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  1. I keep dreaming of myself chasing a witch. I feel frightened but I need to catch her so that I can help her with something. So weird. She tried to run down a dark staircase so I grabbed her by the wrist. She looked at me and screamed really loud and disappeared. I’m so confused!!

  2. For the past 3 nights I’ve dreamed about my family and my brother who is deceased living in a cabin. I must leave the cabin every day to go to town on horseback. On my journey I must fight a bear who is with a witch and kill the bear by cutting out an outline in purple on the top of his head. The Witch then cuts two human shapes of meat from the bear and chants over the fire to the devil for her meat and I pray to God for my meat. As I eat my piece of meat she stands uncomfortably close to me with a large knife and does not blink but watches me. Every time I turn she’s closer than she was but then backs away as if she’s trying to attack me stealthily. Then I make my way to town but wake up before I arrive.

  3. I had a dream that I came across a circle of women with energy like mine. They began to fly within a ghast of wind,it was like was a semi cyclone that they were able to control, a possible power that they could control all elements of earth. One women spoke to me and said she has the same energy as us. I knew in my dream they were witches and I was too. As they approach me I summoned the wind and it took me up high flying above them and down again. It was so eurphoric and I felt connected to my higherself.

    Could you interpret the meaning.

    Thank you


  4. I one day had a dream where I found my handbag outside the house but previously,it was in the house. As I drew closer towards it, I held it but inside it there were some stuffs that seemed to be witch items. I then opened it but immediately I opened the zip, I lost alot of my energy and focus.They talked to me and they told me that I can’t remove them from there unless call…..i can’t recall the name of that person they told me to call. But up to now,iam still wondering what that meant

  5. I’m curious to know what could my dreams possibly mean by being in love with a young beautiful witch then tragically I find one of the three sisters dead in creek. when I dreamt it felt we been together for decades and raised happy family. been having the recurring dream for 3 times a week for the past 2 months.

  6. I have never had a dream with a witch until last night so the dream is that i had woken up because my daughter was having like a seizure she would shake for like 5 secondnds then stop and then start again as that would happen i could see the lights from outside hallway flicker on and off so my wife wakes up picks my daughter up and we rush out to take her to the hospital but as we open the door and step out all the lights cut off and instead this dark green light comes on like night vision on a camera were it looks greenish and like 2 feet in front of us a short lady in a white gown with a big wood cane on her right hand real long hair and looking down with her hair covering her face just standing there i scream real loud cus im scared and it ends there because i guess i screamed in real lofe that my wife woke me up said if i was ok and that was my dream what can that mean???

    • The greenish reflects your daughter is sick and the girl with a white dress but you can’t see her face is your daughter ,you can’t see her face in the spirit because she isn’t dead but you need to pray because when you see her body in a greenish light means death….be consistent in prayer

  7. I keep dreaming about chaos everywhere in the world because of this massive hunt of witches. Everyone in the world, no matter how hard everyone tried to escape from the chaos (people dying, smoke everywhere, fires everywhere, people were just trying to survive and get to their loved ones) I tried to get to my home but I couldn’t, I was able to get to relatives homes but not mine, my grandmother who is already dead was murdered in my dream, my uncle was set on fire by a witch. I was walking by myself the whole dream, I was not scared, it is very strange I was somewhat of calmed and collected just nervous at the beginning to get to my family. I keep having this dream and it makes me very unease for some reason.

    • Hi Rodriguez,so my interpretation of the dream is that ,it is a wake up call.There is a woman either in the family or near the family who caused your grandma’s death spiritually,and putting your uncle in a tough position in life and you aren’t afraid of her doing anything to you but you afraid of anything harming your family
      You need to pray more
      Get closer to God
      He is your only solution in all of your problems

  8. For the past 6 to 7 nights I have been waking up maybe 3 to 4 times every night in cold sweats having nightmares of witches chasing me and recently they have started killing my family members off starting with my mother through a ritual it was terrifying and so real! It was brutal as well, please help i’m loosing my mind here! Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Sarah ,it might be too late or just in time but the devil sees your light and it’s so bright and that is why he is trying to make you loose focus and trying in every way to make you miserable and he know you love your family and that includes your mom and she is your weakness ,basically you have to pray and fast

  9. My dream was three witches they were pretty and sometimes nice to me but they would talk quietly to eachother and I was sure it was about me they didn’t hurt me but made me feel left out and teased me I wasn’t afraid of them but found myself feeling annoyed with their cheeky attitude

  10. I had a dream of a witch in black cloak she said “At ….. years old at the Base of an oven you will Die”
    this has really freaked me out!!

