Packing Dream Interpretation

To dream about packing generally signifies big changes ahead of you or burdens that you might carry around with you. Consider the purpose and circumstances behind the packing action within the dream. Use these feelings and emotions to help you … Continue reading →

Moving Dream Interpretation

Dreams about moving typically relate to a major life altering change, or the desire for your lifestyle to be changed. Pay attention to the type of moves involves in the dream, where are you moving from and moving into in … Continue reading →

Dancing Dream Interpretation

Dancing in the dream symbolizes balance and harmony. It represents a way for you to express and communicate socially with others. Pay attention to the mood, settings, and type of dances. The people whom you are dancing with can also … Continue reading →

Shopping Dream Interpretation

To dream that you are shopping but only browsing without buying symbolizes your desires. Shopping in the dream and actually buying symbolizes your needs. The items that you are shopping for represent the opportunities and options that you come across … Continue reading →

Laundry Dream Interpretation

Doing laundry or cleaning your dirty clothes in the dream can relate to cleaning up your act or outer image. The transformation or cleansing typically relate to your negative habits or negative personality traits. If you are finding the small … Continue reading →