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  1. I dreamed about I was walking into the grocery store I seen this man I used to take to that I still have a thing for. Him and his cousin was talking about something and i knocked on the window but they where focused on what they where talking about so I went into the store and It was a lot of cartons of eggs. I opened the cartoon of eggs and the eggs where smaller then normal so I opened up another and another and all the eggs where small.What does this dream mean

  2. I saw my self frying almost 11 egg in a pan . They cooked nicely appearing as a big egg in a pan . But I didn’t serve them to anyone .

  3. I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when i do they are typically drastic and down right random but most meaningful. last night (1/10/20) during the first full moon of the new year, I had a dream that I cant quite understand. this whole dream I was in first person- I had heated a pan on the stove and had three eggs to cook, the first and second eggs were seemingly normal in color, size and quality- nothing stood out as odd at this point. Then I cracked the third egg and immediately my emotions in the dream spiked and I felt pain in my chest as I watched this tiny- but nearly fully developed embryo drop into the hot pan. The worst part is that to my surprise this tiny chick started twitching and moving in the pan. I slightly remember backing away from the pan- then the dream blacked out. The next and last thing I remember was coming back to the pad and fining the chick stiff and cooked, then nothing. I woke up sad- guilty and remorseful. Like I said, I hardly EVER remember my dreams, and the ones I do remember end up being quite meaning in context; but this one has me boggled and I feel like I can’t let it go. Ideas?

  4. I dream about seen egg inside the ventures stomach I drop four on the ground and I take the venture and the reminding eggs but still his stomach.

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