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  1. How about if someone have a dream and saw herself with her brother in prison because her brother beat up someone and she stood and defended him.
    What does it mean.
    Her brother beat someone up and they imprisoned both of them because she defended her brother.
    Please what does it mean.
    Someone need interpretation of this dream.
    Thank you.

  2. I dreamed my dead son was alive and in prison. In my dream I believed he had been dead for sometime and I went to the prison and visited with him. I also dreamed that while I was at the prison I was helping him get his belongings together so we could leave, and that is what we did, we left. I recall being very happy about leaving with him but at the end of the dream I couldn’t find him. I dream of him often since his death but I’ve never dreamed anything like this before. I like to think it means I will see him again really soon, either in another dream or in the spiritual sense.

  3. I dreamt that,i was in an enclosed place and every one around was either my age or less.But at a point the gate of the enclosed place was opened i got out and saw my former teacher.I wanted him to explain why i was there when i saw my crush with her friend visiting the place.My teacher and i got to them and we began to chat outside it was then i woked up.

  4. I’m very happy and consider myself a Lucky person for coming to know the existence of this page it’s really wonderful and I really have trust in how they interpret their dreams ,thank yoy

  5. I dreamt my boyfriend was jailed for a year and he left without my knowledge.i went to visit him ..his door was opened when I got there but he wasn’t around so I asked the people around and they told me he has been taken to jail of which I knew nothing about..please what does it mean

  6. I dreamed that I am inside the jail with some friends and have been waiting for the release. When the release came, my friends were gone and I was with my sister and looking for my mother an grandmother.

    • i dreamed i was inside the prison, i escaped from it, i try to go by train but finally i realize that i am not secure any where and going back to jail before sunset.what that means

  7. Dreamt that the warders at the prison kept me outside the prison until a time that the other warders and prisoners begun to complain that I should be sent in. At that moment I begun to weep and suddenly I awoke from my dream.

  8. i dreamed that me and my brother sent to jail and after that we ran away from it. but someone shot him dead and i was crying that he is no more in this world. i woke up and the first thing i saw that my brother is fine.

  9. Hi I was in prison and got released on a bail but o dreamt that am being taken again there for some other reasons which are the same what does it mean please explain.

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