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  1. I keep dreaming of myself chasing a witch. I feel frightened but I need to catch her so that I can help her with something. So weird. She tried to run down a dark staircase so I grabbed her by the wrist. She looked at me and screamed really loud and disappeared. I’m so confused!!

  2. For the past 3 nights I’ve dreamed about my family and my brother who is deceased living in a cabin. I must leave the cabin every day to go to town on horseback. On my journey I must fight a bear who is with a witch and kill the bear by cutting out an outline in purple on the top of his head. The Witch then cuts two human shapes of meat from the bear and chants over the fire to the devil for her meat and I pray to God for my meat. As I eat my piece of meat she stands uncomfortably close to me with a large knife and does not blink but watches me. Every time I turn she’s closer than she was but then backs away as if she’s trying to attack me stealthily. Then I make my way to town but wake up before I arrive.

  3. I had a dream that I came across a circle of women with energy like mine. They began to fly within a ghast of wind,it was like was a semi cyclone that they were able to control, a possible power that they could control all elements of earth. One women spoke to me and said she has the same energy as us. I knew in my dream they were witches and I was too. As they approach me I summoned the wind and it took me up high flying above them and down again. It was so eurphoric and I felt connected to my higherself.

    Could you interpret the meaning.

    Thank you


  4. I one day had a dream where I found my handbag outside the house but previously,it was in the house. As I drew closer towards it, I held it but inside it there were some stuffs that seemed to be witch items. I then opened it but immediately I opened the zip, I lost alot of my energy and focus.They talked to me and they told me that I can’t remove them from there unless call…..i can’t recall the name of that person they told me to call. But up to now,iam still wondering what that meant

  5. I’m curious to know what could my dreams possibly mean by being in love with a young beautiful witch then tragically I find one of the three sisters dead in creek. when I dreamt it felt we been together for decades and raised happy family. been having the recurring dream for 3 times a week for the past 2 months.

  6. I have never had a dream with a witch until last night so the dream is that i had woken up because my daughter was having like a seizure she would shake for like 5 secondnds then stop and then start again as that would happen i could see the lights from outside hallway flicker on and off so my wife wakes up picks my daughter up and we rush out to take her to the hospital but as we open the door and step out all the lights cut off and instead this dark green light comes on like night vision on a camera were it looks greenish and like 2 feet in front of us a short lady in a white gown with a big wood cane on her right hand real long hair and looking down with her hair covering her face just standing there i scream real loud cus im scared and it ends there because i guess i screamed in real lofe that my wife woke me up said if i was ok and that was my dream what can that mean???

  7. I keep dreaming about chaos everywhere in the world because of this massive hunt of witches. Everyone in the world, no matter how hard everyone tried to escape from the chaos (people dying, smoke everywhere, fires everywhere, people were just trying to survive and get to their loved ones) I tried to get to my home but I couldn’t, I was able to get to relatives homes but not mine, my grandmother who is already dead was murdered in my dream, my uncle was set on fire by a witch. I was walking by myself the whole dream, I was not scared, it is very strange I was somewhat of calmed and collected just nervous at the beginning to get to my family. I keep having this dream and it makes me very unease for some reason.

  8. For the past 6 to 7 nights I have been waking up maybe 3 to 4 times every night in cold sweats having nightmares of witches chasing me and recently they have started killing my family members off starting with my mother through a ritual it was terrifying and so real! It was brutal as well, please help i’m loosing my mind here! Thank you so much!!

  9. My dream was three witches they were pretty and sometimes nice to me but they would talk quietly to eachother and I was sure it was about me they didn’t hurt me but made me feel left out and teased me I wasn’t afraid of them but found myself feeling annoyed with their cheeky attitude

  10. I had a dream of a witch in black cloak she said “At ….. years old at the Base of an oven you will Die”
    this has really freaked me out!!

  11. I dreamt of myself having a old school black seal on each of my arms with Latin above each seal and the witch in my dream told me they were seals of Goliath cant remember the exact translations just that it said something like with the blood essence of the heart you will have what you desire

  12. Please I always dream of a very terrified human being of which I don’t know him or her .it always beat me ,something’s chance me and i often fell sick after my dreams. This creature could fight me,bite me and at times uses it finger nails on me and I will see the bitten signs on my skin in the morning .please help me I need solution

    • Its demon powwr, what u just need to do is to pray,pray louder and counsil the bad spirit in u life.in Jesus name u will get help.

  13. in my dream, my father force me to do what I don’t want, a male witch appear and help me. I talk with him and I become a witch. I heal the soul of the children. I’m flying from sea to mountain to find the evil,I see many familiar faces while I’m flying, they and the trees help me find the evil. I see a small fireball and a big tree in the top of the mountain. And I woke up before I fly to the top of the mountain. Like a fairy-tale story. Does any one know the meaning of my dream?

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