  11. I dreamt of myself having a old school black seal on each of my arms with Latin above each seal and the witch in my dream told me they were seals of Goliath cant remember the exact translations just that it said something like with the blood essence of the heart you will have what you desire

  12. Please I always dream of a very terrified human being of which I don’t know him or her .it always beat me ,something’s chance me and i often fell sick after my dreams. This creature could fight me,bite me and at times uses it finger nails on me and I will see the bitten signs on my skin in the morning .please help me I need solution

    • Its demon powwr, what u just need to do is to pray,pray louder and counsil the bad spirit in u life.in Jesus name u will get help.

    • Hi Emmanuel I don’t know whether it is too late by pray and pray and fast because that is spirits harming you ,you aren’t close to God
      Make God your best friend and also go to church

  13. in my dream, my father force me to do what I don’t want, a male witch appear and help me. I talk with him and I become a witch. I heal the soul of the children. I’m flying from sea to mountain to find the evil,I see many familiar faces while I’m flying, they and the trees help me find the evil. I see a small fireball and a big tree in the top of the mountain. And I woke up before I fly to the top of the mountain. Like a fairy-tale story. Does any one know the meaning of my dream?

    • what i can advice you to do is too pray and take a day and fast cursing that creature that always hurts and if you truly believe nothing will happen anymore in life. amen

  14. I literally just woke up frightened. In my dream, I was at an old house in the woods with one other female I can’t identify. We instantly knew we were in danger and tried to flee when we sensed HER. There were two other women who had brought us there, also unrecognizable. They were confused about why SHE didn’t rest like she usually did. But she was after us and she was blind. Though she was blind, she used a spell for sunlight to sense our shadows. We hid the best we could and a sound I made had her coming for me. The other girl disappeared and I ran for the house. I entered and found the women who brought me there. They “helped” me escape the witch long enough for her power to run out and she rested. They told me to run into the woods and find my camera, to make sure I used my camera, because they wanted to have a video of every victim they brought her. I haven’t yet told you, but the victims she kills, she steals their body to use as her own to kill the next victim. I’m not usually afraid of witches, but I woke up so scared that I had to turn a light on. Is there anyone who can help interpret this dream?

  15. My grandma died at exactly the same time the p!and hit the 2nd tower on 9-11. I dreamt she was alive and I had to care for her as in hospice. I had one condition, that I carry her like a child and she couldn’t walk. But when no one was around she ask I let her down so she could jump around and dance. Mind you alive my grandma was a powerful healer and medicine woman, and psychic; as her past three maternal generations. During my dream we were. A vast open meadow with many people mostly women coming towards us. Quickly she jumped from my arms and began weaving then braiding something togethe. She said it was a binding spell to keep me safe from these people. After braiding what looked like a cross with a loop on top she preceded to wrap black cloth or thread around it. Burying it in the path these people were running towards then set it on fire. I awoke. What does it mean and is anyone familiar with this spell? Thank you

  16. Before i get to the most concerning part know i had a dream right before this where a man im not well aquainted with from work tried to get me to sleep with him. I did not. It was him but it wasnt at the same time as odd as that is. Idk how to explain it. My next dream involves flying. Ive always flown in my dreama but ive never let anyone see me before. This time a man saw me. The wprd wit h was not said but i heard it. An unknown man. Soon after a congregation randomly took place in my house of seemingly many people but the man from work was the only face i saw. Was him but wasnt. Against my will amd regardless of my protesting he then sacrificed some sort of animal in my home and proceeded to tell me flying and my other abilities were given to me by satan. I was horrified and hurt and panicked. Ive recently given myself to God. He then said a few other things i cant for the life of me remember.  Then he made some form of meat meal from the sacrifice he seemed to use for some information purposea and laid it on two plates for me and my daughter who wasmt even there. I dont even eat meat but i put a bite in my mouth and immediatly spit it out in concern. It tasted tampered with and a warning shot up me. I swallowed nothing and looked at him and asked what on earth he did to this meal. Then i woke up. 

