Arrow Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Arrows

Did you dream about arrows? Arrow in dreams represents energy and process that leads to the target that you are reaching for. You are setting goals and you know the exact action you to reach that destination or target. Consider how you are using and the type of arrow in the dream to get detailed clues.

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Shooting an Arrow

To dream that you are shooting an arrow is different from shooting a gun, points to an expectation that you will succeed and hit the target. You are singling something or someone out, and that once you start to act, you will not stop until you hit your target. You are going straight to the core of the issues or problems.

Arrow Fail to Launch
To dream about arrows fail to launch or missing targets, represents failure in moving towards your goals. You do not exhibit enough drive, energy, or power for a proper setup. Consider revisiting your foundations or motivations. You are missing your mark before you even started.

Bow and Arrow Breaking
To dream about bow and arrow breaking, symbolizes disappointments and severed relationships. You are changing your mind about cooperating with others to accomplish your goals. Perhaps you have hit certain obstacles and you are giving up altogether.

Flaming Arrow on Fire
To dream about flaming arrows on fire, is a reminder to be more mindful of your influence and impact. As you are approaching your goals, you could set off something bigger like a forest fire or castle fire. Be prepared for major changes once you accomplish your goal.

Observing Arrows

Arrow Pointing in a Direction
To see an arrow points to a direction like in a compass, points to certain ways out towards your decisions. Pay attention to what it points to in the dream, as it will be able to help you solve your problem and get out of the maze.

Crafting and Making Arrow
To dream yourself sharpening metal or stones to craft an arrow, symbolizes that you are priming yourself for success. You are making an important decision to get a shot at promotions or completely changing your life. However, your window of opportunity is very limited.

Being Hit and Shot by Arrow
To dream that you get hit or shot by a flying arrow, refers to being pierced or penetrated with your defenses. Your feelings or previous beliefs will get exposed to tension and pressure. Listen to the message and pay attention to outside influences. Perhaps you might fall in love or change your opinion about certain bias.

Arrow in the Sky
To dream about arrow flying in the sky, suggests that you should review all options before you make the final decisions. You do not understand your destination yet, but you should love the process and experience.

Bloody Arrow
Bloody arrows relates to war and pain in the dream, you will get into heated argument with people that break the surface. Negative feelings and emotions will float to the top.

Handling an Arrow

To dream that you toss an arrow instead of shooting it with a bow, suggests that you are not using your tools properly. Perhaps you want something bad, you throw away the process that could help you succeed. Consider leverage the help of others in order to achieve your goals.

Buying an Arrow
Dreaming that you are buying an arrow, foretells that you will participate in an once in a lifetime opportunity. Perhaps you will ask a person out on a date or spend money on a course for a test.

Receiving an Arrow
Receiving an arrow in the dream, foretells that someone will ask you to take a shot at something. He or she will seek your help, and you will do your best to help them overcome their problems.

Spinning Arrow
Spinning arrow in the dream, represents that you are afraid of revealing your true secret and motive. However, you are ready to show your courage and cards when the time is right.

Arrow Related Items

Arrowhead in the dream symbolizes your determination. You will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

Arrow Trap
Seeing arrow trap, signifies opposing ideas and viewpoints. Tread carefully when you are sharing your goals to others and consider both perspectives. You might trigger people’s alarms and they will get defensive.

Arrow Tattoo
Arrow tattoo in the dream, relates to your determination towards certain goal. You are constantly remind yourself of the target and bigger picture.

Broken Arrow
To dream that you find arrowheads refer to your abandoned goals. They symbolize your ideas that never took off or came to fruition.

Feather Arrow
Feather arrow in the dreams, is a sexual symbol that relates to the penis and its ability to penetrate.

Colors of Arrows

Red Arrow
Red arrow in the dream represents pleasure and satisfaction in your achievements.

Golden Arrow
Golden arrow in dream indicates that your financial expectation will be realized. You will enter profitable contracts and ventures that will make lots of gold.

Silver Arrow
Dreams of silver arrows, foretells good timing that will lead to good fortune.

Black Arrow
Black arrow in the dream, foretells that you will bring negative news to others.

White Arrow
White arrow in the dream, suggests power and expertise. You need to be neutral in your position.

Green Arrow
Green arrow in the dream reflects communications that you have with other people.

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