I cannot find anything of exploding spiders in dreams on the web.
    Thank you

  56. Hi I don’t normally do this as I usually find the answer to my dream , by way of very obvious clues that keep reoccurring. I am stumped to an interpretation of this very surreal dream I had. Ok the dream happens where I was folding washing, quite happily. Then a tarantula spider appears and begins to crawl over my body. I am not scared and no fear present with the spider and myself. All of a sudden I go and out washing away, look down and there is the spiders head dead on my chest. The spider bit me and instantly the my body rids the poison. the wound is not red, inflamed and when I noticed the spider head and my body ridding the poison from my body, the emotions is like when you spot a new bump or bruise on your body. Like oh how did that get there . In my dream I didn’t feel the need to panic or see a doctor. And just carried on with my house hold chores . Then before I woke I asked my kids if anything interesting happens to them today. They replied no, then I said wow you never gonna believe this but I got bitten by a tarantula and look there is the dead head. I saved it so you guys can see it. Then they proceeded to ask questions like did it hurt? Do you need to see the doctor? I replied no it didn’t hurt, the poison came right out of my body and see if you look clearly you can just see the bite marks. Then I awoke . Can you please help with this interpretation please😀

  57. Hello, i thankyou for all the helpful details. Though i havent figured quite well what my dream meant. I woke up with dead small brown spiders on my blanket. I was trying to get rid of them when this well kinda large brown spider moved fast and bit my foot. In my dream also, i was going back to my room to even make sure theyre gone. It would be really helpful if i get more information. Thanks!

  58. today i dream about the spider im playing the spider i do know why he bite me after he bite me i woke up and shock. this is not the first time that i dream about the spider. thanks to your website i know what is the meaning know when i dream spider.

  59. I had a dream I was cleaning spiderwebs in my bedroom. As I was finishing up in a donor of the window there was a big puffy liking web as I was talking it down with a broom, black widows started coming it off it in all different sizes. Soon there were all over the floor I jumped on a chair trying to fight then off with a broom as I was fighting them off I seen a very large one go under my bed, then looked down and was on my foot and bite me. Then I woke up.

  60. Some of this was quite helpful but I’m still confused on what my dream was about. In my dream I was talking with my mother about something when I spotted this BIG spider in the kitchen and it looked to be able to fit in the palm of a hand. Once I saw it I started to panic and freak out, I’m absolutely terrified of spiders and this one was white but it had black spots. The spider never moved from its web, and for some reason my family was pushing me towards it and I started to really panic and cry and then I woke up. D: is there any meaning to this? It would mean a lot if you could help me figure this out. Thank you.

  61. Hello my dream started out with something in my mouth. It felt like a piece of hair. When I went to pull it out it stuck to my fingers like spider webs. I pulled and pulled and more and more webs came out of the back of my throat. I can feel my tonsils being pulled when I was pulling. It was painful. The webs didn’t stop coming out. I opened my mouth and noticed there was a white sheet on my tongue from the webs. I had a Lil blade on me so I was cutting underneath the sheet to get it off. Finally I got the sheet to come out and the spider webs stopped. What does this dream mean?

  62. My dream was about a jet black spider , the spider was climbing the bed my youngest daughters crib & then it jump on to me on my back as I was trying to avoid it doing that. Out of nowhere my husband came & he said ” don’t move , I’ll get it !” I froze he got m, then the spider disappear? No where to be found ? I woke up right after that . I have been reading stuff but it really doesn’t explains to me. Please let me know some one comment my post.. Thank you !

  63. My dream was about holding A tarantula in my hand i was a little scared at first but i Smiled cause i was no longer afraid of it . But when i am awake that is a whole different story i am not scared of them but i am scared of being bitten by one . That is why i never held one .

  64. I dreamt I was running to collect fruit, looking at my feet as I went. Suddenly dream was plagued with fear and I looked up to see I was trapped in a huge web. I started to panic as I saw the black spider move towards me and try to wrap me up. I tried to pull away from the web with all my might but was seriously stuck. After pulling at the web and getting myself more tangled (hands and legs) somehow I managed to break free. I found myself in my living room absolutely beside myself. I asked my father to help me, to get the spider off me. He said there wasn’t any yet flicked away 4 black spiders from my hair, face and neck. I was petrified there was more in my clothes and wanted to kill the spiders but sat and watched them instead. The dream was entirely full of fear and felt very real, I woke exhausted.

  65. So I had a dream of two spiders one was sitting on a shelve starring at me and the second one walked towards me but when I looked down to see where it went all I found was shed skin from the spider and woke up so confused what does it mean?


  67. I was working in garden picking up dead leaves and my husband was sitting next to me .as I cleared the holes or tunnels in ground the spiders were coming up from it I saw white a big black one and a smaller one chased me as I ran away I attempted to kill it (I can’t remember if I did) but the strange part was my husband sat and did nothing.

  68. This was helpful, but I’m still confused a bit on my dream. I was in the family room of my house with my mom, my dad, my sister, and some tall guy whom I forget what his purpose was but he had a lighter-black jumpsuit on and there was a yellow logo on one side of his chest (I think I remember it being on the left side but I forget). The color scheme matched the spiders, there were two. There was one big one that was quite large and one small in comparison to the big one. The spiders were black and had a bright yellow design in the center but I don’t know how to explain the design. My sister and I were screaming at the guy to kill the spiders, especially because the big one moved down off the wall and to the ground but we couldn’t see where it went at first (the smaller spider stayed stationary the whole time). No one left the family room during the dream, even when the spider came right up next to my sister and I. In our house, there is a little mini gate between the kitchen and the family room so that my dog can’t get through without supervision. My sister and I ran up to the gate but I was closer to it, screaming because I felt trapped. However, I could easily step over the gate in reality because I have a small dog so we have a small gate that anyone over the age of 5 could step over, and I remember thinking in the dream that I should step over the gate, but I never did. The spider came up to me, bit my leg, and that was the end of the dream. Does anyone know how to interpret this? It was very detailed and memorable and I think that’s for a reason that I can’t figure out. Thanks.

  69. I dream’t that I was lying on my bed and when I Looked up there were like book shelves, in between the shelves spiders were spinning webs and there were a lot of different spiders big and small, I dream’t I was terrified and the were coming closer and closer and I couldn’t get away. The spider were coming closer to me ..

  70. I had a dream that I was on my bed alone and my family members were gathered at the front of the bed. I saw a colorful thick spider on the bed crawling and I was frightened at first and ask a relative what:s it doing on the bed. It was heading her direction and she took it up n throw it back on the bed and said to let it stay there. I no frightening reaction to her throwing it on the bed, but i was confused of what she did.

  71. I had a dream recently I don’t really recall all of the details which is most unfortunate, however I do remember the key most important details. Unmistakably there were 7 black widow spiders 1 wolf spider and 1 tarantula. I don’t remember having a feeling of fear but more caught off guard then a sense of peace. The tarantula was walking minding it’s own. The wolf spider was staring at me. And the black widows were spinning webs and wrapping up various egg nests. Please help.

  72. I had a dream of a very large, black, furry spider with a horizontal stripe across its back. I was inside the house and it was out side, but when it saw me it came running towards me and scared me, but it couldn’t get to me because the window was there. It stopped and went back to its original position and there underneath it were three baby spiders black and furry with no orange stripe. I thought to myself, I must get to work and go outside and kill them all because I don’t want them around when I do my daily gardening. but as I was going to work on that the dream ended with the thought, not now, just forget about it. Basically I am safe because I am inside. Who wants to deal with a fast, large, ugly , aggressive spider that attacks? I would rather go into denial. If this is relating to my mother, it makes sense.

  73. I had a dream of a very large, black, furry spider with a horizontal stripe across its back. I was inside the house and it was out side, but when it saw me it came running towards me and scared me, but it couldn’t get to me because the window was there. It stopped and went back to its original position and there underneath it were three baby spiders black and furry with no orange stripe. I thought to myself, I must get to work and go outside and kill them all because I don’t want them around when I do my daily gardening. but as I was going to work on that the dream ended with the thought, not now, just forget about it. Basically I am safe because I am inside. Who wants to deal with a fast, large, ugly , aggressive spider that attacks? I would rather avoid it. If this is relating to my mother, it makes sense.

  74. Hi, I have a dream about a ladybug being caught in a spiderweb with a spider on it. This web is above my bed. There is also another spider web with spiders surrounding the top of my room door. I shouted for help and my mum came in to clear part of it away. What does this mean? Thanks.

  75. I had a dream which involved me and a lot of colorful spiders such as white,pink,red,yellow and many more.i was so scared intil i found out the meaning and interpretation of the dream which put me to my normal state.I thank God for i know He will bring my dream to past inrespective of its interpretation

  76. Hello and thank you for the information because I would always dream of big gigantic spiders, they didn’t harm me but they actually protected me in my dream.

