Claw Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Claws

Did you dream about claws? Claws in the dream signify feelings of vulnerability and hostility. You want to defend and protect yourself when threatened. However, be careful about how you use force going forward. You will likely injure people around you when you feel angry and hurt. Below we will note deeper interpretations of seeing claws in the dream.

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Dream About Different Types of Claws

Dream About Cat Claws
To dream about cat claws; suggests that you will enter into some type of conflict with a feminine figure. Be careful if you get into the personal space of others. They will get defensive and attack you to protect themselves.

Dream About Lion or Tiger Claws
To dream about lion or tiger claw; it suggests that you will have direct conflicts with authority figures. Your comments and actions will challenge people of authority. Be careful about getting revenge attacked. You will fight against an unjust system.

Dream About Lobster Claw
Lobster claws in the dream relate to money and good business. You will try to take away business from your competitors. Be careful about how you do it as you might get into legal trouble with lawyers. But the rewards of successful maneuvers can be highly profitable.

Dream About Bear Claw
Dreaming about bear claws; forewarns that your proposals and stock market investments might be shut down. Prepare for sudden and fast losses in your investments. Find out ways to protect yourself.

Dream About Crab Claw
To see crab claws in the dream, it indicates that someone’s stubbornness and tenacity will be troubling to you. However, once you break through the shells you will be rewarded with business opportunity and sales.

Dream About Purposes of Claws

Dream About Claw Machine
To play or see a claw machine or crane in the dream; it suggests that something in your waking life is within reach. However, you keep on missing the opportunities because of faulty approaches.

Dream About Claw Costume or Gloves
To see yourself wearing a claw costume and glove; foretells that you need to put on personal protection or barriers. Be suspicious of others especially fake news and conspiracy theories.

Dream About Growing Mutant Claws
To see yourself growing claws like a mutant Wolverine; it forewarns that you will grow ruthlessly in order to adapt and evolve in a harsh environment. Are you moving soon or entering a new environment? You might need to act tough in order to survive in the place.

Dream About Claw Marks
Claw marks in the dream relate to insults and injuries that have been inflicted on you. Consider the location where you see the claw marks in the dream. Is it on your body or on some type of furniture? You could get some clues on where and what the attacks are about.

Dream About Hunting with Claws
Hunting with claws in the dream; suggests that you need to be hands-on with your projects. You will soon tackle the problems flawlessly. However, you need to do things on your own without asking others or outsource.

Dream About Claw Actions

Dream About Scratching with Claws
Scratching with claws in the dream points to aggression and protection. Be careful if you plan on taking advantage of others. You will be met with resistance.

Dream About Filing Claw Nails
To dream about filing claw nails like dog or other animals like horse hoofs; it indicates that you will work to fend or lower other people’s defenses. Take your time to gradually remove oppositions and negative responses from others. You will eventually convince other people of your plan.

Dream About Claw Colors

Dream About Black Claw
Black claws in the dream point to isolation and vulnerabilities. It relates to prejudice and bias that people naturally have.

Dream About White Claw
White claws in dream point to struggle, action, and confrontations.

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