    • Hi Samantha
      Keep your faith in God regardless of anything ,flying means death and a person is trying to make you feel unworthy and when you eat flesh or a person dreams he or she is eating flesh that is a wake up call to get close to God and their regain their faith
      You need to pray or if possible fast

  17. Last night I had a dream about witches. They were all buried in the shape of a block letter L. I don’t know if the L had anything to do with it or not. In the dream I started inhaling really deep and once I exhaled the witches would come alive and un bury themselves. I didn’t know they were good until a bad witch came up. The other witches told me I needed to bury her again, so I did the process again, inhaled then exhaled. We were on an island which was really confusing because the witches were in black and white with no color. I was balancing on plaks on the L shape uncovering these different witched, then I woke up. If anyone knows something or has had something like this please let me know.

  18. Well I turn around and saw a black shadow.and it started to fly.up I know she made some kind of noise as she flew and I’m watching her and she’s coming back and woke up

  19. for me i dream about the witch rarely but then sometimes when i dream of him i feel too afraid and i feel annoyed sometimes i see him from distant laughing

  20. Hi I know it a bit odd, but I start doing research for becoming a witch I read a lot of information yesterday and this morning I dream about something that truly mean something. My dream was only a voice my voice no image anything really odd actually because I have lucid dream all the time… And the thing I said in my dream was a spell a really meanfull spell really long and strong about getting rid of bad habit and that was actually a spell I creat my self in this dream on the moment. Never heard or write or read about that spell before. It was from my self on the spot. Like a spell that come from my heart. I hope it’s gonna work. But I actually thought it really odd that no dream meaning talk about that kind of dream.

  21. My ten year had a dream about a witch for the second time. He said she was in the refrigerator eating and than saw him. Chase him down the hall and disappear. What does this mean?

    • Hi shaneka ,
      Children are a blessing and are pure human beings and your son is gifted and he saw the witch eating things in the refrigerator and that means your about to have a financial crisis and there is someone behind it and apart from financial crisis is that that person is a danger to your family
      Pray and cancel any bad dream
      You and your son are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ

  22. I dream that I was at someone house. Theirs a roland next to this house and next to it is a train track. But when I was leaving the house I but on some old looking sandals. Then I was men around me telling me to walking down a hill but before I walk toward the hill someone was throwing rose pedals over the roof top then I hear 3 women laughing in the distance.

  23. I dream that I was at someone house. Theirs a roland next to this house and next to it is a train track. But when I was leaving the house I but on some old looking sandals. Then I was men around me telling me to walking down a hill but before I walk toward the hill someone was throwing rose pedals over the roof top. Then I was in a room with men and their was a women laying down but she looked different on her their was a man hand but the hand was big. It’s like a statue, the men seem to like women. I had to sit in the light and i pry. Then I was at the top of the hill of the road. Then I heard 3 witches laughing.

  24. I dreamt that I was in my childhood house that my family just sold. (I loved that house with all my heart and I cry about it all the time. It was my true home) I was in my bedroom doing whatever and my grandma was downstairs where the old guest bedroom used to be and she was sleeping on a daybed. I look up to the window, there are woods in my backyard which I look out to, and there are 2 witches perched up on the window. They were wearing all black with a white apron and they both had a broomstick in their hands. earlier, my grandma and I were talking about demonic spirits and witches. It was super, super dark outside and I could barely see them but I just could barely make them out. As soon as I realized what I saw, I froze. Soon, I yelled for my grandma but she was downstairs asleep. She couldn’t hear me. So I ran out of my room to my grandma and I was yelling her name. She woke up and was like “What is it?” And I told her. As I was talking on her bed with her, Something went across the hallway from the basement. I was freaked out but my grandma wasn’t. It’s like she knew. I cuddled up next to her as possessed objects came into the room. Like pieces of cloth and clothing were crawling into the room. My grandma was praying out loud and also she started to speak in tounges and the stuff stopped moving but stuff was still starting to come in. I started to pray too and they started to slow down and stop. It was working! So we were moving around the house and I guess people we knew were coming over and they came in. We told them what was happening. For some reason, I needed to go to the basement. I go down there and nothing demonic I could see was downstairs. But something happened that spooked me so I ran back upstairs. I can’t describe the whole dream since I still don’t know some of the stuff that was going on and there was so much happening. Thanks for listening to my dream!