  77. I just dreamt that I was wearing a goodie that had spider eggs on it and that they hatched and there were baby spiders crawling on my chin, but they were not harmful and I only had the normal reaction of swatting them off of me and then I was finding that there many coming out of the goodies so in my dream I ripped the goodies off and found bites all over my left arm and my right arme I found a couple of bites and some dry dead skin. So I pulled the dead skin off and found lots of spiders made a colony in my arm and one big nasty black and red one was keeping watch at the entrance of the crevasse that they made in my arm. In my dream I saw him move and then I thought of the medical procedures of how the hospital might remove them and thenot I woke up. I really want to know what that could mean and it’s not the first weird dream I’ve had about spiders but on the average so far they are perceived to be deadly and huge in my dreams. My mother passed away when I was 13 and my wife is in opinion the best woman in the world so I’m at a loss of what else it could mean…….please help

  78. I has a dream the other night that hundreds of red amd black poisonous spiders ran up and over the middle my husband and myself as we slept and when we woke to them and turned on the light they scurried away. It freaked me out but didn’t scare me however I woke from the dream thinking what the heck and then went back to sleep where the dream repeated. This happened several times throughout the night. All I can find on line about it is that I feel trapped in a web by a female mother figure but that’s not a situation in my life so I really hope to figure out what else it could mean.

  79. In my dream it was a feeling of weirdness and confusion.The first spider I see was inside my laundry room. It was big and very much like the garden weavers. Elongated backs legs stretched out and striped patterns. I had ignored it and let it be since my laundry room is outside. Then I see it again across the street only this time with more spiders and a good sized egg sac. I had notified my husband about it and he went out and killed it. Over the course often day it was endlessly just popping out and my husband just got tired and ended up burning the house and everything around it.I was curious about one they had missed and I had seen the egg sac opened up to new babies. Then again my husband was no longer around no where to be found.

  80. I had a dream I was with an old friend. I was sitting across from her but i felt like I was looking from an outside perspective. A six eyed brown spider with unusual legs came down from the ceiling and was spinning a web directly in front of her face. The unusual part of the spiders legs was that at the end of each leg it broke off to what seemed like branches or fingers if you’d like to say. It was in front of her face moving all the “fingers” and she was like in a trance. All I remember was that I frightened although it didn’t interact with me. It was the creepiest scariest thing I’ve seen. And in real life my old friend is scared of spiders. Can you interpret that?

  81. I had a dream were a white spider crawl through the ceiling and entered my mouth and inside my body. Please can you explain it to me.

  82. Afew nights ago i had a dream of black spider on me but it kept changing itself to white its leg would hide in its self (abit like when u see one in your bath so turn tap on to go down drain) then it would jump back to normal? What this mean? Its been playing on my mind for days now?

  83. Mine was a bit disturbing but I haven’t seen one that was familiar… So I dreamt I was cutting my cheeks on my face open and pulling spiders out of my face … Like I wasn’t scared a bit disturb but I was just cutting at my face and pulling them out like I was pooping pimples or something yes creepy but don’t understand the meaning of that

  84. I dreamt I was sitting on my bed looking out the window I looked up and saw two brown with stripes spiders on the wall i got scared and hide next to the Lay z Boy chair. Every time I looked up more appeared. Also there were two garbage bag size nests and one weird hug red/yellow cartoon looking spider non aggressive.. I don’t think they notice me but the dream felt so real

  85. I had a part of my dream where there was a spider virus. There was also a part where a man was driving a car and got dirt on his face. The dirt turned into spiders and are him. What does it mean?

  86. Hi I had a dream that I was having a shower and when I turned around to pick up my shampoo there was a large red back spider crawling down the wall it didn’t attack or look threatened but would like to know what it means

  87. I’ve had this dream twice. One last year and once a few years ago. There’s a big (solid) black spide with lots of thick legs. It’s climbing on my wall and as I make my mother kill it (because I’m a chicken duh) spiders come out of it. Not like that video were the baby spiders come out of the spider’s back. No, this were full-grown spiders yet slightly smaller than the original. They were pouring out the thing until my wall was covered. My mom was racing to kill them all. What could this mean?

  88. i dreamed i was walking down some path while being surrounded by spiders some were crawling others were spinning their webs and then there was someone standing in front of me and they threw a big black spider at my face and i woke up really scared… what does that mean????

  89. Hi

    I had a dream recently where I was sleeping in my dream and woke up to a spider crawling on my face. I couldn’t move but was very nervous. And I couldn’t actually see what color it was either. I need some help with this one

  90. In dream i saw a black spider in my friend’s baby’ s mouth. Baby was playing having that spider in mouth as a toy. I got scared like it will harm baby and took that spider out.after that spider dinn’t show any movement on my hands. What does this indicates

  91. Hi, i had a dream there was small black spiders falling on my head i just keep shaking them off but more kept fallin i was screaming because they would stop falling.

  92. Hi, I recently have woken up from a dream where I was meeting my aunt and she started explaining to my family that she has cancer. As I was walking toward her house, just before the entrance, I saw a huge spider web connecting 2 wooden beams. On the spider web there were 3 extremely huge spiders that resembled trantulas. Can anyone help me understand what the spider web and three spiders are supposed to mean?

  93. what if i dreamed being caught by spider web then be able to escape from it, and saw two spiders black and other one yellow on its stomach, the yellow one attack me and when it was on my head changed to black, but i took it off my head.. what could this dream mean.

  94. I dreamt a big spider, but it didn’t attack me. It was crawling on the walls and the floor. It looked friendly but it started to get attacked by these nasty bugs and they tore him apart, then they form into this bug man who try to attack me and try my best to kill it with Roach spray, it was working but it still was coming after me.. What does this mean?

  95. I literally just had a dream where I was on a bus with my friend and his girlfriend and when we were don talking a huge spider stared chasing me and it was black this that dirty yellow egg sack or what ever it’s called at the end of it.i tried to kill isn’t by stomping on it but dodged it and climbed up my leg and I woke up be for it go to my face. But the dream dint start out like that. I was I’m the back of my friend Maggie’s car with my friend Aaron in the passenger side. Can some one please help interpret this for me.

  96. In my dream I got loss. At first I was by myself… Then there was two ladies … I stopped and looked at the spider … I think it was black with yellow eyes.. Somehow I end up laying on the ground when one of the ladies released it. Ther was a brick ceiling and it was crawling at the very top in the middle. It stopped once it was over my body and came down. I was a but nervous but I knew the lady did it on purpose and for a reason. She smiled when I said she did it on purpose but I don’t know why

  97. I dream about spiders i was in a trapped place they were many spiders i have friends with me and i piggyback my friends they were a lot of spiders like really a lot and i got bitten in my arm. What does that mean? Please reply asap

  98. hi.. last night i dreamt that i was walking in the street and all my ways are blocked by huge huge spider sitting in their webs.. they are not attacking or anything.. they are just still.. and i was afraid inside but i was pretending that i wasnt afraid.. and the people surrounding me are not afraid of those spiders.. 🙁

  99. What about seeing hundreds of baby spiders covering the floor and me killing them. And in particular 2 very large hairy spiders coming out of eggs then chasing me everywhere I ran and 1 jumping on my arm. Mind you in my dream I was horrified and woke up in full blown panic attack. I felt unsure if they were poisonous.

  100. In my dream I had a couple giant pitch black spiders chasing me trying to attack me (is what I throught at the time) they seemed aggressive, but I killed everyone of them, I think there was only 4 in my dream – but I don’t know what this means.


  102. Big red spider walk towards my young brother.

    In my dream. I was arguing with Mrs Loh (not sure who) and Granny Loh (my mom). They were in my mom’s room. I did not recall why I opened the closet and clearing some old stuffs.

    While I am holding a container in my left hand. I saw dark substance in it. My reaction was throw it.

    The big red spider crawled slowly
    Out of it. I was in fear and saw it crawly towards my young brother.

    I was screaming not no voice, no one has reaction. Only myself. At last I screamed my husband’s full name hope he can help. At that moment! I was tired and reliased i was dreaming.

    My hubby comfort me.

  103. I just woke up from a dream where i was in a room in a house i used to live in. There was many white/red spiders around me making webs really fast and i kept walking around trying to avoid the webs, but as i was walking i got tangled in one after another and eventually had a bunch of spiders on me. I started to freak out in my dream and then i had bug spray in my hand and killed this one spider that i thought was going to bite me and it seemed like the rest were gone, then my dream skipped forward and one of my friends popped in and asked me if i killed the spider, i said yes, then he asked me if it had split open and i said yes. Then in my dream i re-lived killing the spider and it appeared as though every time i sprayed it, its body started splitting open. Then i woke up. This dream was weird and i would like to know if it has any meaning behind it?

  104. My dream there was a biggish red spider beside me very friendly just walked beside me and people that came about me tried to kill it but I always protected it

  105. In my dream I had a black with yellow and black legs in my right eye I could see it in there and it would come out the corner of my eye then go behind it again. I was scared and panicked unsure if it was poisonous or if it it bit me what damage it could cause so I started to dig at my eye trying to get it out while digging in my eye I found a second set of just spider legs that where light brown then I really panicked and continued to extremely dig in my eye until it was bleeding and sore and I could not longer see out of that eye I walked out some kind of public bathroom into a room with a bunch of twin beds like a orphanage and a light brown spider was coming from the ceiling and heading for my right eye and a girl I’m pretty sure one I work with stopped it before it hit my eye

  106. Hmm, okay. Well my dream was of a white pet spider of someones whom I can’t recall. I’m very afraid of spiders but seeing it just had me confused cuz it kept running out of things like pillow cases and stuff being nice and this person kept me from hurting it!? The stranger thing was that 2 days later, as rare as white spiders are, I saw a white spider on my husbands windshield on his truck!!! These kinds of dreams happened to me as a child but why is it all the sudden starting again? Like dreaming about things before they happen? But this spider thing, really freaked me out cuz it’s like a message of some kind. I’ll see if I have another one soon I guess?

