Egg Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about eggs? Eggs in dreams typically relate to birth, fertility, and potential. In some cases, it can represent your financial assets and the results of your hard work. Eggs can also represent how you interact with the outside world because the egg is both fragile yet versatile in their uses. Generally, eggs are good signs signaling wealth and good fortune. For example, if you see a chicken laying an egg in the dream, it suggests that you may receive something of a bonus from your job or school. Below we will go over most of the common occurrences and contexts of eggs in the dream.

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Dream About Cooking and Eating Eggs

Dream About Eating Eggs
Eating boiled or cooked eggs in the dream symbolizes that you are embracing your creative potential, as well as a sign of fertility. You will see some of your thoughts or actions, being passed down physically or mentally. Your ideas may be able to affect others into working together with you to achieve financial gain. If you are eating raw eggs, it suggests that you are being hasty with your goals and taking a risk. The dream signifies that you may be experiencing immediate financial gains at the potential risk of loss in the near future.

Dream About Cooking Eggs
Dreaming about cooking eggs suggests that something new is about to happen. Consider relating the types of eggs and how you are cooking it. So that you can get ideas on what the new things might be.

Dream About Scrambling Eggs
To scramble or stir mixing eggs in the dream, suggest a commitment that you have on a set course. There is no turning back after embarking on your journey.

Dream About Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg
The dream signals that you need to control your life better. Be patient and follow through on your projects to take care of all the details. Being too hasty about your process, you may end up losing on some of the profits.

Dream About Cracking an Egg Shell
Dreaming about cracking an eggshell intentionally, suggest that you need to break out of your shell and comfort zone. The dream is telling you to let your guard down to express your true thoughts. Then you may be able to give birth to your true potential. However, if you are cracking the eggshell by accident, it symbolizes that you have a fragile or vulnerable state of mind.

Dream About Dropping Eggs

Dream About Dropping Eggs on the Floor
The dream foretells that you may make some poor judgment calls that result in financial loss.

Dream About Cleaning Up Broken Eggs
If you broke the egg in the dream and dream about cleaning up, it suggests that you need to accept the consequences of your actions. The damage may be everlasting and that you may never get another egg like the one you have damaged. But you will be able to clean up and move forward from your position.

Dream About Laying Eggs

Dream About Laying an Egg
To lay an egg in the dream, suggest that you are withholding your goals or project for a later time. Or it could suggest that you feel unable to complete your tasks. And you subconsciously want someone else to help you accomplish your wishes.

Dream About Eggs Hatching
Seeing eggs hatching in the dream suggests that your goals will be realized. You might have certain ideas or thoughts that finally becoming a reality.

Dream About Handling Eggs

Dream About Carrying Eggs or Walking on Egg Shells
Consider your emotions and purpose during the dream of carrying the eggs. If you are worried and what you are carrying, it reflects some form of fragile state in your life. The dream is signaling that you are handling something precious yet fragile, you need to tread with care moving forward.

Dream About Throwing Eggs
Throwing eggs at others or being thrown at, suggest that certain words and actions will be said without the consideration of feeling nor emotions. If you dream about throwing eggs at someone, you may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt the feeling of people around you.

Dream About Getting Eggs

Dream About Selling or Buying Eggs
Consider whom you are shopping, buying from, or selling eggs to in the dream for grocery, the egg trading reflects some form of financial or investment support in business ventures. For example, if you are buying eggs from a friend in the dream, your friend is likely to ask you to invest in his business in the near future.

Dream About Stealing Eggs
Dreaming about stealing eggs suggests that you will take advantage of others. Perhaps you have found ways to financially benefit yourself at the expense of others.

Dream About Different Types of Eggs

Poultry Eggs

Dream About Bird Eggs
When the dream of eggs is about other birds like penguin or peacock, consider the type of birds and how they might mean. The specific birds may relate to your relationship with certain individuals or tasks in waking life.

Dream About Duck Eggs
Duck eggs in the dream suggest that prosperity in on the cards for the near term.

