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  1. I dreamt that I got my eye balls tattooed! I have grey/blue eyes but in my dream I had them made a dark blue. As soon as I had it done I regretted it and worried they would fade over time and leave my eyes completely white. What does that mean?!

    • I dreamt about getting a large tattoo across my chest that went down my arms, flowers with small leaves. It was a work in progress and i just had the black outline done, I was supposed to go back again to finish. I was very happy and exited with it but when home I totally regret it and was embarrass my family to see it. Instantly started to look for ways to remove it, I was mortify.. what could this mean?

      • I had that dream last night. My brother died recently. I think it may mean anguish over things from the past . In my dream I too was panicked about removal. I didn’t even remember the dream until I turned on the tv this morning and saw an actor with a neck tatoo.

  2. I saw in my dream my forhead was tattoo in green ink”born to do the undone” and i was thinking how to cover it with my hair.it was close to my hair line.anyone knows what that means.

  3. In my dream I was Getting ready for surgery, running late, I awoke from sleep to shower for surgery to find nearly my whole body had been tattooed. I did not know who did it as I slept and was trying to find the culprit. To my horror I had a black tramp stamp all the way across my lower back and it was line work and text of some sort. I had black text and line work tattoo starting up my back that was unfinished.
    On my left front hip area going into my thigh someone tattooed their old high school reunion class faces that I do not know in back and white, and across both front things there was some kind of colorful scallop border with beautiful little horses in it, just the heads and neck area, (I always had horses and just got rid of my horse for good and not upset by it cause it’s time) and then to my other horror I had a dark navy blue solid wide cuff tattoo around my right elbow! I hated that one worst of all. In my dream I admired the horse tattoos and was not as concerned over being covered in tattoos as I thought I should be because I had to rush to get ready for surgery I was late for. Then my niece was looking at them(she’s a tattoo artist in real life) said well at least it’s good artwork. It was such a vivid dream and I have never dreamed of tattoos before, I’m 50 yrs old, no tattoos in real life. Not against tattoos either. This must be symbolic of something!

  4. In my dream I was asleep and woke up with a tattoo on my left arm that my son had given me. I know it had red on it because I said in the dream- that I normally do not like the color red but since he gave it to me I would embrace it & love it because it meant more to me that he took the time to design it for me.

  5. I had a dream one night a while ago I’m not exactly sure what it means in this dream i was in a room , it was old fashioned and I saw myself. I was sitting in a chair next to a bed that was nearly made up and I had a black wolf tattoo on the left side of my chest. Can anyone tell me what it means?

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