  107. I dreamed of a big white spider in my 3 years son jacket. My son was wearing the jacket and I tried to take it out fast, because I was afraid that the spider was going to bite him, but the spider wasnt there nomore.

  108. I saw many blue big spiders all over the house and they were climbing here and there and on me also. What does that mean…?

  109. Hi my name is Sussie and I’m only q teenager but last night I had a frigtenning dream about to jet black spiders coming after me except that they could talk and I didn’t want to in real life but I killed both of the by killing myself what does this mean. Please reply

  110. I will like to know what does it mean to dream about a big brown spider just hanging and out of no where its throws vemon at you , and it leaves a big “T” mark. Well looked like a T

  111. I think there might have been a number of spiders, but my focus was on the biggest spider. I was observing it by a plant, it wasn’t threatening, nor was there any fear on my part, there was distance enough, and I was simply observing it. What stood out for me, was that I was the only person who noticed and observed this spider, it seemed everyone else was oblivious. The dream was vivid, I remember closely observing this ‘fat bodied’ spider, but without any fear or concern. What could it mean? The spider was a blackish/brownish spider colour, and wasn’t huge, but big enough to notice it’s body from a distance.

  112. I dreamt of two huge black spiders in my parents yard. one in a web the other not. they were both moving. I was not scared but just stood in front of them and watched.
    Later my husband came and hugged me, covered us in a sheet and I tried to tell him there is a big spider and she might be inside the sheet. What could all that mean?

  113. Hi I had a dream where I was pulling a long white stocking out if my eye and in it every 12 inches were sacks of spiders eggs I think there were 3 sacks altogether
    Can you possibly email meaning to me please x

  114. 3:30 am I was having a tranquil dream of a spider. I was not afraid just surprised to see it crawling on my pillow on my bed. I was sleeping on my belly and I was filling the urge to go pee, when I opened my eyes I see a black spider on my pillow heading towards my face. I get up went to the restroom peed and that was it. I dont usually remember what I dream but since I woke up feeling the urge to use the restroom I think I made myself remember it to look it up. would like to really know what it means =)

  115. I had a very realistic dream where i woke up from bed and i saw a huge black spider with bright orange line on its body and legs it sat on the curtain near me. it looked dangerous but most spiders do as i am terrified of them. what does this mean? the spider didn’t jump or move either when i jumped up in my dream.

  116. I had a dream where I thought I was awake and then feeling like I wasn’t. I look into the large mirror that hangs above my love seat and as I try to pinch myself awake, I see this large and hairy gold-ish yellow spider just sitting in the corner as if trying to hide from me. I am deathly afraid of spiders irl, so in my dream I’m ready to flee, but I know it’s going to chase me so I have to make a quick run for the stairs down to the front door. I run. It chases me and I have to climb on top of an office chair. I’m begging myself to wake up and not make the spider into a jumping spider. And then right when I grab a fly swatter out of thin air, the spider turns into this large yellow sheep like creature with a skull head animal mask type thing and I’m smacking it in the face with the fly swatter but nothing happens and it seems non-threatening to me at that point since it’s not a spider, so I give up and then wake up. It is the most weirdest thing and I can’t seem to find anything on the last part.

  117. In my dream I’m laying down somewhere and there’s a spider going towards my face but it’s trying to get into my eyes and I can’t fight it I have no fear of spiders in my life but in the dreams terrified it was as if the spider was trying to its way into my body through my eyes

  118. Good morning.
    I had a dream last night I was in a forest like place, and I was hiding away and out of no where a spider came towards me as I was afraid I swiped out a shoe and started beating the spider and it wouldn’t die, the spider and like a stick spider and it was purple and green, please I woke up crying in my sleep, I’ve been having alot of dreams with spiders in them. Please tell me what my dream is all about

  119. Need help with this one: I had a dream that it took me forever to make a batch of fried chicken quarters. When I was done I was warned by some woman not to eat it because Russian wolf spiders were crawling out of the chicken. I felt slightly disappointed, but more grossed out, so I cut my losses and tossed the chicken.

    Real World: I went to make the chicken today and I put broth in to marinate for 24 hrs to cook tomorrow, but after I dumped the broth in, I noticed it smells like Geritol (Iron supplement). I’m gonna be smart and toss the chicken. It just stresses me out cause it came from the food bank and now I’m worried I’ll go hungry this week through Xmas. (Not a pity party here, just a bit of survivalist concern).

  120. Please help!!!! 2 days in a row I have dreamt of a spider that looks like a black widow but brown with white spots, in my dream I observe the spider and are aware that it is there and it just jumps on me, as it lands I freak out and jump awake out of my sleep, I feel scared, and usually wake up with a headache from being jumped awake…… please help me interpret this dream I need sleep!

  121. In my dream this large black spider ( like having metallic body ) was crawling on my leg and I just jerked it away from my leg ,what does it signifies ?

  122. I dreamt about a small upside down table being slowly dragged across the ceiling. I walked closer to examine it and saw three spiders of three different sizes dragging the table. I’ve had this dream numerous times but nothing really happens. The spiders just seem to always be moving the table. The last time I had the dream the biggest spider left the table and starting crawling down the wall towards me then I woke up.

  123. I dreamt of a spider running around and i can’t recall all of it properly but I do vividly remember the spider going inside a male friends mouth who was laying on my couch whom choked on the spider and he threw it up and the spider was just laying in a bit of spew twitching its fangs and one leg.. it was gross and i woke up zooming into the spider. What does this mean? I think the spider went on everyone in my dream except it only went inside a male friends mouth and i was watching directly in front of him while my friends or whoever they were in my dream were sitting around. I was terrified because i hate spiders small or big doesn’t matter. They give me the creeps.. i have had previous nightmares where there’s like dozens of spiders falling from my vents into my bedroom and i can’t get out but this is my first time actaully watching a spider go inside someones mouth and them choking on it and throwing it up.. was odd and quite disturbing. If you know what it means please let me know. I’m not sure if the same interpretation applies from yourself eating a spider.. because it didn’t go inside me thank goodness..

  124. Hello, i have some dreams about some huge spiders (they are colored red and maybe some more colors i dnt remember, i only remember they have red, have big bodies, bigger than tarantulas, like a coconut with small legs)….Interesting thing about this is that i dreamed about these spiders 3 or 4 times, or more cant remember… exact same ones. In my dreams they are placed on the walls and they move verry quick. I have never tried to kill them, or ataked them because i was terrified only to look at them, but they didnt ataked me either….it was more like when they saw me they started to run arround the walls untill i could see none of them…In real life i am afraid of spiders, dunno if i have arachnofobia or not, but i dnt like them….so in my dreams i was equaly scred of them as in real life, only thing in my dreams they are big and move insanly fast…could you help me with those dreams please? like i told you i dreamed many times same spiders and i want to know what they want xD

  125. I had a dream that I was eating a piece of fruit when I tilted my head back a large greenish brown spider fell in my mouth. I swallowed it. I knew because I pulled the leg out of my mouth

  126. I had a dream I was laying down on a job site and this brown and yellow spider bit me on my hand and I wasn’t afraid of it but as it was walking off I tryed to kill it but it got away befor I could what does that mean lol but the thing is naturally I’m afraid of spiders but in my dream I wasn’t

  127. Hi! I dreamed this morning that i entered the house where my partner lives and the place we’ll live togerher…its emply no furnitures yet the walls were apple green in color and I saw 1 black spiders medium size and the rest were small ones crawling in the wall and i slam the wall causing them to move quickly in different directions then i went to the sink to open the faucet but before i can open theres a green snake and we both saw each other we jumped towards the same direction snake crawling on the floor fast and im running in the air.what could this dream mean? Please help

  128. Very accurate my dream was a black furry spider crawled on me from my kitchen wall and had bitten 3 times on my arms then crawled away my husband was standing right in front of me.

  129. A black and red spider depended from the roof and after terrorizing everyone in the room, proceeded to take over the body of one of the people in my dream.

  130. i dreamt abt 2spiders the big one which is black n the baby spider were on top of de ceiling in my bedroom then i was with my my ex collegues which is a male ,he dd try to hit the big spider not to sure that it was bitten or..

  131. i had a dream last night i was walking through a black room with many spiders on their webs they weren’t attacking me they were black and red each with various symbols on their backs i was scared they would jump on me as i walked past them so i felt a lil nervous in my dream as i walked the symbols on their backs got a lot more clear and as i came to one that was the closest ever it had been it was a straight line with a circle at the bottom of it ,then the spider jumped off the web at me but before it could land on me it spread some weird lil wings and flew away . what do you think this means ??