Dream About Goose Eggs
Dreaming about eating or handling goose eggs suggests that you are acting impulsively. You are not caring or considering the consequences of your actions.

Dream About Quail Egg
A quail egg symbolizes that you are living a lavish lifestyle, you may be using or enjoying unnecessary items in life.

Dream About Ostrich Egg
Ostrich eggs symbolize some form of stagnation and failure to move forward. Perhaps you have been avoiding certain problems or obstacles, perhaps it is time to take the step and step out of your comfort zone. The mind is asking to stop placing your head in the sand.

Reptile Eggs

Dream About Crocodile Eggs
Crocodile eggs suggest that may be treacherous ideas or actions being conducted in your business organization. Perhaps there are employees or coworkers that want to split from your organization and create their own. However, this can cause problems down the name as increased competition that was grown from within.

Dream About Snake Egg
Snake eggs refer to some form of fear that is being manifested because of waking life circumstances. Perhaps you are entering into a phase of life that you have had painful memories before. Although you do not really know the final outcome of your decisions. Yet you are subconsciously afraid of the process and direction things are moving towards.

Dream About Turtle Egg
Turtle eggs in dreams suggest that your chance of success at any particular project can be slim. Consider boosting your chance of success by investing and counting on multiple investments or chances. However, consider that most of these bets might fail. You will achieve an overall gain by having a few winners that will offset all of your losers.

Dream About Big Dragon or Dinosaur Eggs
To see an unlikely giant egg like a huge dinosaur egg, suggest that your goals and endeavors may be unrealistic. However, if you have the right tools and luck, you will be heavily rewarded by your risk-taking actions.

Insect Eggs

Dream About Spider Egg
Spider egg in the dream suggests certain people are being manipulative about how you spend your money. Perhaps you feel that you are being controlled or limited in how you want to invest.

Fish Eggs

Dream About Fish Eggs
Fish eggs in the dream such as roe, represent an idea that has emerged from your subconscious. However, the ideas are not apparent and fuzzy. You may have many ideas. Yet it will be hard to see them come into fruition without proper environment or nurturing.

Dream About Different Parts of Eggs

Dream About Pre-Mixed Eggs
When the dream features eggs that have been premixed or beat, it suggests that there are parts of your personality that are invisible to others. Perhaps you need to show more of your individuality to achieve your goals. Try to get others to support and follow you.

Dream About Egg Whites
Dreaming of only the egg whites refers to your support network in your new endeavors and business opportunities. You need to reach out to others in order to succeed.

Dream About Egg Yolks
To see an egg yolk in your dream represents most intimate ideas, and creativity. During the dream, try to remember the contexts and people that you are with. These are the ones that will help you come out with new thoughts, experiences, and life.

Dream About Egg Shells
The eggshells in dreams are symbolic of your comfort zone and limitations. It represents a layer for comfort that you have with your life and surroundings. Yet it also signifies that level of comfort may be of a fragile nature.

Dream About Where the Eggs Are

Dream About Nest Filled with Eggs
To dream about a nest filled with eggs signify the financial safety net that you have amassed. If there are multiple eggs that are big and heavy, it signifies abundant financial gain in the near future.

Dream About Egg Cartons or Basket Filled with Eggs
A carton or basket full of eggs in the suggest representing your basket of investments and wealth. It could be the material things that you own, or stocks and retirement pension plans that you hold. Consider the location and appearance of these cartons or basket. Do they look lavish, sturdy, or full? These reflect your inner thoughts about your materialistic holdings.

Dream About Food Made with Eggs

Dream About Egg Sandwich
A sandwich or hamburger with an egg suggests that your family life and marriage will be joyous and fulfilled. The subconscious is focusing on the balance part of the equation. Make sure that you satisfy the needs of everyone in your family to achieve better lifestyle choices.

Dream About Egg Salad
An egg salad in a dream suggests that you are worried about too many things with or without any proper reasoning or ground. Consider looking past the issues and focus on the final product.

