Neck Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Neck

Did you dream about the neck? To see your neck in your dream signifies the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical. However, depending on the context of the dream about the neck, it can mean several different things. Discover every meaning and analysis of the dream now.

Dream About Kissing or Massaging Neck

If you dreamed of kissing someone on the neck or someone kissing you on the neck, this means that you may give in to your wants and desires.

Kissing on the neck is a symbol of lust and desire. Consider especially you are kissing on the neck of someone that you desire. It can also mean that you yearn for this passion in your life.

If the kiss or massage on the neck is gentle and smooth without any passion, it symbolizes that your mind and body are coming to harmony.

Dream About Neck Injuries

By dreaming about the neck being cut or wounded, take note of the severeness of the injury. The type of weapon used and who did the injury on the neck can come into play.

If the cut on the neck is fast and sudden, like from a sharp knife or gunshot, it means that you are suffering from a significant shock in life that breaking apart both your mind and body.

The small injury on the neck means that there are minor conflicts between what you feel and what you think about upcoming decisions.

If you dream about animal biting your neck like a dog bite or snake bite, the animal can symbolize the different people in your life. A neck bite indicates a separation between your heart and mind by whomever the animal symbolizes for. What you feel or what you think is right is tearing you apart.

Dream About Choking or Strangling Neck

Dreams about strangling or choking someone usually mean feeling trapped by your situation. You cannot communicate, cannot breathe, and cannot escape. The person’s neck who is being strangled has had their ability to express themselves taken away. This effect includes both mentally and physically.

For dreams where you are strangling someone you know by the neck, it symbolizes the deep frustration you feel with the person in real waking life.

If you are strangling yourself, it suggests disagreements between you and your loved one. What you feel may not be the best for you physically.

Dream About Neck Tattoo

Dreaming about a tattoo on your neck within a dream usually depends on what the actual tattoo is. The symbol with the tattoo on the neck symbolizes the area or people you need to work on. Work hard to find balance and equilibrium with your mind and body.

A neck dream tattoo may signal something that needs to be communicated with all haste. There is a risk that we need to take or a lack of equilibrium in certain aspects of our life.

Dream About Wearing Neck Accessories

Dream About Putting on Necktie
Dreaming about tying a necktie can represent organizing, preparing, or “neatening up” yourself or your life. If you know about the context or situation you are preparing for in the dream, you are getting ready for the occasion.

If you are simply trying on or about to buy a necktie, you are trying to refine your masculine identity.

Dream About Putting on Necklace
The necklace inside a dream can have different meanings based on the occasion and material associated with them. In general, if you dream about putting on a necklace for an occasion, it means that great things will happen if you have had recent problems.

The dream about putting on and trying on a new necklace symbolizes that you need to think about the new strategy in your life with both your mind and body. Think hard about what truly matters for your heart.

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