  132. My spider dream consisted with me going to my bathroom and seeing a large brown tarantula. At first it made me jump and I stood in my bath tub I then got put picked up the spider and it started to scream. I opened opened my bathroom window and i held it outside the window I tried to let it go but couldn’t. It screamed a high pitch scream the whole time. Does anyone know what this would mean? I’m usually scared of spiders and there is no possibility that I would ever pick up a small spider myself never mind this one!

  133. What if a spider was just on a wall then just jumps, attacking, bitting, on your back. Nothing is explaining my dreams when a scorpion can out of nowhere and I tried to attack it but fail. It tried to attack me but I dodged it and it disappeared. I looked around for it but then a random mirror appeared out of nowhere. Looking at it, a spider was there on the wall but before I could even turn around, it jumped onto my back and started bitting. No where is helping me explain this dream. Someone please help me understand what I’m dealing with

  134. I dreamed that my mother made me a dress that made my body look so beautiful that everyone would stop an look at me… as i walked in my kitchen where my mother was cooking she was crying an looked disappointed at me because my aunt had gave her rumors that i was stealing womens husband but it was my cousins husband who said i would do anything to be with her…i wasnt doing anything so my dad took me for a walk an as we walked there was a stream were the water was clear an you could see rocks an sticks an at the end there was a big black spider in the water an i wasnt afraid of it but i was worried a scared that my dad wanted to jump in the water with the snake… please could u tell me what this means my parents both past away an i really want to know what it means…it felt like a nightmare

  135. Hello. Last night I had this dream for the second time in three months. I dreamt that I was pregnant but with spider babies. I was still a human in the dream. What could that possibly mean?

  136. In my dream i was walking thru a bush and all of a sudden i was surrounded by a huge spider web all around me and spiders started going all around me climbing on me so i ran and jumped into a pool but for my surprise the pool was infested with huge and small spiders with eggs what does that mean pls let me k

  137. In my dream I had a little black spider that I believed was a wolf spider but it’s too small I kept feeling like it was going to jump so I put glass jar over it there was another spider next to it that was Grey and I was terrified of them both I kept explaining to whoever was in my dream to keep an eye on them and if the black Spider jumped to kill it or at least shake the jar to where it was stunned the grey spider never moved or never even entered my mind after I left it I am currently expecting any minute and have my mother staying with me and my daughter is 6 years old and has been very difficult the last couple of weeks I am on medical leave early from work because I am stressed and not able to work or stand on my feet for long periods of time and I feel like I am an outsider at work can you please help me

  138. So i dreamed of a black spider coming down from the ceiling and i killed it with a lighter, then i turn around to see a spider infestation and i feel fear, so i grab a flamethrower to burn them all. Does that mean i have massive amounts of bad luck and misfortune?

  139. It all started after I put a pair of boots on (no socks) almost as if I sunk my toes in a tank full of spiders. As I took the boots off I had more than I can count – black widows and brown spiders in between my toes and falling off my feet. (I have a spider phobia) it felt terrifying. I looked inside an old car/trunk as if I took the boots out of the trunk to put them on. My mother was reaching over the trunk and I was yelling and pulling her asking her to move away as it was infested with spiders all I could see was a black widow crawling towards her. This was a nightmare. so much so that I forced my self out of it.

  140. Hi, this is very informative and very helpful, but I do have my own ideas and I hope you would like to share your thoughts. Ive had the same type of dream often. It was a black widow spider sitting in its web, then a group of random spiders around it on webs. They were always in the way of me doing something. I think it has something to do with what I do and/or my boyfriend. The first time, my friends asked me to go hang out with this guy, knowing he was into me. Crazy stuff went down and my boyfriend was upset. It was funny to me because it didnt effect me directly. Anyway, the second time was my friends asked me to go to this party. There was alcohol and I only took a sip to try it. I told my boyfriend and he was upset about it. In my dream that I had recently, I was trying to make a coconut alcoholic drink I thought of, but when I tried to make it, the spiders showed up, blocking the way. I think in a metaphor, my boyfriend is the spider protecting me or keeping me away from harm or dangerous fun. All in all, I think seeing spiders in their webs, blocking you from something, means that you did something you shouldn’t have done or disappointed a loved one.
    For any questions you may have:
    •i particularly don’t have a fear of spiders
    •it’s always night in my dreams
    •it always takes place in a house
    •i kill spiders in real life when in my house, but I never killed the spiders in my dream. I only tried getting around them

  141. I don’t remember much of my dream but it was dark but light enough I could see. I think I was standing in front of a bus and a giant spider crawls down and it chased after me. I wake up but I’m still kind of sleep and I’m freaking out looking for it so I sit up in bed on my pillow. Then I come to and then go back to bed.

  142. thanks a lot actually i am really worried about my dream of biting big spider color of silver black, i really don’t know they are many spider coming out from my ceiling and i have spray anti insect a lot of crock roach and spider getting out and one big silver spider come on me to bite and i killed, then i tie my feet for to delay the poisonous spread into my entire body i ask help to my wife to send me to hospital right away but my wife say later because there is no taxi but my question is why my wife told me that which we have a car and then i pretend feel dizziness and collapse to show them i am pity but they feel nothing and i heard them they talk about shares that why i stood and went into my room and open my safe locker to get money for my hospital and i talk my i die here without any help.

  143. I had a dream where the spiders we’re non violent but they were big ones and small ones, and so put down my purse to look at the large spiders, when I did hundreds of babies crawled into my purse, I picked it up and walked around with it as I was shopping in a old car lot, I felt one walking on me so I put my purse back down and as I lightly shook y purse as it sat on the ground, little spiders started coming out, more and more, then started seeing more and more large spiders coming out of their hiding places around the cars watching me and their babies. They were as big as a man’s hand and of all different shapes but all a dull black, but just watched and we’re dosile. Also seemed as though it was only me who noticed the spiders around me. My father and children were with me in my dream. Black eyes, most of the large spiders had webs but not all of them.

  144. I had a dream about a beautiful cottage by the sea and also a beautiful garden. It was summer a the sun was shining. I visited the cottage for the first time because I was going to rent it. There were some people there to show me. The we’re friendly to me. After a while they showed me this very big black spider in the basket on the table a asked me if I could take care of it during this time. They also told me that the spider liked sunshine and is very happy outside sometimes. I’m usually very afraid of spider and this one was big as a dinner plate but it didn’t scare but I had respect for it. What could all this meant?

  145. Hi, I had a dream where I was best friends with 3 other ladies who I don’t know in real life and we happen to run through the guys locker room? As we exit the locker room we enter what looks like a tunnel ( like a cave?) I was leading and as we keep running we reach an exit that seemed to have gotten so small that only the head can fit. Or maybe a little bugger but definitely can’t be crawled out. At the mouth of the smal exit I see legs.. LARGE SPIDER LEGS. Being afraid in real life, natural instincts were to run back to the locker room to use another exit. But more spiders were appearing (covering the cave walls and above). The ladies disappeared and I was by myself. I reached the locker room entrance but there was a GIGANTIC SPIDER (probably the mother of the other spiders) that covered the entire entrance chilling on the web it made. One of the smaller yet HUGE spiders starts coming down from above about to touch me and that’s where I was about to fall on the mother spider! But before that happened I woke up! I woke up terrified!

    Seems like there are many meanings in this dream?

  146. I dreamt that a black widow and their web was stuck on my right index finger. Be I was trying to pull it off of me and it bit me. I don’t think it has anything to do with my mom though. So what does it mean? I’m afraid of
    black widows.

  147. I had a dream that I found 2 colonies of big and baby black widows in 2 closets in my home. I felt frightened in my dream and told my husband who later told me to kill them. I was too afraid to kill them so he did but I saw him kill them in my dream. But they weren’t just colonies…. I’m talking 20-30 black widows hanging from their webs and all I saw was their dark dark black color and the red markings they have. What could this mean??

  148. Hello, I have dreamed of a big home with many rooms but one room which is the master room was always hard for me to go to because it carried a thick atmosphere of FEAR. This 4th time though the room was not dark and it was not abandoned looking but was fixed and ready for someone to move into but I noticed small harmless spiders crawling in the bed, ceiling just everywhere and cobwebs as well, some where dead and others were alive crawling all over the place yet I didn’t fear the spiders. What I feared was the atmosphere of that thick feeling of fear creeping in me. I didn’t want nothing to do with the room but this person who was like a sister yet looked like my daughter was telling me that I needed to move to the master room instead of sleeping in the guest room but I couldn’t because I hated the atmosphere in the room. The feeling haunted me in the dream

  149. Right so I first dreamed I was stuck in a shop with a bunch of people and there was a sniper guy locking us in there and had us pinned down, I got shot in the throat, and I started writing a letter to my mum telling her I loved her but the romantic figure stopped me and told me it would be alright. Then me and the same romantic figure were suddenly escaping in a car and every so often a tarantula was appearing on his body and making its was to the back of the car and then suddenly loads and loss of trantualas filled the car and we were freaking out and then suddenly we crashed. (The romantic figure was actually someone from a TV show, oddly enough) that’s pretty much the dream. I was terrified in the dream and was hyperventilating too. I’m scared of spiders in real life too. What do you think this means?

