Tattoo Dream Interpretation

To dream that you have tattoos represent your sense of individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. Tattoos symbolize permanence, self expression, creativity, and transformation. If you actually in an environment where seeing tattoo is common or if you are actually getting a tattoo or if you are a tattoo artists, these dreams will have much less meaning and symbolism

To successfully interpret the symbol of tattoos in your dreams, consider the location of the body where the tattoo is located, the color and symbols or animals and finally your own emotions when looking at the tattoo.

To dream that you are a tattoo artist suggests that your exotic tastes and strange experiences may turn off those around you.

Dream About Tattoo Actions
Getting a Brand New Tattoo
Consider the tattoo that you are receiving in the dream. It can signify a sense of empowerment for yourself, or a celebration of your own personal individuality.

Removing Tattoo
Removing tattoo in the dreams suggests a sense of regret, perhaps you want to take back some actions or things that you have said in the past.

Drawing Tattoo on Yourself
The action in dream indicates that you may be creating an enemy for yourself.

Drawing a Tattoo on a Lover
Tattoo on your lover in the dream suggests that you need to add sparks into your romance. Pay attention to the symbols and colors drawn to figure out the exact “spark” that you require.

Tattooing Someone Else
Tattooing someone else suggests that you need to explore your creative side.

Dream About Tattoo’s Conditions
Bad Tattoo
Dreams about a bad tattoo, suggests that a bad waking situation or decision is having a much longer lasting effect that you had expected. It could a bad decisions with illegal acts that have gotten you in trouble in the past.]

Faded Tattoo
Faded tattoo suggests that you will have money problems.

Disappearing Tattoo or Tattoo Falling Off
To see a tattoo falling off like a sticker or disappearing suddenly, suggest a loss of individuality and freedom. Perhaps you have been taken away the ability to express your true thoughts.

Unfinished Tattoo
Unfinished tattoo indicates unfinished business that you have.

Covered in Tattoo
When your whole body is covered in tattoo, it indicates completely transformation of your body and mind. Perhaps you have gone through a whole transformation process that changed you forever.

Dream About Tattoo and Emotions
Regret Getting the Tattoo
If you feel regret about the tattoo that you have gotten earlier, it can suggest personal transformation. You do not feel or think the same as when you first got the tattoo. Perhaps you have just ended an important chapter or relationship of your life, and now that you have regretted making certain decisions or lifestyles.

Tattoo and Expectation
If your lover is expecting and wanting a tattoo in the dream. It may suggest that he or she is trying to express him or herself and get your attention.

Common Tattoo Symbols in Dreams
Butterfly Tattoo
Signify personal transformation and the result of cause and effect.

Ace and Hearts
Dreaming of getting a tattoo of the ace or hearts means that you are proud of your past accomplishments and want to share it with those around you.

Dragon Tattoo
Implies that you are looking for attention. You want to be acknowledged and awarded for your efforts and positive actions.

Bird Tattoo
Represents your deep inner desire to remain free and open minded.

Cross Tattoo
It indicates that you have set your mind to some known targets.

Eagle Tattoo
The eagle tattoo signifies your desire to soar the skies and claim your throne.

Eye Tattoo
The eye tattoo suggests that you want to be open minded and more perceptive to your surroundings.

Elephant Tattoo
The elephant tattoo symbolizes luck and good fortune.

Flower Tattoo
Flower tattoo suggests that you want to express your feminine side. Pay attention to the type of flower in the tattoo dream, for example rose might suggest that you are in love.

Fish Tattoo
Fish tattoo depicts your destiny. You will obtain new discoveries and achievements.

Wing or Feather Tattoo
Suggests that you want to be as light as a feather. You want to unload the ideas and thoughts that have been burdening you.

Name Tattoo
Consider the name of the person that you are trying to put on your body. Perhaps they have special meaning or are becoming more important to you. Perhaps an Ex had changed how you express yourself permanently.

Poison Spider or Snake Tattoo
The vicious animals as tattoos may mean that you are planning something deceitful and deadly that may cause damage to others.

Tiger or Lion Tattoo
They symbolize your pride and power as top of the food chain in the jungle.

Dream About Tattoo on Body
When you see tattoos on your body, always consider the type of image used as the tattoo. Combine the two symbols to interpret your tattoo dreams correctly. For example, dream about wing tattoos on your shoulder, suggests that you want to release yourself from the heavy responsibilities that you have been carrying.

Tattoo on Back
This indicates your attitudes on the world.

Tattoo on Hands and Arms
Tattoo on the hands and arms signify the ways and methods that you have used to express your relationship.

Tattoo on Chest
Tattoo on your chest and breast symbolize how you feel about your past experiences.

Tattoo on Leg or Ankle
Dream about tattoo on legs or ankles represent the believes that you stand.

Tattoo on Neck
Seeing tattoos on the neck symbolize the common ground between your mental and physical world.

Facial Tattoo
The facial tattoos is your attempt to express who you are.

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