Poison Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Poison

Did you dream about poison? It points to something negative in your life. It does not have to be obvious. Yet it is causing you sickness and distress. You find your life-force continuous drains away. Watch out for the negativity that plagues your mind and body. Take note of the type of poison that you see in the dream. Below we will help you discover the specific poison dream meanings.

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Dream About Consuming Poison

Being Poisoned
To dream that you are being poisoned by something; suggests you are learning or getting something that is harmful to your well-being. Something is contaminating and polluting your life. Perhaps a relationship or environment that you have is unhealthy. Consider keeping your distance from the negativity.

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Eating and Drinking Poison by Accident
Dreaming that you eat or drink poison by accident; suggests that a harmless habit might end up harming you. Perhaps something small or a side hustle might snowball and become detrimental to your life.

Death By Poison
Seeing you die in the dream by poison; suggest that some harmful feelings will cause you to sabotage your life. Look out for jealousy, bitterness, or pride get the best part of you.

Taking Poison Pill
To see yourself taking a poison pill or medicine to fight off something else; suggests that you will intentionally fail to get out of responsibilities. You are intentionally making mistakes or looking bad. So that others like your boss will not choose you for certain tasks or jobs.

Vomiting Food Poisoning
To dream that you get food poisoned and vomiting in the toilet; forewarns that you will make a bad financial decision in the near future. This decision will upset your stomach and well-being. Think twice to make sure that your actions and decisions are sound. Plenty of losses are coming in the future.

Dream About Poisonous Animals

Poisonous Snake
To dream about poisonous snakes; forewarns that your rivals or competitors will use unethical means to get ahead. They will paralyze you somehow then take away your livelihood. Be aware of false promises and deceits going forward. People who you trust may betray you.

The snake poison or venom relate to the lies that they will implement to get you. You will not be able to act or fight back against their further advances.

Poison Fish
To see poisonous fish in the dream point to an abusive relationship. The dream girlfriend or boyfriend may not be what they appear to be. Do not put your life on them. Spend more time to make sure that they are the right person.

Poison Frog
Poisonous frogs reflect conflict and discord with your close relatives or friends. The cause is usually your carelessness about how you express yourself and how you interacted with those people. The dream is signaling that you need to put aside your differences and clear any misunderstanding that you may have.

Poison Spider Or Scorpions
To see poisonous spiders, poisonous scorpions, or bugs in general; means that misfortune in your life may be arriving soon. The dangers are imminent and lurking in the dark.

Dream About Poisoned Foods

Poison Berries
To dream about poisonous berries; points to an unethical relationship. You will soon be tempted for unhealthy endeavors such as affairs or bribery.

Poison Water
To dream about water getting poisoned; signifies that you are letting something dangerous and emotional into your life. You will soon find yourself filled with negativity and conspiracy about the ill of people.

Poison Apple
Poison apple in the dream points to some type of misconception or problem with fertility. The dream forewarns that you may experience problems with pregnancy or new business ideas. Be careful about being misguided about certain aspects.

Killers Poison In The Soup
To dream about someone placing a vial of poison in your soup dish; foretells that someone will violet your principles. He or she will alter their words to alter your perception. You will be forced to do something or suffer the consequences.

Dream About Poisonous Plants

Poison Ivy
Poison ivy in the dream points to your vengeful or devious thoughts. They crowd out your other positive lines of thinking. Soon you will feel full of jealousy, revenge, and resentment towards others. The negative feelings will be hard to remove.

Poison Sumac
To dream about poison sumac or poison trees in general; point to situations that you need to avoid. Perhaps you need to avoid certain areas or people in your life.

Dream About Poison Tools

Getting and Using Poison
To dream that you are getting and using poisons as tools; indicates that you will profit or earn money from bad ways. However, it will be highly profitable.

Poison Darts
To dream about poison darts; foretells that you will use painful influence to get others to do your dirty work.

Rat Poison
To see rat poison in the dream; suggests that you should doubt your new job or relationship. Specifically question if you are getting pay raises or bonuses. It could be bait for you to take on jobs or responsibilities that you do not necessarily want.

Poison Gas
To dream about toxic or poisonous gas; indicates that you are facing extraordinary issues and times. You will need great will power to overcome the obstacles. You will become discouraged because of the toxicity of your environment. Stay strong so that you do not die inside or commit suicide.

Dream About Who Gets Poisoned

Friend Poison
To dream about a friend being poisoned; suggests that your friendship might be overwhelmed. There are certain hidden harsh feelings between you. Face and explore them in order to find the cure.

Someone Trying To Poison You
To dream about someone trying to poison you; suggests that someone is feeding you lies and falsehood. Watch out for scammers who want to get you into pyramid schemes or cults. They are trying to poison and brainwash your mind.

Poison Someone
Dreaming that you are poisoning someone; indicates that you will convince others to do something through negative means and discouragement. Perhaps you will sabotage or blackmail others to do your bidding.

Poisoned Cat
The poisoned cat in the dream forewarns that someone close to you will be in big trouble. He or she will be unknowingly getting themselves in tough situations.

Saving Someone From Poisoning
To dream that you are a nurse or doctor saving someone from poison; suggests that your advice will help someone out of a tough situation. Be more generous with your thoughts as you can save someone.

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