    • I’ve always had a similar dream to the first part about the shop and being shot at, and I even brought it up in the dream as if it were real.

  150. I had a dream about a white spider and on it’s face it had a little skull, and the setting was with me in the bath, and as I watched it move around it moved it’s head with me, and then it ate a small green and pink spider and started to come towards me and that’s were a shot awake. I don’t know what to interprate from this dream

  151. Hi,

    I saw this dream of hybrid looking spider-scorpion. It has body really black body but it has brownish like legs and tail. It was hanging from the ceiling in a dark room where I m on the bed (my on located on the south wall and my feet are towards north wall and spider-scorpion) i could see it. And I dont whose room that was or where i was.

    But i woke up around 5 in the morning

  152. I had a disturbing spider dream. It was a colorful spider; Blue, Red, Black. The spider was very large, perhaps 5 inches across with long legs, and a huge head. At first the spider was just hovering over my head. When I began to show fear it began lowering itself towards my face. I became quite nervous, at first I was wondering why it was there, until my episode of nervousness. After attempting to break away and get out of its way, I then broke free. But the spider did not bite me. Please advise.

  153. Hello my name is zoe, please reply this dream for me.
    I was with my family, and all of suddern i went in my sisters room and apparently she had a spider and when i went in, i saw the spider and it was brown with goldern strippes. So what happend was the spider jumped At me and it wanted to attack me. Andrea was telling the spider tO attack me and i ran around the house. i ran away and the spider was chasing me through out the dream.

    So my question is when a spider wants to attach you what does it mean coz i was crying and im terrified of them

  154. I’m afraid/highly dislike spiders in the wake world.
    This is all I can vividly remember, for this dream.

    In my dream I see this web egg. I think I know it’s a spider egg. It starts growing, bigger and bigger. Then it splits open. The whole time I’m watching this, I’m afraid. But I can’t move. I feel I have to see it. Then I see this grownup big black spider (I wouldn’t say jet black, but dark black and maybe hairy. But that’s what I remember. I’m not saying I’m sure.) on its back, curled up, then staring to extend it’s legs, in a frantic kind of way. At this point I take off running, scared. Then I wake up.
    Please help me understand this. I’m racking my brain, trying to figure it out.

  155. I had a dream of a Black Widow trying to nest or just sitting (stuck) against our sliding glass door on the outside and my father had put signs like Beware Black Widow, Dont use this door etc. The spider was still n never moved but I was certain it was alive. I did not feel the grossed out scary feelings i normally would if I saw a Black Widow. A lot of what I’ve read rings true dishonesty etc. but I know there’s more information I just don’t know where to find it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you Liz

  156. My spider dream was about my mom her real body was on the right side if the couch and an astro-projection of her was on the left and i big black and yellow spider can down from the ceilen and my mom started to get scared and the poisnous spider crawled over the asto-projection of her and started to crawle on my real mom and it bit her in the leg. But i wasnt scared of the spider but she wanted me to kill it.

  157. I had a dream about a 5 legged spider the was preparing to attack me in some way. I ordered my dog to attack the spider before it could jump at me. My dog bit the spider and it died. I have no idea what this dream translates to. I don’t understand the 5 legs.

  158. I saw a dream. First I saw some butterfly exit in sand. And then one yellow spider jumped in my left hand and bit 7 times. And biting shape doted…I don’t understand why yellow spider and why 7 times biting in my left hand???

  159. I had a dream about opening a book, seeing a black spider trapped there, and flicking the spider into an existing abandoned web with a couple of ants already trapped in it. (It is ant season here, and there seem to be an unusual number of them around this year). The spider tracked me as I walked past like it wanted to jump on me, but I kept walking, wished it well, and hoped it would just eat the ants and stop looking so homicidal.

    I’m not certain where this dream is going but here is my suspicion. It is summer and I am between semesters, I’m a very good student midway through two degrees. I have to take a foreign language, and I’d rather not because I have to take six classes and don’t want to dedicate a ton of time to a class that is outside my majors. I work very hard to maintain a high GPA and feel as though the language with the two majors may be a bridge too far. I don’t want to have to give up one of my majors. The way the job market is evolving I will need them both, so there is some dread there.

  160. Hi! I recently dreamt that a spider had been on my head. It then began to dangle its way down in front of my face. I asked the friend who was with me to give me something to take it odf with, but before she did, the spider sent some kind of egg sack up its silk onto my head. These then started hatching one at a time with a brief break in between. I was at home with my parents and was starting to become very distressed but no-one was helping or taking me seriously. It was such a vivid dream. I remember trying to think of ways to get them off, but I couldn’t do it on my own. 🙁

  161. I saw at 5 or 5:30 am this dream involving spiders. Firstly I saw a mother spider then 2 small spiders then I interpreted they must be her kids. I tried killing them and they started running and one kid flew in my bed too… Later I de decided to kill it by a newspaper 🗞. And then suddenly many spiders came out of my bed. I took off my bedsheet and as if they all were running to save life as I decided to use a spray to kill them… And It was an emotion of fear as well as I wanted to kill them when they were crawling all around my bed.. but even I killed one or two… Can you plz interpret the msg behind this dream as soon as possible… I v’ll be obliged… For your help

  162. I was sitting next to my husband at the dinner table when my mother walked over to stand next to me and started talking, my husband lit a match to light a candle and as the match passed my mothers chin there was a ragged cavity in her throat and tiny black spiders ran out as she tilted her head back i saw inside, her whole throat was eaten out and infested with hundreds of different black spiders big and small all sitting in their own eaten out cavity looking at me, i wasn’t scared of them just disgusted and afraid they would get on me and do the same.

  163. (PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS!!) I had a nightmare about this small container with a lot of small mean looking spiders. It came open and was on my bed. Then they crawled down and we’re going towards my brother who was sleeping on the ground so I put shoes on and started stomping on them but I don’t know if they died they appeared to go sink into the floor then this bigger look spider about twice the size of these small spiders bit my arm. It was black and very scary and mean looking it had either a strip of white or a white dot either on the top of it’s head or down it’s back I don’t remember. Then after it bit me it disappeared and there was clear puss running where it but me. So I went to someone in my back yard which was James Bond and I said “help me” then I fainted and he caught me then brought me to my grandma she blamed herself. That’s all I remember thenI woke up screaming and crying. I can feel on my arm where it bit me but there’s no marks of any bites. Then I feel like they are all over me just biting me but there’s no spiders

  164. I have dreamt about a huge spider crawling in my face , I wanted to find out what this might mean. The spider was not attacking me , it was just covering my entire face.

  165. Hi,
    I had a dream that I was watching TV alone at night and I saw a red spider crawling on the ceiling and I froze. Then it flew to the wall and then attack me, but I woke up before it touched me. Anybody know what it means?

  166. So it started off I was at my aunt and uncle’s house talking to my aunt about drinks. And then I started to see black dots in my mouth and she had said it was spider eggs and to clean them all on my mouth so I did that or at least I thought I did that but I still had some left and then they started hatching and laying more eggs and pouring out of my mouth, rinse and repeat. So this one on for a long while and towards the end when I finally forced myself awake I was sitting in front of a mirror outside scraping and spitting up these eggs and spiders crying while the song Hallelujah started playing and gradually getting louder

  167. A had a dream that a neon yellow spider was staring at me for a while before it started chasing me. Suddenly some guy showed up and stepped on it. Then I looked at my leg to see a brown, black, and white daddy long legs crawling up my legs. I am terrified of spiders

  168. I don’t remember my dreams unless something g is wring, u hate dreaming I can’t always tell real from dream,my spider tickled the Web of my fingers and then appeared to me crawling over my hand between my fingers. I am afraid of spiders and I don’t like it but I can’t shake it.

  169. This is the second time that I had a dream about spiders. But last night was very vague. I saw a lot of spiders in a ramdom cave. I’n my dreams I wondered why these spiders are keep coming out. There are a lot of spiders everywhere. Some are poisonous and some are not. But they’re just in front of me. Some are little and sone are huge. I remember a specific event that this huge yellow spider chased and stung this brown colored spider and it died.

  170. (in My Opinion), In My Dream, I was wearing pink fleece diapers and footed pajamas, suspended within a giant pink fleece web, and a mother spider as large, as ten feet across, had spun a heavenly soft, baby pink fleece cocoon all over me, after injecting me with tranquilizer, and a chemical, who’s purpose I sensed, was to turn my insides to liquid, both to make her loving work of spinning the cocoon more effortless!, and prepare me for feeding! She then awaited the tranquilizer and liquifying process to begin to take effect, and then attached a powerful suction mechanism to the toe of my right enshrouded foot, and began to suckle away, as I helplessly moaned, and began squirm, scratch, claw, and attemp to resist the suction, and loss of sensory feeling! The heavenly soft baby pink fleecy cocoon now seemed to thicken, and it’s suction seemed to grow tighter and tighter, all over me, which i sensed, indicated frenzied spinning, as the mother spider now sensed that her prey might be experiencing a feeling of excitement, as she now spun the heavenly soft baby pinkness faster and faster, becoming more and more hungry, and now, a camera might now show a helpless baby pink shape with very little movement! Gradually, the loss of my liquids, and inability to remain awake overpowered me, and I slowly grew more and more sleepy, helpless, unable to continue struggling, within a baby pink heavenly soft cocoon of love, as my heart beat wildly, with emotional excitement, and my last conscious sensation was one of heavenly soft baby pink fleecy softness squeezing and Sucking me into unconsciousness!

