Coffin Dream Meaning – Top 30 Dreams About Coffins

Did you dream about coffins? Coffins in the dream relate to your look at your own immortality. It could also relate to how you perceive your life and chances of success. You believe that you will soon fail at something before you even started. You are exhibiting self-defeating thinking patterns. These thought processes will confine and significantly limit your potential for growth. You are no longer living the life you deserve. Below we will note more dream interpretations about coffins.

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Dream About Getting Coffin

Building a Coffin
To dream that you are building a coffin; suggests that you are preparing an exit strategy to end something in your life. Perhaps it could relate to a divorce or job resignation layoff that you are preparing for.

Coffin Falling
To see a coffin falling onto the floor or a hole in the ground; reflects your unwillingness to move forward. You will not admit defeat easily.

Buying and Getting New Coffin
To see yourself shopping and getting a coffin in the dream; signifies your thoughts and fears of death. Someone whom you know might have died or had a close encounter with death. You are subconsciously considering buying items such as burial grave plots or life insurances.

Finding Coffin
To see yourself finding a coffin in the dream; indicates that it is time to let something or someone go. A person who was once in your life as an ex-spouse is as good as dead. It is time to move on and forward in your life.

Hammer and Nailing a Coffin
To see yourself hammering and nailing a coffin shut; represents old ideas and habits that should be left for dead. You are saying goodbye to your previous beliefs and vices.

Dream About Moving Coffin

Digging for Coffin
To dream that you are shovel digging a grave to find a coffin; reflects an unhealthy preoccupation with failures. You are looking for excuses to quit your projects or endeavors. In a sense, you are sabotaging your own successes by looking for faults and premature ending.

Lifting a Coffin
To see yourself lifting up a coffin in the dream with arms or shoulders; indicates that you are carrying the dead weight of someone else. You are carrying and lifting someone else’s failure. Perhaps somehow has left you a mess of their mistakes or abandoned work. You are working extra hard to clean it up.

Holding and Carrying a Coffin
To see yourself as a pallbearer carrying coffins; represents a progressive movement towards a grim result. Your actions are slowly contributing to a loss. You will soon have to make hard decisions for the greater good. Perhaps you will soon shut down a project or business or declare bankruptcy due to hardships.

Dream About Being Inside a Coffin

Dying In a Coffin
To dream that you are dying inside a coffin; forewarns you to face some health problems. You will be confined and confronted with certain deadly diseases like cancer or long term health problems like diabetes. Take care of your mind and body.

Trapped Inside a Coffin
Dreaming that you are trapped inside a coffin; points to confinement and restriction. The dream indicates that you are in a dead, decaying, or scary situation. Perhaps you are under quarantine or are in a dead-end job. You feel that there is no way out.

Sleeping in a Coffin
To sleep inside a coffin in the dream; suggests that you are going through a period of depresison. You are losing your motivation or inspiration to work and live your life.

Dream About What Is Inside Coffin

Empty Coffin
The empty coffin in the dream points to irreconcilable differences.

Dead Person Corpse in Coffin
A corpse inside a coffin relates to ending a relationship. If someone’s stranger corpse is inside, it points to concerns and problems from strangers. Others believe that you will fail in your endeavors.

Coffin Filled with Water
To dream about a coffin filled with water symbolizes the womb. You will soon experience the cycle of life either through birth or death.

Coffin Filled with Flowers
A coffin filled with flowers point to promotion at work. You will soon say goodbye to your old position.

Undead in Coffin
To dream about undead like vampire or zombie inside the coffin; forebode your previous past will come back to haunt you. Watch out for addiction relapses. Negative influences will rise back from the dead to affect you again.

Dream About Coffin Appearances

Open Casket Box
To see an open casket box in the dream; indicates that you will finally come to an understanding of someone in your past. You will finally realize why some people did what they did in your life.

Baby Child Coffin
To see a baby child coffin; point to lost hopes and dreams. You will soon lose something valuable before you had the chance to thrive and grow.

Small Tiny Coffin
To see a small tiny coffin model; it indicates that you should take some break from everyday stress. You are likely working yourself to death.

Flying Coffin
A flying coffin in the dream foretells that some important secrets will be revealed. Some people will not be able to keep their secrets to the grave. It will become well-known.

Dream About Coffin Locations

Coffin in Cemetery or Funeral
To see a coffin in the middle of a cemetery or funeral; suggests that you will go through a period of mourning and grief for your loss. Take the time to sort out your emotions.

Coffin in the Home House Room
To see a coffin inside your home or apartment room; forewarns that you will commit some nasty act in reality. You might end up ruining the life of your loved ones. Be careful if you are about to make life-changing decisions. It could be accident-prone. Consider the location of the house such as bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen to get more clues.

Coffin Under Bed
To dream that you are sleeping on top of a coffin, or a coffin is underneath your bed. It suggests that you are doing dangerous acts on a daily basis. You have half stepped into the grave. Consider taking good care of your health.

Coffin in a Hearse Car
To see a coffin in a hearse car or truck in the dream; it is a warning for you to be aware of deadly car accidents.

Floating Coffin on Water or In Water
To dream about a floating coffin in the dream; it points to a major event like a hurricane that will bring out the nastiness of the past. You will become very emotional regarding certain matters.

Dream About Coffin Colors

Red Coffin
Red coffins point to passionate losses.

White Coffin
The white coffin in the dream reflects lost innocence.

Black Coffin
Black coffin in the dream forewarns some type of mystery danger or lurking disaster.

Brown Coffin
To see a brown coffin in the dream; foretells that you will burn some bridges in a professional setting.

Blue Coffin
The blue coffin in the dream points to a loss of harmony in the family relationship. Watch out for arguments and misunderstandings.

Pink Coffin
The pink coffin in the dream points to the loss of innocent first love.

Dream About Coffin Materials

Glass Coffin
To dream about glass coffin; it reflects your personal business or affairs would become public. People will see straight through your walls or barriers. You will not be able to hide anything.

Silver Coffin
Silver coffin in the dream points to some type of business earning. Partially, you will make something out of nothing. Or you would recycle someone else’s trash to make them presentable.

Gold Coffin
The gold coffin in the dream points to some type of fortune, specifically from inheritance.

Wooden Coffin
To see a wooden coffin suggests that you should settle with a good enough ending. Get the project done and out the door. Do not waste time to perfect your work. Just finish it and move on with your life.

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