Witch Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Witch

Did you dream about witches? A witch in a dream represents magical powers that can either stand for good or evil. It may be an idea that you have regarding your experiences with women or anything feminine. Depending on your personal experiences, the witch may stand for either good creation or evil forces that bring about destruction. Consider the type of witch that you see, your emotions, the type of witchcraft that the witch practices, and finally, the context of seeing a witch. These details can help you determine and interpret the witch-related dream.

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Dream About Being a Witch

Dream About Being A Witch
Suppose you dream about being a witch and practicing witchcraft. Consider the purpose of the magic or spell that you are practicing. The result can either be a symbol of goodness, power, and enchantment. Or it could be sabotaging acts in nature where you bring disaster, selfishness, and bad luck.

Dreaming as a witch can also signify inner transformation or changes. These changes are typically feminine in nature, especially if you practice shape-shifting magic in the dream. Perhaps you wish to change yourself into someone or something else. Again, consider your intentions as being a witch in the dream. Is it for love, power, or money? These wants and desires can signal your deepest desires.

Black witch in the dream typically relates to a bad omen or evil magic.

Dream About Various Witch Items

Crystal Ball
Dreaming about the crystal ball owned by a witch suggests that you are unsure about your own future.

The flying witch or device suggests that you want to get away from your current situation. Or perhaps you want to reach your destination much faster.

Blood Spells:
When you see blood being used in the dream as part of a magical spell or witchcraft, it suggests transforming your passion and life energy. Depending on the spell’s purpose, you may use that passion for the power of good or evil.

Cauldrons and Potions:
Dreams featuring cooking potions inside a cauldron suggest that you are putting together your creative thoughts to create something magical. Consider trying something to throw in the mix of your daily life.

Witch Costume:
To dream about or wear a witch costume or mask on a normal day or Halloween; may suggest that you have a secret or hidden desire to manipulate other people’s thoughts and behaviors.

Dream About Witch Doctor

Suppose the witch’s dream is more focused on the medical aspect, such as a witch doctor. The dream suggests that you are utilizing unconventional methods to solve your life’s problems. Perhaps you are creative with how you approach real-life issues. However, be careful about your process, as other people may not believe or accept your actions.

Dream About Other Witch Actions

Dream About Witch Hunt
Dreaming about a witch hunt or sort of witch trial suggests that you suspect other people sabotaging you. However, the suspicion is ungrounded, and you have little to no proof. Consider opening your eyes and observe more of the people around you. You do not want to alienate the ones that are true to you.

Dream About Witch Chasing You
When the witch is chasing you in the dream, it can suggest an overbearing woman in your life, similar to a bear or cat attack. However, this “witch” figure is typically not related to you. For example, you may dream about a female boss who appears as a witch in your dream. In the dream, this boss witch is chasing you and suffocating you to do her bidding.

Or it could be a coworker or friend being a witch. She might be manipulating you into believing certain perspectives or attitudes.

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