  171. I had a dream about work.i was asking my coworkers for help and they each went about their business. I then found a police officer that told me I seemed traumatized by vehicles in which I responded I was hit by one once. (Which hasn’t happened in real life) I then found myself in a hallway. My mother was looking for me and as I tried to get to her I noticed an infestation of sliders. They weren’t moving they were just sitting on their enormous webbs. They were yellow and black. About 4 to 5 inches each. I had ran into one and had a panic attack. To which my mom careful instructed me on how to kill them and I couldn’t find myself to do it. So she came over and killed each one herself keaving one behind and she looked at me and said “see that wasn’t so bad” and then guided me into killing the last one.

  172. I had a dream about a very large hairy orange and white spider with many big black eyes sucking blood from my dog. I was terrified but I knew I had to kill it. I called my song to help me, but he could not so I took a can of bug spray and began to spray it, but it started effecting me and my dog, but it eventually crawled underneath my back door to go outside. I went out another door with a knife were I saw it again and I could see his eyes looking at me. It started aggressively charging me and in fear for my life I began stabbing it. I killed it. It was a tarantula spider.

  173. Dreamed that my boyfriend and I had a venomous spider as a pet it also laied an egg in his finger(I didn’t see) and sprayed poison on the wall cause it was mad at us

  174. Hi. My dream was: I came across a small spider on the ground and this spider jumped on my back, once there it grew to the size of my back and I could feel its heavy weight. I awoke but wasn’t scared

  175. I am needing help to understand my dream.
    My husband and I were at some camp, and we had to put duffle bags into a truck and clip the strap to both sides of a bumper. While I was clipping one side, I was having trouble and after several tries a black spider with bright red on it’s back jumped out. It was poisonous. It scared me, but I didn’t feel it bite me. I went indoors to tell the camp leaders and they put out a warning to all. But then I saw another in a large web near the door. And it travelled up. And then another, making it 3 total. And I recall a dead bubble bee in the web. Then I remember walking with my husband and hearing that the poison could kill quickly, and I said I was grateful I wasn’t bitten, but looked at my hand and a spot was beginning to sink in and turn black. And I got terrified. So my husband was going to rush me to the hospital, but my Mom (who passed away this July) was reassuring him and taking up a lot of unnecessary time. And suddenly these spiders were everywhere. Like 10+ in each web. And I couldn’t get inside the building, they kept forming a threatening presence, but I had to get in. And another group of brown spiders formed a chain to help provide a barrier around 1 door, but as I was moving past them to get inside. The last one latched it’s (hooked/talon) leg onto my good hand and wouldn’t let go. I looked up to see if the black/red spider was coming to get me and I felt it was going to.
    I woke up screaming and calling for my husband. My heart was racing. I don’t seem to have a strong female presence in my life though, as I don’t work and, as I said, my Mom recently passed. I don’t have any female friends I would consider as a threatening influence. My sisters are all grown and we talk, but I wouldn’t consider them a strong female presence either. So I don’t see the meaning relating to my life right now and I could use help.

  176. I been dreaming of a very lg brn/BLK spider living in a LG web in my spare bathroom. I never did anything but let him be.Im terrified of the creepy things but don’t kill them. This last dream I got caught up in the he web and when I was running away the web and spider came with me in a can CK I screamedformy son to come and help me. He lives in another state and have not seem him going on 2 yrs. My son got the web off me laughing and the spiderfell to the floor and scampered towards my dog and cat seemingly to play. I was screaming for my son to catch it and put it outside. Didn’t want it bit my pets. The pets were curious and not afraid. At the end the spider was at my ankle while I was sitting on floor I was kicking at it but he kept coming back again seeming to want to play.I was terrified but still not willing to kill it. I woke up yelling for my son to get it. I have no idea at that point what happen to the spider. I used to long ago have spider dreams. I killed one once and really didn’t have to. That night him and all his spider friends came to get me. It was more then a nightmare. Thus I don’t kill spiders I move in another direction

  177. I had a dream about 2big spiders male and female,with vampire teeth they where on top of my bed I screamed for my little brother then he came and kill the female one then the male entered in the ceiling next to my bed.am so scared even afraid to go to bed

  178. I dreamed I had to eat a giant poisonous spider, it was like caramelized. And the chefs there said, “You can take off the poison yourself”. What does it mean?

  179. In my dream I noticed two streams of blood oozing out of my leg above my knee. When I went to wipe the blood that seemed more black than red, I notice a hole in my leg. When I went to squeeze it, one of the spiders legs popped out. As I squeezed harder the spider popped out, but then went back in. It looked like a black widow and it was huge. I didn’t see it bite me. I wasn’t scared, just freaked out that it was in my leg. I woke up very curious as to what this meant.

  180. Please help me to understand about my dream.

    On my dream, I saw 2 Spiders on a Web fighting weaving to kill each other. What’s more weird about it, though I can’t tell exactly whether both spiders have skeleton man tattooed on their backs or was it a skeleton man spider. I was shock on what i saw and kept observing them sending weave against each other then I woke up.

    What does it mean?

  181. I dreamt I was in my old neighbourhood (where I lived when I was a baby). I was with somebody that wanted to knock on all the doors but I was reluctant as all of the houses had big cobwebs wifh spiders and spiders eggs in them. As I was expressing my reluctance some of the eggs began to hatch and little spiders began running out! So strange but very vivid!

  182. Had a dream that garden spiders where all over a room.
    They weren’t moving but their webs were everywhere and they had long clear egg sacks, some you could see little white eggs in them.
    I didn’t feel threatened by them but I didn’t like that the webs were everywhere and I couldn’t walk around the room because I didn’t want them on me. I kept asking my mom to remove the webs but she wasn’t there.

  183. I’ve had a dream where I needed to use the restroom, entered two bathrooms and both have floors covered with big, round, black spiders crawling fast. What’s all that about?

  184. i had seen so many hanged spider in my new house all were white and tried to clean very fastly but the net was in so many places even i saw a very big black multi colored spider at my drawing room wall it was in position of upward and i scared at once one white spider bite at my finger that was of white colour then i scared and wake up at 4 am please tell me what was that ?

  185. I’ve been having this spider dream for a couple months now on and and it’s always at my dad’s house in the location of the dream. The dream has 2 big spiders, big like they are a tarantula, but aren’t tarantulas, they have big geometrical backs that look like shells and come to a point, but they aren’t shells, and one is black while the other is white. I normally dream about both of them walking all around my father’s house, but last night the white one attacked me and bit the back of my neck, all I could see was how the white one was biting my neck and wouldn’t let go like it was a tick until my dad pulled it off and I woke up from my dream squirming a lot. What does this mean??

  186. Had a dream I opened a top cabinet and a severed head was inside with its mouth open and it was covered with a spider web.. then add I was looking in shock I say movement inside the mouth as the big black spider was doing down the web to get out. When it was free it jumped and tried to attack me but I jumped back but it kept lunging at me aggressively. Then I woke up.

  187. i dreamt of my father blocking three mourning widows with black attire, from entering the same shop he was at with my mother, these widows kept begging him but he just closed the door and my mother was busy at the ATM .

  188. i had a dream the other night that there where yellow and half black spiders with hair on its back but looked like a spiders they where also crawling on me and my bed for some reason i new that they where half spider and bee it was weird but do you have any clue of what this means?

  189. I had a dream where i was in a room, with someone sleeping on the bed,and i saw a black spider and then i tried to kill it but i missed and it started to run away but as soon as i got close enough to almost killing it it started running towards me instead and i fell to the ground. I had a towel or something over my arm and then the spider started running towards my face but during the time it was running to my face it went from black to a red spider. After it ran towards my face and changed color i woke up. I am scared of spiders in real life but am willing to kill them if i have to.

  190. I dreamt about harmless spiders multiplying, at first I was fascinated watching the process, then it sped up & they were everywhere, to the point I started to smoke spraying them, that’s when I woke up.

  191. I dreamed that there were two small holes on my hand and a small spider crawled on me and went inside my hand through the hole. I tried to grab it and pull it out, but I couldn’t get it.

  192. Hi dream of a harmless hairy spider sitting in the corner of my pick up truck ,I really admire and loved the beauty of it,it had light grey 5 legs formed like a bear,I was not afraid in the dream,what could it mean?

