Prison Jail Dream Interpretation

A prison camp or jail in dreams usually indicates that you are being censored or punished in some areas of your life. During a dream about a prison, consider the context and emotions where you experience a prison or jail within the dream, the things that are inside and the actions of people within the prison. However, if you have been in jail or know someone who has been imprisoned, the dream may be a reflection of the real life occurrences rather than symbolic in nature.

Dream About Being In Prison
Dream About Being in a Solitary Prison Cell
If the dream features you being inside a prison cell alone without any human contact, it indicates that you are being censored in some areas of your life. You are cut off and discouraged from communicating your thoughts and emotions.

Dream About Walking Inside a Jail
Dreaming about walking or pacing inside a concrete jail, suggest that your creativity and ideas are being limited. You are restrained from expressing yourself although you are trying to find a way.

Dreams of Someone or Something in a Jail Cell
If the dream features someone or something inside jail, it suggest that certain aspects of yourself is being asked to be kept to yourself. Try to see if any of those things relate to your current life situation. Perhaps you have certain ideas and certain issues that have been shut down by your superiors such as teachers at school or bosses at work.

Dream About Being Placed Into Prison
The dream action represents some form of self-punishment and guilt. You may have done something wrong recently and you or someone else is beating you up for it in the waking life.

Dream About Someone You Know in Prison
If the dream is about someone that you know such as boyfriend or husband spouse in prison, it may suggest that you are having hard time forgiving for some bad things that they may have done to you. It can also represent that your relationship with the husband or boyfriend might not be healthy and that the people involved may be feeling trapped.

Dream About Visiting Someone in Prison
Prison visits in dreams typically suggest that you have had long grudges against someone or a friend that has done something bad in the past. The visit is an indication of your mind that you are ready to forgive, however you still want to hold that person accountable for their actions. It can also be a form of remorse of your own psyche, you may have done bad to the person and have locked that memory deep inside your subconscious.

Dream About Prison Related Themes
Released from Prison Camp in the Dream
To dream that you or someone is released from prison and regaining their freedom, suggest that some major changes need to be made in waking life. Perhaps certain obstacles or situations is holding you back, you may need to make drastic life changes to break out of the mold.

Prison Fight in Dreams
Witness or participating in a prison fight typically suggest a mental struggle of forbidden thoughts. You may be planning on something that you know is bad, yet you may have to go ahead with your plans and suffer the consequences. The dream suggest that you may need to play dirty to survive in the upcoming struggles, with limited resources and help by your side against all odds.

Planning on Prison Break
If your dream is about planning your escape, it suggest that you have a strong desire to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship.

Dreams of Running Away from Prison
If the dream’s focus is on running or escaping from prison guards, it suggest that you are refusing to accept the consequences of your past actions.

Helping Someone Breaking Out of Jail
To help jail escape of someone, suggest that you are compromising your values and believes.

Stuck in an Unguarded Prison
To dream that you are alone by yourself inside a prison with no guards and unlocked door, suggest that your own inner believe and way of thinking is restricting your own growth. You have created your own prisons that prevented yourself from experiencing life and achieving full potential.

Dream About Prison Related Persons or Items
Prison Guard in Dreams
Dreams of a prison guard or anyone that might work for a prison related job, is indicative of someone who knows your darkest secrets. It may represent someone that you trust, yet that someone can make your life hell if the secrets that they know gets out. The dream typically has negative connotation as you feel restricted by the knowledge that the prison guard may hold about you. The person might be taking advantage of you by threatening to reveal your secrets.

Glass Prison
Dreams of a glass prison such as made by a two way mirror, suggest that you are being scrutinized and criticized. However, it goes further to suggest that you are feeling trapped at the same time. It could mean that your misstep in the past is now under magnifying glass for people around you to dig and investigate.

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