  25. In my dream My ex girlfriend was in my living talking to me and and my daughter and mother she left while she was leaving my ex called an asked if she was iver here and was taking up for her any anyway I wake up with a bad headache I haven’t never talk to my ex girlfriend we are not friends so why is she in my dreams

  26. I had a dream someone was putting roots on me it was like these grape like spiders and in my dream I google what it was it was weird because in my dream they filled up with blood and was telling me that they were used for witch craft and I seen a person using witch craft on me but no face I need answers I need help I’m scared

    • Hi shinita Daniels,
      You need to dig deep in your roots about your great grand ma and father about any witchcraft used or whether they were low-key witches or withch doctors ,my understanding of the dream is that you have some type of witch roots and that is why you saw a person bewitching you and no one normal will see a person bewitching them
      So you have to dig into your roots and get born again and make God your best friend

  27. Had a dream of my Mother inlaw who confessed bewitching me and her son before she died came to visit me and decided to sleep over night. An I recognized her been a witch in d dream I sent all other guest to go and sleep in another room so that she won’t see them

  28. I had a dream fire flys were dangerous and they were chasing people from a movie and I was in it ,but there is a male withch doctor who was helping us get home .then this guy I Donny went and decided to go home ,I could see how challenging it was for him but at the same time I was with therestof the group but I couldn’t tell anyone ,so we went after Donny but we reached where the witch doctor helped us escape the fire flys and we asked him to helps us because of the shadows spirits ,so as he was trying to help Donny ,he mistakend Donny for having a mark,but (I had a mark but in real life sense ,my bf gave me the hickey )I told I had a mark which the fire flys gave me ,and he said I’m the only one who can lead the group ,because I’m fierce and I can be one of them if I want to ,so they can’t harm me and they would do anything I request

  29. I Been having this dream for the past 2 weeks Of My mom,sister,and me oldest son . That we’re sleeping and something wakes me up an There’s A Witch just watching us then she wants to attack mom and sister so I start fighting with her . What’s The Meaning Of My Dream?

  30. I dreamed that I was by the pool with my friend and through the fence was a school building it was old and creepy looking and I saw the witches eye through a hole in the fence she grabbed me pulled me in the building and asked me when was the last time I got a period I looked at her and said I don’t remember next thing I know she cuts me open and I’m like staring at her long matted hair her long scrony nails her 1800 worn out purple dress and these eyes yellow orangeish and then through the eyes of my dream I see my niece calling for me she was looking for me then spiders come from every direction millions of them I hear my niece scram the witch grabbed her brought her to me and she says to me I’m healed it still kinda freaks me out

  31. I dream of a witch , who is dead, i am in her house in a pool, she made a rock pool spa, and i can see a vision of her with her lover, and she know i am there she can see me and knows that i can see her, he is using a lot of energy and in his effort in their love making he moves a large flat stone around in the pool, but she keeps making it move back to the centre of the pool, and eventualy her lover grows tired and lays down on the stone, then she gets on top of him to climax.

  32. Could anyone tell me what my dream means? I was running away from a witch and kept seeing angel statues throughout the dream,I had the urge to contact one because I wanted to know why I was going to die, then the witch appeared and attacked and she bites the right side of my rib to suck the blood out of it, I woke up scared

  33. I had a dream I was in front of a werid school I never seen before and books were in my hand and a I had a pentagram necklace on and a lady walked out and said you must be the chosen one come in and I woke up if any one had a dream like this let me know Caleb Foesig

  34. I had a dream about witches trying to enter my home and put a spell on me. They kept talking about some oil in a glove.They were trying to enter my door but i kept them out. I could see lots of powder cinnamon by the door then I was able to throw powder at them, close the door and remove the sticky glove from my hand. The witches left.. I felt so great and accomplished.

  35. I dreamed about being a witch from the past coming to the future looking for a other witch in a black dress but 2 men found her before I did so I cast a spell to relocate her but not in one place she had a broken arm and leg after she tried to escape me but I relocate the 2 of us back to my hiding place for the first time and the other witch tried a spell to take my back to my country but she didn’t know I was from the past until she faced my time traveling item and she was shocked by the fact that I’m from the past and so I smiled at her and said I’m from the past.

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