  193. I had a dream at my uncle’s place, outside the house, I saw a marine snake that’s how i felt like it was, it has an unusually big heard, but the snake was generally small, I called for my sister to give something to kill with coz I didn’t want it to get out of sihht, she gave me a metallic weapon, wasn’t effective according to me ,I wanted a lot which I can really direct to the snake. As I continued to beat the snake, it turned into a spider, I continued beating but it went away, the spider didn’t look harmful, was transparent,

  194. orange, black, white, small and fuzzy spider that burrowed into my body pillow, when it jumped of the pillow it made a buzzing noise and went right back to the pillow. I only saw the spider twice and it pored no threat to me. it was the only focused thing in that hole fever dream story.

  195. I had a dream where I woke up and I just saw a lot of spiders crawling in my bed following a string. While I was just sitting up, “where are they going” I asked then a voice answer that they are jumping into the ocean. I looked down and I saw the spiders following the path of string and saw spiders jumping off the bed in a line one by one into the ocean.

  196. In my dream I kept trying to shake off the spiders out of my hair but there were hundreds of them just falling off my hair and I saw them in a column moving away from me they were about a quarter size and silvery gold, then I saw a rather large long legged red spider and then I woke up not scared or panicked. But it was like the scene in arachnophobia where the spiders are running out of the barn by the thousands. In the dream I was not afraid or freaked that they were in my hair I just kept shaking them out of it.

  197. I had a dream last night that there were a lot of spiders some big in their web up on the ceiling. I saw white and black and I tried sucking it with the vacuum but couldn’t cause I realized I had the wrong attachment for the vacuum. I asked my daughter to look for the right attachment until I woke up. Can you please interpret my dream. Thanks

  198. dreaming of someone that works with me and there was black and yellow spiders falling from tree the she goes take one and put it in the house. meaning please

  199. can you explain to me what a dream I dreamt of I was doing sandwiches and giving them out when I arrived on my a spider came out as I touched a pressed d bread loads and loads of tiny spiders were coming out please help me know the meaning

  200. I have the same dream the exact same way ever time i do . its not often i do but i know i am dreaming because i been there before.
    Im in a old house and i check under the bed and there are spiders. Long spiders , a plethora. I notice a crack on the wall and i see massive amounts of spiders. I start cracking the wall and notice almost layers of spiders.

  201. i dreamed about a large spider with long legs was purple color was on a chair and wasnt visious , didnt want to kill it was waiting to put it outide with her babies as in my dream was winter and didnt want to put it out yet it came to me but didnt want to get close to it i was kinda scared a little to what it might do then i woke up

  202. Not a comment more of an explanation hoping for an answer. I’m in a house someone’s house I know but I don’t know who’s I walk into a room my newphew is laying in bed he’s much younger then he is maybe a year (he’s about 5 in real life) we wakes up and my younger sister walks in because he calls for her. He gets out of bed and were in the hallway I see the top of his head one time my black widow a black spider with red strip it’s tiny I quicky brush it off my older sister shows up (were not on talking terms) she’s not worried. More spiders just keep appearing on his head I keep brushing them off with my hand she (older sister) says wait use gloves or you’ll get bit I feel a small prickle then turn to the right and see a large infestation of brown spiders on a wall heater (makes me believe we were at my older sisters house) the brown spiders were just crawing all of each other seemed like hundreds I then said OMG where did all these spiders come from? And woke up
    The scariest part was seeing the baby’s head with only one baby spider then a momma spider and then lots of little baby spiders black with red.

  203. I was in a room with some other people, when we spotted a spider on the ceiling we called it out. And then it leaped onto my neck, it then crawled behind my ear. The people said: ‘it is almost in your ear, aren’t you going to do anything about it?’ I kind of wanted to, but then I felt quite comfortable with it. I also felt a little parilyzed, but nothing spooky. That was the dream, I accepted the precense of this spider on my neck and ear

  204. I had the creepiest dream ever, a giant spider was crawling on the wall of my bedroom it was black I ran out of the room and my husband came in to kill it, he recently died in that room then my dad, who died in that room came to help him. The spider was gone by the time they got there.

  205. Hello, I dreamt I was looking at a giant spider in a jar, it was suppose to be dead in some type of yellowish liquid, I talked to the person, then looked back and it was out of the jar, I freaked and pointed and said ‘it’s still alive!!’, the other person picked it up like a baby, and said ‘no it’s dead’ and started talking in Spanish saying ‘oh what a cute little spider you are’, then it twitched, and I ran back, then he dropped the spider in a huge plastic container of acid and I heard the giant spider screech in agony………

  206. I am super scared of spiders and will only once in a while have dreams about them. I woke up in my apartment like a normal day but there were a few spiders that were in a bag I’d brought home from a cookout i walk in eggs everywhere they hatch and all the spiders are black/gray and violent they went into my fish tank and killed all my fish I tried to kill some and they all start coming for me so I run put of the kitchen into the living room and there is webs everywhere and spiders hanging everywhere they’re attacking from everywhere and I finally woke up after what felt like forever being stuck in webs and attacked

  207. i dreamt that i had overly large daddy long leg spiders (usa, non-threatening but very poisonous) in my room and i singled one out in the corner of my room as i woke up. it was slowly going up its web and fading away, i was awake so i quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture but nothing was their so i really don’t know what it could mean because they are yellowish so its kinda conflicting. also to note i do keep the daddy long legs alive in my place because they keep it bug free even when i am gone for 8 months.

  208. I dreamt that my cat brought in a massive spider into my house then later that day thw cat brought in a massive rat what does that mean

  209. I dreamt that my cat brought in a massive spider into my house i was so scared i woke up then later that day my cat atcually brought in a massive rat dont know if i madw thw dream comw true but in a different form ita been stressing me out could anyone help me with this

  210. I dreamt that i was in my bedroom and my wooden chair was close to my door facing towards me. There was a big, creamy white tarantula on its side and i looked at it and went to bed not really caring about it, i just felt like it wasn’t going to do anything.
    Then in my dream i wake up and the tarantula was basically in the same place, i think it moved around a bit, but i was suddenly scared so i go over to the chair and look at the spider and see black ants walking around the chair a few (biggish) brown ones. I didnt know what to do with it so i went back to bed really scared, facing away from the chair.
    I felt the white tarantula in my throat as i gulped. I didnt realise the spider was there otherwise i wouldnt of swallowed it and then i woke up because i was scared, but i dont know if i woke up in my dream or in real life.
    I tried to interpret some of the dream but i was most curious as to why the tarantula was in my throat and why I swallowed it.

  211. I don’t usually dream but this morning I dreamt of medium size spiders gray, black crawling on top of my bed and I was smashing them everytime I see them. the spiders came one by one. the last spider was a big gray one and I smashed it too.

  212. I’ve been dreaming about a black tarantula for a couple nights in a row now. The first one was I was opening up my car door and the spider crawled into the door panel and I tried to get someone to help me get it out (not necessarily kill it, but get it out) so that I can drive to wherever I was needing to go. Then last night, I dreamt that I was going into, what appeared to be my apartment, and there was a drawer or something (mid-size) like a nightstand drawer that I saw the (again black tarantula) crawl into, and because I was scared to get it out myself, I went out to see if someone could help me. Needless to say, there was some perv on the street willing to help and so it became about me getting back to my place without him following me, and I went up and still had that spider in my drawer and I don’t remember the rest but I know I never got the spider out.

    All the scenarios really didn’t speak to what that may mean. All of it gave me a better understanding in correlating it to whats going on in my life at the moment and it fits but does anyone have any input about my dream in particular?

  213. I dreamt about driving home but at the tracks the rrain had stopped i took the gravel road to go around wich drives by the train. I for some reason stop i get out walk back to look at one of the train cars there are these animal like gliphs looking as if they are falling from something as i go to grab my phone to take a pic i notice this thing it looks like a sog or some animal trying to open yhe door to go in i speak to it.. it turns around and as it gets closer it turns into the spider like creature the eyes are huge! The body is brown amd hairy with a yellow stipe down the back its legs are as theu sgould be until the bittom of them they look like the little paws of a chemilion would have the fangs of the spider are ridged and unlike any i have ever seen on a spider im in awww of this creature as i stand moving causiousely and slow but not breaking eye contact, it tilts its head to the left with an odd curiouse intence lo9k and throws webbing at me! I try and bkock it witg my left forarm it hits me i twerk my arm and qitg my other hand somehow pull it off while taking in the context of the webbing i hold on to it trying to over come the spider and then i run.. after that i wake up i drew the spider on some paper .. i cant make geads or tails of this dream..

  214. I dreamt that i had a spider and a spider web on my head. I took the spider off my head and started to take out the web off. In the process of finishing taking out the web the spider climbs to my head again

  215. I keep having dreams about a black small spider in corner of my bed beside me. It’s like its haunting me or waiting to do or say something to me. Sometimes it would come towards me and that’s when I’d wake up. Can I get some explination.?