Dream About Egg Roll
Dreaming about egg roll suggests that the final product of your work may be a surprise. You will encounter surprise profits and prosperity by putting in the work. However, although you will not recognize the final result, it will still be overall effective and worthwhile.

Dream About Egg Tart or Cake
Egg tart in the dream foretells that you will receive surprise inheritance from a distant relative.

Dream About Ways to Cook an Egg

Dream About Hard Boiled Eggs
A single hard-boiled egg suggests that you will receive a decent sum of money shortly. You will have a choice on how to best spend that amount, however, your choices will be limited.

Dream About Poached Egg
To have a dream about poached egg suggest that the timing is ripe, you are ready to take action and go for the prize. If you wait any longer and overcook the egg, you may lose the full profit that you would have gained.

Dream About Fried Eggs
Pan-fried eggs reflect a need to take a breather and recuperate to sort out your emotions. You may have pushed yourself too hard with your life. A sunny side up is especially signaling that you need to take some form of vacation. Enjoy the sun and appreciate what you have. An over-easy fried egg reflects that you need to take things easy. Consider stop taking everything too seriously, you are doing alright with what you have achieved.

Dream About Egg Timers
Egg timers or clocks in dreams suggest that the time for rebirth is near, consider your options to reinvent yourself to embrace new ideas.

Dream About Egg’s Appearance and Quality

Dream About Bloody Red Yolk or Half-Hatched Eggs
Dreaming about half-hatched eggs or fertilized eggs with red yolk, suggests that you are letting your potential die without giving the proper time and nourishment. Consider revisiting the parts of your that you have long negated. Figure out how you can benefit from these strengths that you did not know you had.

Dream About a Hollow Egg Shell or Empty Egg
When the eggs look fine on the outside, but it’s actually hollow or empty, it suggests that somethings that are too good to be true. Perhaps you have been sold into certain business ventures that thrive on empty promises that only look fine on the outside.

Dream About Broken or Cracked Eggs
Cracked or broken eggs in dreams represent a fragile state in your life. Perhaps you have a relationship that has been cracked and fragile. Consider working fast to repair those cracks in your life.

Dream About Bad or Rotten Eggs
Rotten eggs that have gone bad in the dreams signify a loss. The dream usually signifies a certain situation where you have lost due to inactivity and bad timing.

Dream About Other Types of Eggs

Dream About Sugar Coated or Chocolate Eggs
The dream item symbolizes bewilderment and wonder, especially the ones that you have experienced at a younger age. The dream is trying to remind you of looking at things through the eyes of a child. If the dream goes further to reflect an Easter egg hunt, it is telling you that you need to rekindle with your younger self to search your childhood goals.

Dream About Faberge Eggs
Dreaming about Faberge eggs relate to the past treasures that you may have encountered in your life. Dig deeper into your past to seek your potentials, the answers may lie within your innermost past and thoughts. Dig into your past experiences to seek out the questions that you may have.

Dream About Colors of the Eggs

Dream About Golden Eggs
Gold eggs in a dream reflect your assets and investments. They are the treasures that you sought to earn and keep for yourself. The eggs of gold represent luck and prosperity will shower upon you because of the right business and monetary decisions.

Dream About Bright Colored Eggs
Seeing multi-colored or bright colored eggs in the dream represents a celebration of a happy event, such as Easter eggs.

Dream About Blue Eggs
Blue eggs in the dream reflect the benefits and potential of being truthful about your challenges. Be open about your obstacles and others may be understanding and help you on the way.

Dream About Black Eggs
Black eggs in dreams associated with the sinister forces or thoughts within your family or love relationship. Because of such inner feelings or emotions, the relationship between you and closed ones can be fragile and weak.

Dream About Brown Eggs
Brown eggs in the dream represent the raw joy or ideas in our daily life. We need to look past the commercialism and look deeper into our spirituality.

Dream About Green Eggs
Dreaming about green eggs reflect fertility and growth. Someone you know may be pregnant in the near future.

Dream About Eggs

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