Handcuffs Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Handcuff

Did you dream about handcuffs? Dreams of handcuffs usually depict someone holding you or someone else back in their waking life. Potentially wrongdoings or the fear of others accusing you of wrongdoing are weighing you down. Below we will go over some of the scenarios involving handcuffs.

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Dream About Handcuff by Itself

Seeing handcuffs in the dream refers to some type of rules or traditions that are binding people.

Dream About Someone Handcuffing You

Dream About Someone You Know Putting Handcuffs on You
Dreams of someone that you know handcuffing you; suggest that those people are tying your hands. They are holding a grudge against you. They will constantly remind you of certain poor decisions that you have made in the past. And they use that to unmotivated you from achieving your true potential.

Dream About a Police Officer Handcuffing You
When a cop is cuffing you, the dream suggests that an authority figure in your life will have power over you. You will be mostly powerless to fight back. Someone will allege you of wrongdoing and put you in prison of some kind.

Dream About Handcuffed Out of Nowhere
When your dream features you handcuffed, it foretells that a future illness and diseases like cancer or diabetes will strike you. Your freedom to do anything will be restricted. This circumstance will hugely hinder your ability to live your life.

Dream About You Handcuffing Someone

Dream About You Handcuffing Someone
To handcuff someone in the dream suggests that you wish to have more control and power over someone. Perhaps your psyche may signify that you are too possessive and restrictive of the people in your life. Consider letting the person in question have some breathing air and room to live.

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