  216. I dret about beging in a room with 2 of my siblings my olders sister and younger brother. Me and my brither wanted to go slaap on the bed in the room while my suster was on the floor. There aas 4 littl brown hair spiders on the bed but i shook them off and they ran to a cobourd in the room but there was only 3 spiders not 4 i layed in the bed with my little brother but i couldnt sleep because i wanted ti know where the spider is these spiders did not seem harmfull to me at all but was stkll bothering me because i have a fear of spiders i stood up feon the bed and asked my sister where she thought the other spider could be and she said it maybe could be kn my bag.and i kicked my bag slightly while my sister was sitting behind me. She saw a big black spider that appeared scary and poisionos to me she took the spider and it started biting her.she told me to take our brother and to get our mom.Ghats when i saw my cousin my mom and dad in a room..and thats where my dream stoped

  217. I dreamt I woke up and saw a beautiful orangey pinkish spider spinning a web coming down at me while I was laying in bed. I was scared but fascinated as it was about two inches long and it looked like a ghost spider it was kinda see through and all I could do was stare at it and then I woke up.

  218. I dreamed that a HUGE black and red spider with a little bit of dark purple in the middle of the red part, was chasing me. Every room I’d run in and slam the door, it would still get in. I was VERY SCARED in my dream, and I kept wondering how that HUGE spider kept getting in every room I’d run in. I was terrified running from room to room trying to stay away from it but it just kept coming. It would lunge at me from the ceiling THEN it jumped on my chest, I was able to push it off my body, but THEN it ran up to me and bit me on my foot. I could feel the pain from that bite. Then someone, I don’t know who, came running in and started spraying some sort of poison in a pump spray. We watched that huge thing curl it’s legs in and appeared to be dead, BUT THEN it woke up and lunged at me again, AND I WOKE UP. Even after I woke up, I looked immediately at my foot because my foot was still in pain like it felt when the oversized spider bit me in my dream, but there was nothing there, just the pain from it.

  219. Thank You fr this insightful article.

    Please help.

    I have been having a reoccurring dream over the last week or so that there is one very large black spider on the carpet next to my bed. Lying flat-out. It’s the size of a man’s open hand.

    Parts of its legs look more like black lace. I’m not afraid of it, as it does not move, and I appear to accept its presence. I see the side of my red bed sheet hanging down near it, and my cream bedspread. I feel it’s a message dream.

    I am facing a couple of significant issues.

    I would be so grateful, if you could please assist me with an interpretation.

  220. I dreamt a huge, fat spider had locked on to my right hand and I could not get it off. In the dream I was terrified and panicked. It bit into my hand with its fangs and legs as well. Although she was frightened and disgusted by the spider, my adult niece (we are very close), tugged and tugged on it for what seemed like a long time. She pulled so hard it suddenly came off. As we were both feeling shocked, relieved and tired, I noticed other similar spiders coming down the walls toward us. My niece said, ‘Don’t worry about them, they’ll leave you alone”.

  221. I dreamt about a room full of different spiders and they were all in the center of their webs. I wasn’t afraid as I walked through them. The only color I seen on one spider only was yellow.

  222. Thank you very much. This gives some idea about my dream. I put my right hand under a table top to brush a cobweb awayout came a sizeable black spider that bit me more than once on my right thumb. The thumb swelled and changes colour and I could see the puncture. I had a tremendouse feeling of fear after the thumb started to swell. No pain at the initial bite. The dream was so real I Checked my thumb in the morning.
    Thank you.

  223. I had a dream recently that I was walking under a palm tree and a web full of white spiders with large bulbs on their backs fell on me. I became hysterical and fell straight back on the ground and began carefully removing my clothing so that i wouldn’t get bitten.I did not get bit but I stood up with just my undergarments on and walked away. Can you decipher what this means.

  224. I dreamt of spider’s last night. Lots of different spider’s. It started with my name being shouted out. Startled I looked up, a man showed me his back there were red spots on his back. Then all of a sudden I was watching something on tv, it was like I was having a sleep over. Someone was throwing popcorn at me then, I said I was going for a smoke, someone said they would go with me. I had to crawl down this stairs, the next thing I know I’m at the bottom of this stairs I have to go up, then I see the web’s, the black spider’s. When I get outside, there are tons of different spider’s. I noticed this big beige colored spider it had two claws, but was in the middle of this beautiful web. I kept walking surrounded by spiders and webs. As I walked, the webs got thicker like webbing, I lit it on fire thinking I would be able to get through. It cleared up it was sunny, we were in a clearing, The next thing I know I was puffing up with huge bumps on my arms, I looked at the person next to me, their puffing up and they start foaming at the mouth, that’s when I got scared and woke up. What does it mean

  225. This morning, I had a dream and in one of the parts in the dream I had 2 pet tarantulas. They were both brown, but one might have been darker than the other and both where hairy. I had them in my pockets and I was walking from outside to what seemed to be my room. I sat down at my desk and I pulled them from my pockets and let them crawl around on my desk. The lighter one was seeming aggressive and so I put it in this box but ended up hurting the spider and made it even more angry. At this time I was afraid that the spider would bite me. I let it out. I thought my spiders were hungry so I pulled out this other spider. It was alive, very big, shiny, no hair, black, and I think it was a tarantula as well. It was also agressive, but my other pet spider that I didnt put in the box, the one that is darker than the brown one, came from a dark part of my desk and attacked the shiny black spider and began to feed on it. The light brown spider also began to feed on it.

    I am kind of at a loss here, I think I have an idea of what it means, but I am not sure. I really need help trying to figure out the meanings behind this. Would anyone happen to have any ideas?

  226. In my dream I was sitting outside on patio breastfeeding my baby and a spider webbed down from above and I freaked out, my boyfriend appeared and reassured me that it was fine the spider wasn’t going to hurt me so I slowly lean forward to let the spider crawl onto a pole and then 2 more just appear on my hand, I look up and more just keep webbing down. I look at my boyfriend wide eyed and he couldn’t help me so I’m trying to hold my baby and shoo off the spiders and notice I accidently smooshed one, I start crying and feel overwhelmed and look at the smooshed spider like I did something wrong. Then I wake up. The spiders were a really light beige color and looked like daddy long legs but bigger and the bodies were more circular and hairy

  227. I drempt that spider were attacking me with webs! they would make webs on my eyes and when i tried to get them off it took off the skin and it attacked a cat too and i took it of along with skin! I have no mother figure in my life not much of any kind of feminine person! So am confused on what this means! Im not afraid of spiders in real life. I let them be they do their job and i respect mostly just not much in the house! like i have a web in my front door way he is fine there he keeps insects from coming in! Anyways any ideas would be appreciated!

  228. Had dream black and grey huge spider big as toddler and in dream the spider going down from middle ceiling to untop of my mate the he grabbed it but couldn’t reliece it so it crowled along the inside window then it turned into boy

  229. I saw a big brown spider in the corner of my bedroom and went to ask for help, I ddnt find anyone and when I came back and look for it it was gone and a day later I found out I was pregnant

    was this a sign?

  230. Hi I dreamnt like I wore clothes that already had spiders in them. Small little crawling black spiders in large numbers were biting my back and I didn’t even know it until it started feeling hot.
    . I took off my top as I saw them starting to crawl outside of my clothes.

    When I looked in the mirror I had multiple holes which were extremely painful on my back.

    I tossed my clothes and killed the spiders. I was not feeling anything else other than the pain and I manged to jump over some wall where I was led by a lady who I was with who was also bit just like me to go with her for help to cure the holes and pain.

    There was a door where I could see through a lot of people which I am not sure if they saw me but it seemed like I could not go to them because I had removed all my clothes I was now naked.

    However a male figure came in this room where I was in and tried to rape me but I fought him easiy as strong as he was and defeated him though I was in pain.
    . Then I called on people to come help me and remove as he laid flat on the ground. I told people that I had arrived what happened and he denied at this point the lady that I was with who had been bitten by spiders as well had disappeared.

  231. I dreamt of walking into my room turned on my light and see the room full of gardner spiders and their webs, all over my room… I asked my bf to clear the room out, and asked him if he cleared out the room completely… When I went to lay down 2 (black and yellow) grass spiders crawl on my body… The place where it begin near the abdomen area like an infinity transformation side way like formation then ended same direction together… I took the turning of the light on as illumination… Then asking someone else to do get rid of the spiders, my responsibility only because if Id had cleaned it I would of check everywhere, (trust issues) only wondering because I asked him did you clean it correctly, and then the incident with the grass spiders… I looked up the spiders, and the gardner spider only bites when provoked harmless to humans, and when they feel attacked they shake their webs for like a warning, and the grass spider not poisonous, and they weave their webs in the grass and hide behind it… And no detail more to mesh the two significance for the dream… What is the opinion for this story on why Id dream about it…

  232. I’ve had 2 lucid-like dreams where a big house spider(white) descends down upon my bed (the one I’m currently sleeping in) and just hovers there. Each time I’ve woken up and been sure the spider is there, and look thru the bed to check. Your interpretation of all of these symbols feels very correct for me, so thank you. The hover spider being a spiritual protector, I know my spirit guides are with me and I receive a lot of signs from them. Also, the fact that it is in the bed/bedroom— there are parts of this in regards to a feminine figure messing w my personal life that are extremely accurate. Same with the overbearing mother figure :/ <3 thank you! Great and helpful interpretation

  233. In my dream it was my sister, mother and sister in law. the spider fell from the roof onto my foot twice I was terified and felt pain I could not kill it .All the ladies could run away . After the bite it will just vanish and I will be sitting or limping to a chair.

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