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Tattoo Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. I dreamt that I got my eye balls tattooed! I have grey/blue eyes but in my dream I had them made a dark blue. As soon as I had it done I regretted it and worried they would fade over time and leave my eyes completely white. What does that mean?!

    • I dreamt about getting a large tattoo across my chest that went down my arms, flowers with small leaves. It was a work in progress and i just had the black outline done, I was supposed to go back again to finish. I was very happy and exited with it but when home I totally regret it and was embarrass my family to see it. Instantly started to look for ways to remove it, I was mortify.. what could this mean?

      • I had that dream last night. My brother died recently. I think it may mean anguish over things from the past . In my dream I too was panicked about removal. I didn’t even remember the dream until I turned on the tv this morning and saw an actor with a neck tatoo.

  2. I saw in my dream my forhead was tattoo in green ink”born to do the undone” and i was thinking how to cover it with my hair.it was close to my hair line.anyone knows what that means.

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